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download-1Yin yang“I choose to freely express the ALL of me (i.e., the good, the bad, and the ugly), in order to show you my spiritual growth on this amazing journey of Love that has the power to transmute fear, and Light that has the power to enlighten darkness.”   Bobbie

Hello, ^_^ I’m Bobbie, and I welcome you to my blog, an amazing, ongoing journey of Darkness and Light. It’s a story about my life, and all my soul brothers and sisters (to include those I’ve once labeled my “enemies”/blessings in disguise) I’ve crossed paths with, who have all contributed in some way to the person I am today.

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In my most recent post, “Remembering to Be Authentic Self,” I explain why I have a passion to write and tell stories. The following is part of this post:

eckharttollequote“As a wounded healer, I love to share with my soul brothers and sisters that they, too, can rise above adversity, hardships, abuse (emotional, physical, and sexual), trauma, abandonment issues, heartbreak, setbacks, disappointments, challenges, sufferings, lack, low self-esteem, depression, anger, anxiety, apathy, hopelessness, and any other “dark” experiences that stem from deep, fear-based beliefs within the sub/unconscious.”

The following are important Life Lessons I’ve learned/remembered since I’ve started my blog, where I gained insight from my co-created writings (with my soul)…transforming my “dark” life experiences into a treasure box of wisdom and unconditional love:

Remember to Be true/authentic self by better understanding, empathizing with, having compassion for, forgiving, accepting, embracing and unconditionally loving myself FIRST, so that I may fully do so for others as well, and ultimately unconditionally love ALL aspects of God/Goddess/Spirit/All That Is.

If I’m happy with myself and my life, then there’s nothing to change; however, if I’m not, then I must first change from within rather than try and change everything outside of me.

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Rainbow_Butterfly_by_Tsunami2311As I transform into a more positive person (my authentic self/my essence), I notice that my outer reality becomes more positive, to include people, things, and situations.

Everything and everyone that I once considered “bad,” “evil,” “dark” are only hidden aspects of me (and also a part of All That Is) that my ego once ignored, denied, suppressed, or rejected due to my own negative feelings of judgment, guilt, shame and ultimately fear.

Since my outer reality serves as a mirror to reflect my inner reality (reflecting both “good” and”bad” and everything in-between), I will be grateful for everything that shows up in my life…for they are either wonderful blessings, or blessings in disguise (life lessons), all existing to help with my soul growth.

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light-embracing-the-darknessIt’s easier to see unfamiliar or unwanted characteristics in others than seeing it in ourselves. So we should appreciate the gift of others being a reflection of both our positive and negative qualities. We can embrace the dark aspects of ourselves and others by recognizing, acknowledging, healing, and then releasing what no longer positively serves us.

We can accomplish the goal of uniting as humanity by better understanding, empathizing with, having compassion for, forgiving, accepting, embracing and unconditionally loving ourselves and others, which will help us to remember that we are ALL part of the whole–God, Goddess & DivineSpirit/All That Is.

The greatest fear is the fear of the unknown, so if we strive on becoming fearless (our authentic selves/Unconditional Love energy) by facing the unknown, hidden aspects of us, I believe we will be liberated.

Duality (good vs bad, up vs down, right vs left, etc.) serves a great purpose, since it helps us (spiritual beings having a human being experience) to know through experience what it’s like to be us, a part of God, Goddess & Divine Spirit/All That Is.

Note: Thank you for the beautiful image on left 

svablogphoenixbirdWith the presence of darkness, light shines so much brighter, and with the presence of hatred, love is much more profound.

Toe-numbing cold weather helps us to appreciate warmth, and hot and humid weather helps us to appreciate air conditioners.

For someone who’s never been in love, they can only know “being in love” as a concept, which is completely different from actually experiencing “being in love.”

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AE starseed MarzulliComments on the bottom of this New Homepage, dated from July 9, 2012 – August 17, 2013, are from the Old Homepage.



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32 Responses to “New Homepage”

  1. Bobbie, I resonate with a lot of the things you shared here. I was particularly struck by what you said about using your nickname, protecting the privacy of others, especially family members. I’ve struggled with that as well. But because the truth shall set us free and I’ve chosen Aligning With Truth as my site name, I have learned and I continue to be guided to share authentically, from the heart, while honoring and respecting boundaries. It’s tricky but everything in life is really all about balance. I’m happy we’ve connected.

    I like your quote on truth telling from Neale. So TRUE! I’d forgotten about that..thanks for the reminder!

    Thank you for the follow Bobbie and thank you for sharing your gift! Much blessings, Love & Light, Peace & Joy, Keep shining your light, namaste…Nadine Marie

    • Thank you Nadine for sharing your gift as well! 🙂 I understand what you mean about struggling with whether or not you should be truthful about your identity. I respect your decision because I’m sure it fits your situation perfectly. I initially thought about it, since I did include the quote about truth telling (by Neale Donald Walsch) on my hompage, but then I realized that it was in everyone’s best interest for me to just use my nickname. The concepts, ideas, lessons learned, healing and the journey of my spiritual growth in my blog are more important to me than revealing my actual name. After all, if I wanted to take the concept of “truth telling” to it’s fullest, literal meaning, I might as well include my address, phone number,and other personal information on my blog. However, I’d also like to be cautious of those you may choose to abuse my personal information and try and track me or my family members down. For instance, I recently read a post from a blogger who said that someone had sent him a “I know where you live” e-mail after that person decided that he/she didn’t like the blogger’s previous post. As a single parent, he became very concerned for his daughter’s safety, an understandably so. Several people, to include myself, suggested that not only should he contact the local police, but that he should take his and his daughter’s full name off his blog homepage. There was no need to be fearful (allowing others to control you), but it sure doesn’t hurt to be cautious. Perhaps one day we can live in a world where we can literally be transparent about everything, but until then…like you said, we should share authentically, from the heart, while honoring and respecting boundaries.

      So far, what I’ve seen from your blog is that you’re very spiritual and filled with lots of positive energy. I was very impressed. By the way, I enjoyed your recent poem…so inspirational! I look forward to continue exploring your creative work. Thank you for being Light and Love. I’m glad we connected as well. 😉


      • Oh Bobbie, I totally understand what you’ve said. Balancing really is the key. We all just need to determine for ourselves what works best for us.

        I’m fairly new to the blogging world and social networking for that matter. I started my blog site Nov. 2011 and created my blog’s facebook page and twitter account March 2012. Prior to that, I was pretty much incognito :-). So I am also still learning as I move along blogosphere and cyberspace.

        And I so agree with the importance of the lessons and the insights more than the experience itself and especially the characters involved. After all, we all are merely playing the roles we signed up for and fulfilling our spiritual contracts.

        And you know what, our dialogue has just inspired me to blog about the topic! It is one of the many lessons that I signed up for in this lifetime — balancing and healing my throat chakra, the seat of communication. I’m glad I followed my hunch, yey! 🙂

        Stay in touch dear one…this is one moment that I am so grateful for technology and the internet as it gives us the opportunity to connect across the globe.

        Take care Bobbie, blessings and Love & Light!

      • Nadine, I look forward to reading your new post about balancing and healing the throat chakra. I’ve been introduced to balancing and healing all the chakras several months ago, and started doing some meditations, but I know I could use any extra help since I’m still in the learning phase.

        By the way, I read your new poem today, and it touched my heart…I love it! Thank you for your inspirations! Take care Nadine, and continue pouring in your love and light! 🙂

  2. This is such a unique blog! How great! Ah, yes, balance. It can be *so* hard to achieve, even when we know how to achieve it. I’m so glad that you write here and that through writing, you’re healing. 🙂 Anitra

    • Thank you so much Anitra for visiting my blog, your kind words, liking my homepage and for the follow! 🙂 I checked out your blog as well, and it rocks! 😉 l look forward to your daily inspirational messages I subscribed to…great idea! Enjoy your weekend!!

  3. This is different. I like!

  4. Thanks for being so honest. I always enjoy when people speak from the heart. The images here are just lovely. I am a person who really enjoys my privacy and anonymity, which makes blogging a bit of a challenge. It helps to find like-minded people…so thank you!

    • Savannah, thank you so much for visiting my blog and sharing your kind words from your heart. I obtained the beautiful images from the internet; but at the time, I didn’t yet learn to add a note that mentioned who I obtained the image from, which I started doing later.

      If you really enjoy your privacy and anonymity, then you have every right to without feeling uncomfortable about it. We can be truthful about the ideas we share in our blogs without having to give out our personal information.

      Don’t let blogging be in any way a challenge because of that reason; you’re a very gifted blogger, and you should freely express yourself, and have a great time while you’re doing it!

      I shared your inspiring, spiritual affirmations with others. Please continue doing what you do best. 😉 I’m glad you enjoyed my blog as well.

  5. Your beautifully fresh and genuine Heartflow is energizing! I will enjoy hearing more from you!
    with Joy and Deep Peace ~

  6. Talk about a gorgeous blog – you’ve created one yourself! Love it! Thanks for your kind message on mine – just wanted to drop by and do the same. Looking forward to taking a look around here. Peace and Light – j.

  7. I am a victim of unlawful stalking. The man who stalked me was eventually found guilty after a 2 year court process, and given an 18 month suspended. He broke his bail conditions and I still suffer from PTSD. Do I forgive him, absolutely! We have a choice as to how we respond to the events that happen in our life. SELF love is the key. Loving ourself helps us to see the divine in others. Every difficulty in life, every negative act carried out by a person’s shadow self, their egoic state, is an opportunity for us to grow more in self love and understand this truth.

    • Michelle,

      Thank you so much for sharing your story. I’m sorry to hear that you still suffer from PTSD. I received therapy for it as well. I have no doubt that you will heal soon. Meanwhile, I wish for you to continue to be strong, loving, hopeful and wise. I’m glad that you chose to forgive your stalker so that you can be free. I agree with your words of wisdom…self love is the key, which allows us to love others unconditionally as well. I read your tweet about how this comment was supposed to be for my post, “The Very Dark Side of Me,” but it got redirected to my Homepage. It’s all good. What matters is that you took the time to share your heart with me, and I appreciate it very much. You are Love & Light Michelle 🙂

  8. VERY PRETTY website. Thank you for leaving me a comment Bobbi =D and thank you for sharing with me this wonderful site

    Enjoy In Joy,

  9. I thought I should leave my comment here, so I know it was received 🙂
    This my second attempt at responding…but apparently my first didn’t “take.”
    I’m so happy to find two great friends on WordPress! You and Dj Sojourner, from twitter.

    I really love you blog, as I said before, i could have sign my nam to the bottom of your “about me” section, (or something like that..could have been the first blog on the page that I read) and it would describe my past year Very Well.

    I Truly Love you, and thanls to you; all I have to say, or think about is “Wuvvable” and my smile shines and my heart glows with warm, fuzzy wuvvable feeling :)(are there two “Vs” or just one?)
    I am totally new to this…just been on for a few weeks and am continually getting frustrated at how difficult this WordPress thing is…and I was debating this or my own URL domain!!

    So PLEASE share any feedback or advice to any ‘tricks” that you’ve figured out.
    I LOVE your blog, and I can tell I need to learn to write shorter blogs, too. (I seem to either just write a pith little sentence or two, or it turns into 10 paragraphs. Your blog is NICE and Beautiful, and EASY TO READ, yet really fascinating and thought provoking.

    okay, I am going to try to post this and see if it world before I write another 10 paragraphs.
    I SURE WISH we could meet in “real life”, I would love so much to be your “non-virtual” friend 🙂 :))

    • You SO silly Jeff…I already replied to this comment. Since I’m not a parrot, I refuse to repeat myself! 😉 It’s all about THE Moment man. I WILL repeat this though…I heart you WUVABLE soul. ^_^

  10. Guess What?! I used the “Press This” feature, so now there’s a link to this great “Home” on my Blog. AND, IT WORKED!! Praise JAH!!
    Guess what else? I made my first Video Blog today!
    It went well for my first try. I am used to making “How-To” Videos Teaching Meditation, but this is just a Introduction. But its cool, because I also like to make films, although this isn’t quite the same, but it’s EXCITING 🙂 I WUV YOU!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • You truly are wuvable, my friend. I don’t know about the “Press This” feature, but I just added other people’s links to my blog via a “reblog” button (that not every blogger has apparently, like myself), or I use the hyperlink icon at the very top of the post. Thank you Jeff for adding my link to your blog. I feel so special. I also added your link to one of my posts, and I just hoped that you wouldn’t mind. ^_^ I will definitely check out your video blog tomorrow! It’s like 3:25 a.m. here, so I should be getting my butt to bed 🙂 I’ve been focusing on my healing process, as well as family-related stuff lately (to include a possible, upcoming reunion), so I’m just excited and unable to sleep. I WUV YOU 2! 😀

  11. How could I’ve not known about your blog… but now I can read everything Bobbie 🙂 My heart is holding your hand as I inhale this essence of you through your words. Leaving you a bouquet of hugs and smiles wrapped in love to pin on your day.

    • Awe, thank you so much Dj. You never fail to amaze me with your breathtaking, poetic expressions and your loving nature. I heart you beautiful soul. ^_^

  12. You are a gift, a gem, a once-in-forever being of light and love. As you once said: Never stop telling your truth.

    • Jim, this reply is late because apparently not all comments get routed to me via my e-mail, and I haven’t been checking my WordPress comments for a while now.

      Thank you so much for choosing to see in me in such light and love that I have yet to fully see in myself. By sharing your generously kind words with me, you help me to remember more of my true self. Like I mentioned before, I sense your loving God-self in you. You are a wonderful gift to humanity.

      Have a great day! ^_^

  13. Ah! You’re back at it! Well, I just left you a reply from the reply you left me (to my reply) It IS like The Twilight Zone!! 😀 ❤ I love to see you embracing all of you, and being vulnerable is SO essential! The SH…STUFF can't expand and contract without being open and exposed… & yet paradoxically, the more vulnerability one is open to,the more one becomes one with everything, and thus, nothing can harm nothing, nor everything, and you're both, so… Now, there's nothing to say, that isn't already shared, and no one to share it with, that's not already part of it.

    Maybe I'll Overhaul my blog someday, although, it's perfect, just how it is, even if it never gets seen, it's been documented.

    Now, back to Non-Virtual Reality. 🙂 ❤ xoxoxoxoxo I LOVE YOU!!

    • Jeff, I just left you a long reply from the “A Diary of My Developing Psychic Abilities” post, where I also mentioned your blog, and how it’s basically perfect just the way it is. A loving soul named Jim (from Twitter) once told me that The Twilight Zone is indeed a cool place to Be. 😉 I love your quote, “the more vulnerability one is open to,the more one becomes one with everything, and thus, nothing can harm nothing, nor everything.” Thank you for sharing wonderful YOU Jeff. ^_^ Have an amazing weekend my soul brother! Virtual HUG 😉

  14. since you moderate, I can just leave this for you! 😉 MWUAHH!! You Beautiful Creature of Love. If you we lived a little closer, and probably would help being closer in age, but you are BEAUTIFUL!!

    None of that was the “secret message.” That part is to say, I just posted, and it says it’s 2:03 am, the 17th… DId you move to Europe?
    Because it was 10:03 pm ,Eastern Time, on the 16th.

    It Really is the Twilight Zone!! ❤

    • Awe…precious. Thank you Jeff for your very kind words. You warm my heart…you are PURE LOVE. ^_^ I mentioned this in the 1 of 3 replies that you replied to me, but we are the same FABULOUS age! By the way, what is the “secret message?” The only secret I’m aware of is the ancient Japorean secret. And no, I didn’t move to Europe…but then again, that’s part of the ancient Japorean secret. MWAH HA HA HA!!! Have some FUN this weekend! Take your dog out to a local park…and Be surrounded by beautiful and peaceful nature.

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