2004, Hawaii:

“I saw two Asian girls standing next to each other talking to their supervisor…completely the same in smacking their gum; yet, completely different.” said one of Bobbie’s Soldiers. Hana grew on Bobbie like no other. There was something about her that was so attractive. Although she was 5’10” (very tall for a Korean female) and approximately 200 lbs (a little on the heavy side for an Asian female), she walked around with pride and confidence. She would often make comments like, “Don’t hate me because I’m beuatiful” or “Be gentle…I’m a delicate flower.”

Once, a snotty Navy Korean chic told her that it was too bad that Hana didn’t make the Korean Language team for the upcoming competition…but she made it. Hana replied to her, “Well, at least I can speak  English.” Hana was straight up, and didn’t play games, like some other catty femlaes who liked to make indirect, snotty-ass comments. Hana ususally left people like that speechless. Bobbie loved that about her. She was so honest and refreshing!  Hana often gave Bobbie life tips like how to become emotionally stronger, and how to become more assertive (yet gentle), especially with guys. She often made Bobbie smile and laugh her ass off, but most importantly…she gave Bobbie more confidence in herself.


~ by Bobbie on November 10, 2011.

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