1991: Bobbie, believe it or not, was pointguard of her girls’ basketball team in high school…due to speed only, not skill. Of course, the inexperienced team from a very small high school sucked ass…big time…like losing games with a score of 77 to 4 or something insane like that. As a matter of fact, during one game, Bobbie and one of her teammates/friend ended up dribbling the ball to the wrong side of the court. They were hallin’ ass ’cause they thought they were being cheered on by the crowd, when in reality…the crowd was trying to tell them that they were heading in the wrong direction. It was the topic of the year at school. It was so pathetic, Bobbie’s basketball coach at the time (also the main English teacher) quit stating that he was tired of ripping his hair out from constantly losing every single game. After he quit, there was no coach, and the team was about to be cancelled…until Bobbie’s art teacher stepped up to the plate. When he told the team that they were going to win at least one game at the tournament…everyone thought it was a big joke. Mr. Parker (fake name) worked the team to death and always encouraged them never to give up. The team loved their new coach, who made them believe in themselves for the first time. To make a long story short, Bobbie’s team won one game at the tournament against a Japanese International high school. After the win, Bobbie and the rest of her teammates gathered in a circle and were in tears, although it was a close match. The coach was right…the team did it.


~ by Bobbie on November 10, 2011.

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