Catty or Kitty

Some hot chics that Bobbie ever encountered were pretty bitchy/shallow, and she had a hard time understanding why. If a girl/woman/old lady has the power of beauty, and they’re already ahead of the game…why not be nice as well; and therefore, be a wonderful package! Bobbie remembers a girl in her sixth grade class named Robyn (real name this time). She had shiny, platinum blonde hair that came up to her shoulders, beautiful and bright blue eyes like the ocean, really white teeth, countless stylish clothes, and a great sense of humor. But most of all, she was so kind, even to Bobbie who felt like a nobody. Robyn made Bobbie feel special, as well as others. She not only received compliments from others gracefully, but she made an effort to shower others with compliments as well. She was a genuinely kind soul. Ironically, her boyfriend was the jerk who made the racist comment to Bobbie at the teen center. They all went to school together since 5th grade. Anyway, for the longest time, no other “pretty” girl compared to Robyn…she was an angel. From junior-high through high school, Bobbie mostly encountered snotty, rich, bitchy, gossipy, slutty, materialistic, back-stabbing and/or rude “pretty” girls. She wasn’t impressed. Then, several years later, in 1996, she met another angel, who was also beautiful inside and out. She’s the one who inspired Bobbie to believe in God again. She was like a very wise, bad-ass Asian Goddess. Bobbie loved her like a sister. She told Bobbie that they didn’t have to be “party friends” or “shopping friends”…they had something more…they had a spiritual relationship, which lasts forever.


~ by Bobbie on November 10, 2011.

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