Bobbie’s father (who raised her since she was three) passed away last year (2010) during the summer. When Bobbie received the phone call from her sister Sara, she couldn’t believe what she had just heard. Her father died of a heartattack. She started weeping. “Why God? Why so soon? I didn’t make the effort to let him know that I forgave him and that I love him.” Bobbie was angry at herself. A day ago, she had just finished being a Casualty Assistance Officer, an Army duty that requires senior leaders to comfort and help the families of Soldiers who had just passed away while deployed. It was a lot of hurt and drama to deal with then, now it was Bobbie’s turn to grieve for her own family. It seemed like it was too much. Bobbie had always fantasized about having a family gathering with her dad, but it was too late. The funeral went well. Bobbie reunited with her step-mom and step-sister and older step-brother, as well as relatives from Bobbie’s dad’s side whom she barely remembered. Her uncles reminded Bobbie of her father, and they were so kind and funny. Bobbie’s heart broke as she saw everyone, especially her sister, older brother and step-mother, balling their eyes out. They shared sad times and happy times, and they prayed together. Bobbie believed her father was going to heaven, and she thanked God. When they all had the opportunity to see dad lying peacefully in his coffin…it was a very calm and precious moment. Bobbie had never seen death so close by before. She had to touch his face…and it was ice cold. She broke down crying.. “I’m sorry dad for being so selfish. I love you…always.”


~ by Bobbie on November 10, 2011.

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