2011, Texas: It’s been three days, and the only time Bobbie would get up was to get something to drink/eat or go to the bathroom. Even that was a chore. Doing the very basics was a challenge. Bobbie didn’t brush her teeth or take a shower…she didn’t care. She just wanted to sleep…and often fantasized about not waking up. While she was awake, dark thoughts would dominate her mind…she didn’t even want to call her own kids or even her mother during the weekend. She could care less about the world…she could care less about herself. Her husband’ s so good to her, but even he didn’t matter at this time. No one did. Bobbie’s husband tried to cheer her up by bringing up ideas on what fun things they could do during the weekend…none of it sounded interesting…Bobbie just wanted to be left alone. She even became detached to her puppy. Afterall, she thought, he was going to die in about 15 years anyway. Every distored thought imaginable came into play. Bobbie hated herslef, and asked God, “What do you want from me? Just let me die. Was I such a bad soul in my previous lives that I must suffer and live until I’m 100 plus years old? Give me a break God…I’m exhausted from life!” Whether or not God answered Bobbie’s prayers, she always managed to snap out of it and carry on with life. This hard, downward crash was a result of not taking her medication.

2009, Texas: Cont…

2007, Arizona:

2004, Hawaii:


~ by Bobbie on November 10, 2011.

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