Basic Training 2001: Every road march was a tremendous challenge for Bobbie. She usually ended up behind some 6 foot plus guy, which meant she had to jog most of the way. The rucksack, the rifle and the rest of her gear must have weighed almost half her weight. However, she knew she couldn’t afford not to pass Basic Training. Afterall, her family depended on it financially. She had to continuously motivate herself, “One more step.” Other drill sergeants and Soldiers gave her motivation as well, which she learned to pass down to other Soldiers. Bobbie recalls the most challenging ruck marches were the last two, the last one being 12 miles. The one before the 12 miler was painful because one of the female drill sergeants handed Bobbie the guidon to carry, along with all the other crap. Bobbie was in tears at the end of that ruck march. For the last one, Bobbie barely made it. She felt like she was going to faint towards the end, but the Soldier in front of her gave her some last minute motivation. She was very grateful. She couldn’t believe she had made it, especially when Soldiers much bigger than her had fallen out of the ruck march.


~ by Bobbie on November 10, 2011.

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