It’s early in the morning, and Bobbie and Dick (first husband), is ready to drive out to the Okinawan International airport. Bobbie recently joined the Army and is heading off to Basic Training. Before they take off, Bobbie all of a sudden bursts out into tears and starts balling nonstop. It finally hits her hard…she won’t be able to see her babies for a long time, since there’s continued training after Basics. But she has no choice but to do what’s best for the family. Afterall, Dick was planning to get out of the Marine Corps without any plan. Somebody had to be the breadwinner now. Dick turned to Bobbie and said gently, “You’re gonna make it.” Bobbie was surprised because initially he had convinced her that she wouldn’t make it through Basic Training.


~ by Bobbie on November 10, 2011.

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