2011, Texas: Bobbie was getting ready for work in the locker room, when she ran into a former co-worker. The bad news broke out. One of Bobbie’s former Soldiers had committed suicide 11 days prior to returning from deployment. Bobbie couldn’t believe what she heard. PFC Barter (fake name) was such a young kid. He was so respectful and nice. Throuhgout the day, Bobbie continuously had images of him flashing before her eyes. He smiled and laughed often, so she couldn’t understand what made him want to take his own life. It must have been really bad…he must have not looked forward to coming back home…what if Bobbie had still been at that unit…would things have been different? A bunch of “What if’s” surrouned her mind. Bobbie couldn’t sleep, so she drank some Jim Bean. The other night she went to bed early and slept in until 1230 in the afternoon. Bobbie’s husband tried to comfort her by letting her know that it’s natural for her to see images of him, and that there was no need to feel guilt. Regardless, Bobbie’s heart was broken.


~ by Bobbie on November 10, 2011.

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