Disguised Friendship

California 1992: When Bobbie came back from the bathroom, she noticed that Jayden had emptied out her purse while she was gone. Bobbie asked why, and Jayden replied that it needed organizing. Bobbie took her word for what it was. A couple days later, Jayden asked Bobbie is she could borrow $300. Bobbie happened to have $300 in her savings account, and had a gut feeling that Jayden took a peek at her savings account book while “cleaning” her purse. However, she lent Jayden the money anyways. Jayden didn’t make the effort to pay Bobbie back for months; however, she managed to go shopping at the mall and return one day with a goose-feather pillow, two pairs of brand-name shoes, makeup, etc. which she bragged about. Red flags went up, so Bobbie asked why she wasn’t able to pay her back, but yet was able to go shopping. Jayden got pissed off and basically told Bobbie that she would get her money. The next day, Jayden threw $150 to Bobbie and snapped at her, “Here’s half your damn money! I’ll give you the other half later.” Bobbie tried to be understanding since her and Jayden were friends since 9th grade.

California 1992: Jayden offered to trim Bobbie’s hair, which came down to her butt. Bobbie never had hair above her waist, since her parents didn’t allow her to cut her hair. Bobbie trusted Jayden and she trimmed away. Once Jayden was done, Bobbie looked in the mirror and noticed that her hair was up to her shoulders…and she was speechless. Jayden then told her that she kept messing up; so therefore, she had to keep cutting. She then changed the subject and continuously convinced Bobbie that her hair looked good. Bobbie’s intuition told her that Jayden wasn’t one bit sorry for what she had done. However, Jayden was the only friend that Bobbie had in the United States at the time.

Virginia 1993: Jayden and Bobbie were shopping at the mall, and Bobbie happened to look into an “Anne Klein” store since there were petite clothes displayed in the window. Bobbie had never seen that store before and was just curious. Jayden turned to her and said in a condescending manner, “You’re not in the position to even be looking into that store.” Bobbie didn’t say anything because she believed her.

Virginia 1993: Bobbie often bought Jayden lunch or dinner and didn’t mind. However, the one day that Jayden actually agreed to buy lunch…she said in a very annoyed manner, “What do you want?”
Bobbie was so turned off, she replied “Nothing.”

Virginia 1995: They say you can only kick a dog so many times before it turns on you. Well, Bobbie had a tendency to forgive over and over again…but she became exhausted from all the bullshit, and no longer had a desire to have a so-called friend who made her unhappy. So once Bobbie’s final button gets pushed, she doesn’t turn back. One of her friends mentioned that she was able to become ice cold. Bobbie informed Jayden that they never had a friendship. She then moved to Okinawa, Japan. Jayden never saw that side of Bobbie and didn’t know how to react. She was so used to controlling her. Bobbie was so used to being controlled by those close to her, that she automatically became passive with Jayden. Jayden wrote her a five-page letter apologizing for all the times she mistreated Bobbie…but it was too late..


~ by Bobbie on November 10, 2011.

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