Ed from Collective Soul

2003, Camp Essayons, Korea: Collective Soul was coming to Camp Essayons Bobbie was told. Bobbie first knew of Collective Soul from her ex-husband, Dick. They were one of his favorite bands, and Bobbie recalls hearing a couple songs that she liked, not that she rememebers the names of the songs.  Bobbie decided to go since she didn’t have that many opportunities to go to concerts before, except a couple. Bobbie’s Battalion Commander approached her at the concert and handed her a backstage pass to meet the band. He then mentioned that she had done a great job with the barracks inspection, and he wanted her to give the band a tour of the newly built barracks. Bobbie agreed and headed back stage. The only thought that kept going through her mind was, “Please don’t ask me what my favoirte song or album is.” The Battion Commander introduced Bobbie to the band; and initially, all the members had agreed to go to the exciting tour. However, there was a change of plans. Only Ed, the lead singer, decided to go with Bobbie. Bobbie gave him a heads up that they had to be very quite while touring her barracks space because her roommate was sleeping. She had back problems, so she took some pills and went to bed. Ed smiled and agreed. Bobbie gave Ed a brief tour of the barracks area, and then they talked for a little while in the common area. Bobbie was surprised how comfortable she felt talking to a celebrity. First of all, it was the first time she had ever met a celebrity face-to-face, and to have conversastion with them…was unimaginable. Ed was very down-to-earth and a genuinely kind soul. He talked a lot about his son, which Bobbie thought was sweet. Ed sounded like a good father. Bobbie was reminded once again not to be quick to judge, beacuse even super stars are only human beings who search for the same thing as everyone else…happiness, love, peace…and all the other great stuff of life. Bobbie walked Ed back to his tour bus, and thanked the rest of the band for giving an outstanding performance. That following week, Bobbie’s Battalion Commander saw her at the Korean restaurant on the compound, and said, “I ran into Ed and the band again in Seoul, and when I asked him if you guys exchanged phone numbers and e-mail addressess, Ed said you were the first person who never asked. Why not?” Bobbie told the Battalion Commander, “Ed probably gets that all the time and is tired of it. He’s a great guy! And I did ask him for an autograph for my ex-husband.”


~ by Bobbie on November 10, 2011.

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