Ever since she can remember, Bobbie always wanted to be a “Daddy’s girl”. She had a fair relationship with her father, but she yearned to be so much closer…like the way her friends would describe their relationship with their daddies. One day, Bobbie’s father was playing with her step-sister, whom he had with his current girlfriend at the time. Bobbie’s step-sister was less than a year old when Bobbie was 14 years old. Bobbie watched and listened as her father lifted his baby daughter up in the air and said, “Look at daddy’s girl! You’re so cute! You’re going to be president one day!” Bobbie thought to herself, “He never said anything like that to me.” Bobbie wished at that moment that she was her step-sister. It was so lovely to watch.


~ by Bobbie on November 10, 2011.

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