Estrogen Bay

2001: It was about half way through basic training in the Army. The female bay had approximately 50 plus PMSing females who were supposed to become insinc. There were cat fights every now and then, and a lot of rollercoaster emotions. Bobbie remained quite most of the time since she was one of the oldest females in the bay. One day, Bobbie was so stressed out that she broke into a huge rash, which also covered her entire face. So, she put calamine lotion on and tried to go to bed. However, the two girls below her bunk were yapping away like there was no tomorrow. Bobbie, with her calamine covered face bent over and yelled, ” Murphy! Get your teeny-boppin ass back to your freakin bunk!” The two girls looked at Bobbie, screamed, and started laughing their happy asses off. “You scared us with your white face Priss!” The next day, the girls told the entire bay and the drill sergeants. They kept requesting for Bobbie to snap again, but it just didn’t happen by force.


~ by Bobbie on November 10, 2011.

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