Growing Faith

Duty station in Hawaii: One of Bobbie’s Soldiers, SGT Heart, was placed on the AWCP (Army Weight Control Program) by the higher leadership, which meant that she had to lose some serious weight or else the Army was going to boot her out. So, as her platoon sergeant, Bobbie asked her what she truly wanted to happen…whether it was getting out of the military or staying in. SGT Heart wanted to stay in because 1) she loved her job and 2) her husband was also in the military. So Bobbie told her, “Let’s make it happen then.” After all the formal paperwork and procedures, Bobbie placed her Soldier on a special diet and monitored her eating habits, weight loss and measurements on a calendar. Bobbie also did additional PT (physical training/exercise) with her Soldier, to include the weekends since her direct supervisor (who would normally work with her) at the time was on profile (i.e., her squad leader wasn’t able to do certain physical activities due to an injury).

SGT Heart often glared at Bobbie as she was pushed to work out more that she wanted to. SGT Heart had to lose at least 23 pounds within a certain timeframe in order to stay in the Army. She was determined to lose 25 pounds. As much as Bobbie wanted her Solider to succeed, she was afraid that her Soldier wouldn’t be able to lose all the weight and eventually pass her APFT (Army Physical Fitness Test), because she was struggling so much. Plus, SGT Heart had informed her that it was genetic for her to be overweight. She even told Bobbie at the beginning that it was impossible to lose that much weight since the most she ever lost as an adult was about five pounds. Bobbie secretly believed her, but decided to try anyway. Bobbie didn’t see what was about to come. Months later, her Soldier lost all 25 pounds. She also admitted that she had hated Bobbie throughout the whole process. However, it was definitely worth it, because SGT Heart was very happy; she even passed her APFT with flying colors, which Bobbie wrote a post about called, “Trick AND Treat.” Bobbie decided not to underestimate a person’s will power no matter how impossible a situation may seem; her faith grew thanks to SGT Heart.


~ by Bobbie on November 10, 2011.

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