When Bobbie played with her three cousins while visiting them
* When Bobbie was pregnant with her babies, and when she gave birth to them
* When Bobbie’s children said to her when they were little, “It’s because we love you mama!”
* When Bobbie makes others happy, especially her loved ones
* When souls connect and inspire one another
* When Bobbie held her first pet puppy (Siberian Husky) in her arms, and her puppy laid his head and paws on her chest while looking up at her with his beautiful, blue eyes.
* When Bobbie and her current husband finally seeked marriage and individual counseling; and therefore, improved their marriage immensely
* When Bobbie’s mother sincerely apologized to her (when Bobbie was in her mid-twenties) for abusing her for many years
* When Bobbie’s current husband treats her like a spoiled queen…because no one has ever loved her like him


~ by Bobbie on November 10, 2011.

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