Humorous Heart

2005, HSOC Hawaii: One of Bobbie’s Soldiers, SPC Lapoop, was the funniest human being she had ever met. One day, she told him that he reminded her of Bill Murray (beacuse he was so funny), and he replied with a disgusted look, “I’m ugly and old now?”  Having a conversation with SPC Lapoop was painful in itslef…Bobbie’s stomach would hurt after uncontrollably laughing her ass off on many occasions. One girl came up to him and said, “OH MY GOD…did you hear about the Olsen Twins?” He replied, “Why would I care about the Olsen Twins? It’s like a new MOS (job)!” Whenever Bobbie was pissed off at something, it was hard to stay mad around him because he always managed to make her smile. It seemed like, no matter what was said, he had something witty to say about it…it was a gift from God, an amazing sense of humor. The funny thing is, Bobbie had an opportunity to witness another side of SPC Lapoop. SPC Lapoop and his wonderful wife invited Bobbie to their church one day. As Bobbie was sitting there listening to some inspirational music, she broke down crying. It came from deep down, and both SPC Lapoop and his wife comforted her.


~ by Bobbie on November 10, 2011.

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