Dreams of Jesus

Bobbie was once told that only the pure in heart gets an opportunity to see Jesus, so she knew she wouldn’t be able to get a chance anytime soon. Therefore, there was no expectations. Bobbie used to have frequent nightmares about ghosts, evil spirits, monsters, the “Dawn of the Dead” folks, etc. The nightmares more than likely stemmed from the constant exposure to movies like “The Exorcism”, “Friday the 13th”, “Poltergeist”, “The Twilight Zone”, Korean folk, horror shows like “Tales from the Crypt” and so on, as a child. In addition to other real-life drama. In her early twenties, Bobbie’s friend taught her how to say the Lord’s prayer, which she subconsciously used in her nightmares whenever she was chased by these things. Amazingly, after she would say the prayer, she would wake up from her nightmare. However, the nightmares themselves wouldn’t go away. The timeframe that Bobbie met her spiritual neighbor/friend/sister in Okinawa, she had about a week of nightmares/heavenly dreams. She only told her friend because she didn’t think anyone else would believe her. Bobbie was confidant that her friend wouldn’t even judge her. Once Bobbie revealed her series of unique dreams, her friend told her that they were spiritual dreams. After that week, Bobbie no longer had any nightmares…which was very strange, yet inspiring. Bobbie was very skeptical at first, but she knew deep down that her experiences were real.

Bobbie was standing in pure darkness, and very afraid. She then saw a pair of evil-looking eyes in front of her that glared at her. Bobbie shouted, “Jesus!” and nothing happened. She shouted again…but still nothing. The third time, Bobbie desperately shouted “Jesus!” at the top of her lungs. Bobbie felt a presence in front of her, and inbetween her and the evil figure. The feeling was so intense, yet peaceful. The head of the evil figure bowed down to the unseen presence and then departed. It was almost undescribable. Then the shape of a door appeared in the darkness, where you could only see dim light surrounding the door frame. The door opened, and Bobbie felt no fear whatsoever. Bobbie woke up and realized that she had a very vivid and strange dream unlike any other. She had never called Jesus in her dream or nightmare before…so why now, she thought to herself. Bobbie’s faith grew at that moment.

Bobbie was in an abandoned apartment. She was standing in the middle of a living room when she heard voices of evil spirits surrounding her. She ran toward the kitchen to grab some knives. As soon as she got to the knives, she noticed an evil figure at the entrance of the kitchen. She threw the kitchen knives at it, but it dodged all of them like one of the Matrix movies. In panic mode, she cried out for Jesus again…three times again…and Bobbie felt the unseen presence once again. And just like the previous dream, the evil spirit vanished.

Bobbie was out in the middle of a desert. The sky was dark gray, and there was no other living thing around. She then saw a red wind come towards her. As it touched her body, she felt this surge of energy going through her. Her friend later told her that it was the Holy spirit.

It looked like the Grand Canyon. Bobbie was looking down at a cave. A voice whispered to Bobbie not to be afraid…to just trust and to know that she could fly into the cave. Bobbie felt the truth and believed that she could fly into the cave. She actually felt herself gracefully flying in the air and not being scared at all. She flew into the cave. She woke up and couldn’t go back to sleep. It was more than a dream.

Dream E: Bobbie can’t recall the details, but she saw a human-like skeleton that was glowing in a very dim area, holding on to her hand. Yeah, and that’s about it.


~ by Bobbie on November 10, 2011.

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