2002: First Unit in the Army: Bobbie attends a platoon party Dowtown. After one too many drinks, she vomits in the restroom. When she comes out of the restroom, she realizes that everyone in her platoon had left already. She goes outside and notices that one person is waiting for her…her platoon sergeant, SSG Butthead (Fake name, but he’s a mirror image of Butthead from “Beavis and Butthead”). Bobbie asks her platoon sergeant where everybody went, and he says that they were going to meet the rest of the platoon at a motel since it’s not a good idea to go back on post since everyone drank too much. Bobbie’s a bit skeptical, but she doesn’t know her way back to post since she’s new in the area, so she decides to go with SSG Butthead; afterall, he is her platoon sergeant. They arrive at the motel, but no one else shows up. Bobbie then asks SSG Butthead, “No one’s coming, are they?” He replied “No.” Bobbie then realizes how gullible she was and becomes very angry at herself…she chose to trust her platoon sergeant because that’s what Soldiers are supposed to do.

He started to slowly approach her, and she told him that she felt uncomfortable, and that she wanted to call her squad leader. There was no answer. SSG Butthead approached even closer and started taking off Bobbie’s shirt, and Bobbie told him “No.” SSG Butthead shouted angrily, “WHAT? Is it because I’m ugly?” Bobbie gave up at this point. It was no use fighting him since he was twice as big as her…and he was pissed now. Bobbie eventually passed out, and couldn’t remember how she got back to the barracks. The next day, she called her squad leader and told him what happened. He was furious, but promised not to kick SSG Butthead’s ass. Afterall, SGT Staple was a big guy. SGT Staple was a great squad leader, and because he was PCSing soon, Bobbie didn’t want to get him involved in a serious incident.

Bobbie also confronted SSG Butthead that day. She told him that she had trusted him because he was her platoon sergeant, and that he abused his position and took advantage of her being heavily intoxicated. He shrugged his shoulders and replied in a joking manner, “I was just trying to have a little fun!” Bobbie felt so angry and disgusted with him. But she blamed herself even more. SSG Butthead was pretty popular within the battalion, and he was buddy-buddy with practically all the high leadership within the battalion. Bobbie was the new Soldier that more than likely no one would believe anyway. Luckily, he was PCSing shortly as well. Bobbie kept the dirty secret  to herself for the longest time. When she arrived at her next unit, she isolated herself for nearly two years, and became a workaholic and alcoholic. Eight years later, while receiving professional therapy, she finally revealed her surppressed feelings. One year later, she took appropriate action. Afterall, there’s a good chance that SSG Butthead’s a predator that took advantage of more than one person. If I ever cross paths with him again, I would ask him, “How would you feel if you had a daughter, and someone took advantage of her? Really think about that, because what goes around truly does come around…it’s the nature of the universe.”


~ by Bobbie on November 10, 2011.

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