While Bobbie was visiting her mother in Korea, she saw a TV show about amazing people in Korea. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect…the feeling of hopelessness covered her like a thick blanket. A crippled, old man, probably in his late seventies would drive around in a tractor gathering empty boxes and bottles. On a daily basis, he would gather such items and save the cash in a little box. At the end of the week, he would empy out his little box of cash and visit three different orphanages. As he delivered boxes of goodies, the children cheered with joy and gave the old man hugs and kissess.

When his neighbors would ask, “What is happiness to you?”…he would answer, “Making others, especially children, smile and laugh.” Bobbie realized once again what she wanted in life. It’s definitely not about being an interrogator. When she recalled how some of her coworkers would brag about how many interrogations they accomplished, she learned that that wasn’t her happiness. But as the time to get out approached closer each day, Bobbie wondered and sometimes worried about what she would do in the civilian world. After watching the show, she decided that it didn’t matter, as long as it made her and others smile and laugh often.


~ by Bobbie on November 10, 2011.

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