Not Flight or Fight…but Freeze

Bobbie’s mother is beyond pissed. For the first time, she calls her husband’s (Stan) work because she’s very suspicious that he’s always on business trips most days of the month. His coworker, aka Blue Falcon, dimes him out by telling her that he had only been on one business trip this year. Bobbie’s mother drinks her usual cocktail. Actually, more like a couple bottles of Soju (Korean liquor similar to Vodka). She then calmly boils a huge pot of water on the stove…to make our weekly barley water/tea. Stan comes home, and Bobbie’s mom and dad gets into an argument, which escalates into a fight. Bobbie’s used to their verbal and physical abuse toward one another. However, there was an element of surprise this time. Joan (Bobbie’s mom) pours the boiling pot of water onto Stan. He screams like Bobbie’s never heard before. Joan shouts to Bobbie to go to her room. Stan shouts to Bobbie to call the MP’s. Bobbie can’t take another step. Instead, she urinates on herself, and watches helplessly as Joan drags Stan into their bedroom while unzipping his pants. Later that evening, they all end up at the ER on Osan Air Force Base. Stan has third degree burns all over his body, and Bobbie feels horrible for not being able to help him; and she carries the guilt with her to her late thirties until she finally gets professional therapy. Stan’s girlfriend shows up at the hospital too…but that’s another story.


~ by Bobbie on November 10, 2011.

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