Bobbie was able to do about three pushups before Basic Training. Dick laughed his ass off and made it clear that she wouldn’t make it through Basic Training. Plus, she had never ran two miles in her entire life. Well, on her first physical fitness test in Basics, one of her drill sergeants (a stalky, short, smartass guy with a lot of attitude) said to her, “Man…Priss, you’re really old.” Bobbie replied, “HOOAH drill sergeant!” Bobbie did very poorly on her pushups. The senior drill sergeant (whom all the females, and perhaps some males, had a huge crush on because he was so fine…and a badass) suggested to everyone in the company to do pyramid pushups every night before they go to bed…if they had a desire to improve on their pushups. Bobbie had little faith in herself, but decided to take the challenge. At the end of Basic Training, she turned to one of her male battle buddies (funny cocky and very tall) and said jokingly, “At least I did more pushups than you.” Bobbie was surprised  when she ended up doing 44 pushups by graduation. She was so proud of herself. She continued with the drill sergeant’s advice and ended up doing a maximum of 60 pushups. She was then able to convince others that they too could do it if she could do it.


~ by Bobbie on November 10, 2011.

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