Racism & Kindess In One Room

1992, Virginia: It was date night…Bobbie and her Blockbuster movie. After spending almost 30 minutes searching for the right movie, she was so excited to finally find one. She stood in line while the sales clerk was organizingthe movies. She waited a little bit assuming he would help her as soon as he noticed. After a couple minutes, they made eye contact. However, he continued organizing. Then, a Caucasian couple stood in another line, and the guy immediately dropped what he was doing and approached them with a chirpy, “Hello folks! Did you find what you need?” The couple both agrred that Bobbie was waiting to be helped before them. The guy then turned to Bobbie and said in a snotty tone, ” You’re standing in the wrong line.” Without hesitation, the lady snapped at the guy, “Then you shouldn’ve told her to stand in this line.” Bobbie was grateful for the nice couple, and she learned, not only to follow her intuition, but that when some people are being racist, they need to be put in their place.


~ by Bobbie on November 10, 2011.

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