1993, Virginia: Bobbie was about to get off her double shift, after working 16 hours a day for almost two weeks straight. However, at one of her tables, a couple of wannabe Korean gangsters decided to test her tolerance for bullshit. One of the guys, the follower, asked her for her phone number. She said, “Sorry, I don’t have time to date. I work double shifts.” The stubborn guy kept being persistent, despite the multiple, polite rejections. Finally, the other guy, the so-called leader of the pack, decided to intervene with his charming ways. He tried to send some indirect messages to Bobbie like intentionally knocking down the beer pitcher and shouting, “Oops!” The head guy made it obvious that he was a bully. He was about 6’2″ (tall for a Korean), about 230 lbs, and had a unibrow that looked like a black catepillar. He had a deep voice, and would try to inimidate Bobbie by saying things like, “You really should go out with my friend here. He’s a nice guy.” Then the asshole threw his pack of cigarettes into the puddle of beer and shouted, “Clean it up girl! Also, bring me some more cigarettes and beer…on the house.” Bobbie looked at her manager…and he did nothing.

After continuous harassment, Bobbie threw her tray at the table where the jerks were sitting. She then approached the table and shouted, “You want to give me a hard time after I’ve been working 16 hours a day for two fucking weeks? I barely have enough energy to want to live, and now I have to deal with assholes like you? Let’s go outside. You can obviously kick my ass, so don’t even bother wasting your time. Just KILL me!  Because one of us is going to die tonight motherfucker!” Bobbie’s manager shouted, “Bobbie! That’s enough!” But at that point, Bobbie couldn’t even see straight, let alone hear more bullshit. The passive guy started rubbung his palms together apologizing over and over again, “Jal-mot-heh-suh-yoh! Jal-mot-heh-suh-yoh!” The head jerk kept looking around the silent restaurant in an uncomfortable manner and said, “C’mon now…I’m like an older brother. You know I was just joking with you. Please stop.” Bobbie left the table and headed to the back of the restaurant. The other waitresses rushed to her side. They had never seen that side of Bobbie before. Bobbie broke down crying…she was exhausted, physically, mentally…and now spiritually. Bobbie told her manager that she wanted to quit because she was disappointed that her own manager wasn’t man enough to stick up for his own employees. She was jobless for over a month…a lesson learned…don’t quit before finding another job. Another lesson learned…some battles are definitely worth fighting for.


~ by Bobbie on November 10, 2011.

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