19 yrs old: Bobbie ended up working as a waitress at a Korean restaurant. Her father had always told her that as long as she got straight A’s and some B’s, he would set aside a college account for her. So she did her part of the agreement. Unfortunately, after high school, he changed his mind because he was getting married to his girlfriend. So, Bobbie dropped out of college and initially got a secretary job in California making $7.50/hr…which wasn’t enough to survive in California…even with some help from friends and family. Hence, the move to Virginia with her girlfriend and the waitress job. Anyway…Bobbie was working her ass off one day trying not to spill more soup on a customer or tripping over her own feet. Then, one of the waitresses asked her if she wanted to take a big table of college students. Bobbie was excited, in hopes to get a big tip. She approached the large table, only to see the one person she could care less to see on this planet again…Tina Kim (fake name). Tina in a nutshell was the typical, snotty-ass (only to females), rich chic that gave hot chics a bad rap.  She was a senior when Bobbie was a junior in highschool. She basically came up to Bobbie and said, “If I wanted your boyfriend, I could have him. But don’t worry, we’re just friends.” So, Tina shouts, “OH MY GOD…is that you Barbara? You work here? I could never work at a place like this! I attend Virginia Tech.” bobbie felt her face turning bright red, and wanted to crawl into a hole. She hated this girl with a passion. She thought to herself, “Why God? Why her and why here? What did I ever do to deserve this?” Bobbie replied to Tina, “Well, I guess some of us are more fortunate than others.”


~ by Bobbie on November 10, 2011.

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