2nd grade: Bobbie’s classmate met her outside her house to play after school. Her classmate was finger-lickin’ good while eating a slice of juicy melon. Bobbie couldn’t help but to secretly crave for a bite. However, she only ended up watching her so-called friend eat the delicious snack all by herself, without even offering a little bite. But then again, they were only children.

5th grade: Bobbie’s mother always packed her a good lunch: a sandwich, chips or cookies, fruit, a drink, ect. One day, Bobbie told her mother that certain kids in her class only brought a sandwich to school. Bobbie’s mother packed more goodies in Bobbie’s lunchbox from that day on and encouraged her to share with her classmates. The experience of offering and sharing felt really good, and Bobbie learned at an early age that she loved to share with others…thanks to her mom and her earlier childhood experience.


~ by Bobbie on November 10, 2011.

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