True Friendship

– 1991, Pusan, Korea: There was a new girl in school, and she became the talk
of the town. Bobbie heard some haters making fun of this individual who
happened to be “different”. She apparently had a unique walk due to
her hips not being in proportion to her ass. She basically had like a size 18
waist with an applebottom butt. In addition to that, she carried around a
parasol whenever she was outside. She was also a junior taking mostly senior
classes, which probably created a lot of jealousy. One day, the senior class
was about to go on a field trip. Bobbie was just sitting down listening to her
music when the new girl stepped onto the bus. At the very moment, the new girl
was about as popular as Forrest Gump. Bobbie felt sorry for her and offered her
a seat next to her. A conversation began. Come to find out, Vivien (real name)
was a very interesting soul. Yes, she was unique…but
who isn’t? The more Bobbie got to know her, the more she understood why she
behaved the way she did. In a nutshell, Vivien grew up with her mother, one of
the school’s English and French teachers, who was quite a character herself.
Vivien grew up in a very strict environment where she read Shakespeare when she
was a child while other children were out in the playground. More than likely,
her mother raised her and loved her the best way she knew how. But
unfortunately for Vivien, it was a tough lifestyle. During difficult times, her
mother was a man-hater and was determined to have Vivien succeed like no other.
Vivien often heard the word “study” while growing up. Hence, Vivien’s
lack of social skills. However, what mattered most to Bobbie was that Vivien
had a big heart that had to be discovered. So a friendship developed…Vivien
helped Bobbie to become smarter, and Bobbie taught Vivien some social
skills…like sharing lunch and feelings. They shared a lot of stories,
laughter, and tears. Bobbie felt so comfortable with Vivien that she adopted
her as a sister. A couple girls came up to Bobbie one day and asked her why she
was even talking to Vivien. Bobbie just
replied, “Because I like her.”

1991-1992, California and Virginia: During one of the most challenging times of
Bobbie’s young adult life, her girlfriend Jayden helped her get back on her
feet. Although the friendship seemed to come with a price…meaining Bobbie had
to be passive…it was the best that Bobbie had at the time. One of the most
memorable moments Bobbie had with Jayden is how Jayden reacted when Bobbie’s
Korean boyfriend (in Virginia) beat her up. Jayden came to visit Bobbie at her
apartment and found Bobbie lying on her bed in the fetal position. Jayden
lifted her pants and found bruises. She became very angry and said to Bobbie,
“Let’s call the police. He’s an asshole.” Bobbie felt that Jayden
really cared for her, and it felt so good. However, she refused to report him
because she wasn’t used to calling the police on people who abused her…to
her, it was part of life’s package deal. Of course, later in life, she learned not take take any form of abuse from anyone, because she learned to respect and love herself.

1992 Virginia: Bobbie was about to get off her shift for the day until something
caught her attention. There was a short, Korean girl sitting at the cashier
section smacking her gum and looking like a punk-ass. Bobbie heard the other
waitresses whispering to each other that she was waiting to be interviewed by
the big boss. They made bets that she wouldn’t get hired due to her demeanor.
They were wrong. She got hired, although she didn’t have any previous
experience. Like Bobbie, Ue-Hyang was naturally clumsy. Therefore, she pretty
much went through what Bobbie had gone through when she had started working
there…lots of ass-chewings and pissed off customers. Bobbie felt her pain and
tried to help a sister out. The other girls were mean to her just the way they
were to Bobbie. They made comments about how dumb they thought she was, and
that she looked like a turtle with a big-ass forehead. Bobbie loved her
extremely sarcastic attitude and bluntness. It was so refreshing to be around
someone who was so down-to-earth and funny. Ue-Hyang grew on Bobbie pretty
fast. One of the funniest memories si when Ue-Hyang came over to Bobbie’s place
in panic mode. She shouted in Konglish, “JeeYun (Bobbie’s unofficial
Korean name)! We need to go see the POlice NOW!
I brought evidence!” Bobbie asked with a smirk on her face, “What the
hell are you talking about?” “My older brother yanked my hair out!
OH! I’m sooo pissed! That asshole!” she continued. Bobbie then asked,
“Now what did you do to piss him
off like that?” Ue-Hyang then softened her tone of voice and confessed
that she threw a bowl of rice at him because he pissed her off. Bobbie laughed
her ass off and told her, “So you deserved it then!
What are you doing throwing a rice bowl anyway? Watch that temper woman.”
Ue-Hyang finally calmed down and then changed the subject. One day, Bobbie and
Ue-Hyang were driving to one of the waitresses home for a dinner invite. They
were talking like there was no tomorrow while Bobbie was driving…apparently,
multi-tasking wasn’t a good idea. All of a sudden, Ue-Hyang asked, “Are
those headlights in front of us?” Bobbie then shouted, “We’re on the
wrong side of the road!” Then Ue-Hyang and Bobbie shouted simultaneously,
Mama! (in Korean)” and
quickly changed lanes. The other driver was more than likely saying something
like, “Typical, Asian female drivers!” Another day, Ue-Hyang said to
Bobbie, “I like the way you put on makeup. Show me.” Bobbie gave
Ue-Hyang a makeover, and she was very excited. Bobbie was pleased to make her
happy. Last but not least, Ue-Hyang was there for Bobbie when she needed her
the most. Almost a year later, Ue-Hyang was the only friend around when Bobbie
had attmepted her first suicide. She took care of her and cried for her. Bobbie
felt her love.

1988, Pusan Korea: Story coming soon.

1995, Virignia: Story coming soon.

1996, Okinawa, Japan: Story coming soon.

2003, Camp Essayons Korea: Story coming soon.

2006-2007, Schofield Barracks, Hawaii:

2010, San Antonio, TX: Story coming soon.

2011, San Antonio, TX: Story coming soon.


~ by Bobbie on November 10, 2011.

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