Negative vs. Constructive Criticism

Perspective: Negative vs. Constructive Criticism

The other day, while I was about to delete my spam contents, one of the comments caught my attention. He basically said that he couldn’t believe he wasted his time reading my blogs, although he knows he didn’t have to. He then stated that I was whining about everything, that all I wanted was attention and that I should do something about my problems.

I took a few moments to absorb what was said. Initially, it made me feel bad, but something told me that I should check myself to see if the comment applied. I came to a conclusion that there was some truth to his comment. There were times where I was “whining” about past hurts without questioning and analyzing the experiences, observations, theories, beliefs and/or assumptions. For certain blogs, I failed to fulfill what I had intended to do when I started my website, which was to share life experiences with everyone, whether positive or negative, and hopefully learn from the various themes. Now, I’m more aware, and I choose to express myself in a more productive manner.

Throughout my life, there were people that I had apparently helped by listening to their stories, sharing my own stories, and providing advice or a shoulder to cry on. I thought, why not share such experiences with more people, people that I may not be able to physical reach? I felt bad that I irritated someone out there…that wasn’t my attention. However, I believe my website will do more good than bad, so I choose to continue to freely express myself. I am grateful that this individual made his comment, although it would’ve been nice to receive constructive criticism that could basically convey the same message, but in a more pleasant manner. If we truly wish for someone to change for the better (hence, giving advice), it would behoove us to choose the most effective method. Negative criticism prevents or slows the process of mental and spiritual growth. I believe there are no coincidences…everything falls into place perfectly. So I thank God for this experience.



~ by Bobbie on November 27, 2011.

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