Real Riches

I am rich beyond my wildest dreams, and I share my blessings with those who have given me the true “wealth” of life–the 11 things that constitute real riches–which is priceless. The twelfth thing is financial security, which will continue to manifest in life at the perfect moments.


“12 Things that Make Men Rich” by Napolean Hill:

#1) A Positive Mental Attitude (“Observe that it heads the list”)

#2) Sound Physical Health

#3) Harmony in Human Relations

#4) Freedom from Fear

#5) The Hope of Future Achievement

#6) The Capacity for Applied Faith

#7) Willingness to Share One’s Blessings with Others

#8) To be Engaged in the Labor of Love

#9) An Open Mind on ALL Subjects Toward ALL People

#10) Complete Self-Discipline

#11) Wisdom which to Understand People

#12) Financial Security “Observe if you will with great benefit that money comes at the end of the list of the twelve things that make men rich.” N.H.

* Video available on web


~ by Bobbie on November 29, 2011.

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