For the people of today’s society, Plato’s myth provides the insights that people who have the opportunity to become more educated should make wise decisions in order to benefit self and society. Only a rational, searching mind can uncover the true nature of reality. For instance, if the released prisoner returns to the cave to share his discovery with the other prisoners, “would he not be made a laughingstock, and would it not be said of him, that he had gone up only to come back again with his eyesight destroyed, and that it was not worth while even to attempt the ascent?” If a person is ignorant to a particular subject, but yet, is given the opportunity to learn from a more educated person, that person should at least listen to what the educated person has to say with an open mind and heart. Merely mocking or rejecting the shared knowledge without digesting it would prevent one from learning. For those who choose to be set in their ways, and continue to reject new ideas or information without examining it first, will fail to evolve in life; hence, remain living in the illusion of life. Perhaps this behavior stems from the fear of the unknown and/or arrogance that one knows enough. Case in point, there are those who strictly believe in a god (whether through spirituality or religion) who has nothing to do with the influence of science, and vice versa. By highly consider the amazing combination of the two, people will be able to see a much larger truth, that spirituality (or religion) or science isn’t necessarily bigger or better than the other, but that they can coexist in harmony. With the acceptance of this theory, people can have a greater understanding of why they should believe in what they believe, rather than just believing (without questioning) what was passed down to them from society for generations.

Another example of the insight is a person who is like the corrupt legislator in Plato’s myth. If one is given the opportunity to become educated, one should not hold on to the knowledge of truth for self-interest only. Such selfishness will not only bring misfortune to the self, but will bring chaos to the whole community. For example, rather than competing vigorously with others to rise to the top (i.e. being smarter, more successful, richer, etc.), one can choose to rise with others to the top. Such action will produce the ultimate success, which is the success of the self (part) and society (the whole).

Last but not least, a person who shares his/her knowledge with others is like the philosopher in Plato’s myth.  If one is given the opportunity to become educated, one should share the knowledge of truth, even if members of society initially reject the information. A true sign of a great master is one that helps others to become great masters. By helping others to become more educated, the wise person of today’s society not only benefits self, but society as a whole. Neale Donald Walsch is an example of a modern day spiritual messenger who has been rejected by some members of society. Perhaps, if they would give his words of wisdom a chance, with an open heart, they would choose not to mock or criticize him. The contents of his books ring truth to them, and he basically says that God is truly an almighty and all-loving God. He mentions in his books that there are many paths to God, and one is not a better route, but a different route. Neale Donald Walsch shares his enlightenment with society, the truth about God’s nature, while taking the chances of being crucified (figuratively) by some members of society. This is a sign of a true master. In one of his quotes he states, “What we do for another, we do for ourselves. What we fail to do for another, we fail to do for ourselves.”


~ by Bobbie on December 12, 2011.

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