A Choice to Change

For almost a year, I was not motivated to take care of my body; hence, I gained about 21 lbs above my average weight. For an adult who is only 4’9″, that’s a lot. I ate a lot of foods high in fat, carbs, sodium, and worst of all sugar. I also didn’t have the desire to exercise anymore. I figured, if I was content with where I was, it didn’t matter. However, I wasn’t happy deep down. The extra weight completely changed the way I even walked…the walk became more of a waddle. Plus, I eventually got tired of wearing the same five pairs of clothes, three of which were sweats. I often experienced fatigue and I lost interest in doing any outdoor activities. In addition to that, my doctor informed me that my cholesterol was high.

Then, one magical day, God inspired me to pull my head out of my bottom and do something about my misery; either that or stop whining about it (and make others miserable) and just get an entire new wardrobe. I wasn’t about to allow all the clothes I collected over a decade to go to waste, and I definitely didn’t have the funds to replace my entire wardrobe. My husband has been a great coach helping to motivate me when there were days I just didn’t feel like running or I felt like eating junk food. We decided to do a combo package deal where we eat healthier (more protein, vegetables and berries, light on carbs and much less fat, sugar, and sodium; also, no soda unless it’s a treat day), exercise (rotating between interval runs, home style “Zumba” where I just dance and work out to music at home, and the gym), and use Sensa (FDA approved sprinkles that goes on your food that tricks your body into thinking that you’re fuller than you are). We also have our treat days (like every 5 lbs that we lose), where we eat whatever we feel like eating.

So far, it’s been a little over a month and a half and we lost 10-13 lbs. Plus, we record everything we eat (not # of calories), our run times, and our weekly weight on a calendar so that we can look back and see our progress. We also do monthly body measurements, like our waste. I feel so much better–mentally, physically, and most importantly…spiritually. My husband feels great too. Our goal is to be in the best shape we’ve ever been, just to see if we can do it. I just wanted to share this with whoever’s interested in doing something similar. Once again, if you’re happy with where you’re currently at, then, there’s no need for change; but if you’re not (like how I was), then believe that you can transform into a newer you. I’m no health expert, but I just combined whatever I learned from other healthy people, reliable informational sources, and the Army…and just realized that it worked for us. Hope this helps. Have a great weekend! 😀


~ by Bobbie on May 19, 2012.

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