Reblogged: A truly inspiring post about spiritual affirmations!

Spiritual AffirmationsThe following post I came across at the perfect timing (as usual) didn’t have a “reblog” icon, so I just created a post with its link and some of its words of wisdom. I’ve read various, positive affirmations before, but this post included ones that really touched my heart, and I wanted to share them with whoever came across this post. The following spiritual affirmations are some of my favorite ones (check out the link below for more…thank you again to Savannah, the wonderful blogger for this post! 😀 ):

– On Trust:
– “Believing can turn my heart’s desire into reality. I choose to
have faith that can move mountains.”

– “Faith is believing the good things God had done for me in the

– “Trust is believing the good things God is doing for me right

– “Hope is believing the good things God will do for me in the

– “I can trust that I am here for a purpose, and God will keep me
safe to fulfill that purpose.”

– On Forgiveness: “When I forgive, I learn to see things as God sees them, to understand why they happened, and to know that it will all work together for my greatest and highest good.”

– On Humility: “Humility is realizing that everything I have is a gift from God.”

– On Patience: “I trust in God’s love to give me what I truly need in perfect, divine timing.”

– On Love: “Those who have been harsh with me were treated that way themselves. I choose to forgive them and begin a cycle of kindness and compassion.”

– On Peace: “I will keep my focus on God, and God will keep me in perfect peace.”

– On Joy: “As I care for myself and heal, I am learning to enjoy the person I am.”

– On Goodness: “Even if others don’t notice, I will still respect myself for doing what is right.”

Attracting positive thoughtsLet’s attract all positive and loving energy from the universe with God’s gift of heavenly, spiritual affirmations so that we can give back to God by giving more unconditional love and abundance to ourselves and others! God bless you and your loved ones. 🙂


~ by Bobbie on June 20, 2012.

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