Connecting with Nature

Connecting with Nature

There’s something liberating about walking, jogging, and/or running while listening to music and being surrounded by nature and the spirits of God. Enjoying the moment includes, but is not limited to, noticing the clear blue sky, the sparkling sun, the beautiful green trees hugging one another to create a tunnel of shades along the paved pathway, the surprise visits of the cool breeze, the glance of a precious fawn standing in the wooded area of the park, various cute dogs, and people of all ages smiling and just living! 😀 Sometimes, you might even get a sprinkle of rain, which feels so refreshing!!

UPDATE: On our most recent journey through our local park, today (July 15, 2012), we decided to try something new. My husband read an article on studies that show how fully being in the presence of nature improves cognitive processes. So, we decided to do a walk/jog/run without our iPods this time. Instead, we enjoyed the sounds of nature, to include the harmonious singing of Cicadas and various birds. It was such a delight. 🙂 I thanked the trees for their pure existence, and for giving us fresh air, an amazing scenery, and helpful shades, and showered the flowering cacti, colorful butterflies and diligent ants with compliments of their beauty. Of course, God and Mother Nature received much gratitude as well.

Oh! We also saw a fearless doe standing on the edge of the cement pathway just watching people pass by as they were walking, running, biking, etc. Then, it decided to cross the pathway to the other side. Shortly afterwards, a hesitant fawn looked around and then leaped to the other side as well. It was such a heart-tickling moment! 😀 We usually have an iPhone on us, but we left behind all electronics this time, so we weren’t able to capture the moment with a camera.

Note: Image above by

Note: These pictures of deer (doe and buck) were taken on July 1, 2012. Being around nature is one of the greatest ways to improve your thoughts and feelings/raise your vibrational frequency. On more ways to raise your frequency (i.e., to become a more positive/happier/healthier/loving/spiritual person; hence, attracting more positive things into your life from the universe), check out the posts, “Basking in God’s Beauty,” “Remembering to Become Spiritual Masters of Frequency,” “I CHOOSE ‘Friday the 13th’ To Also Be a Miracle Day!” “Learning to Embrace and Rise Above Negative Transference of Energy,” and “Epiphany of Another ‘Why’ We Should Embrace the Negative.”


~ by Bobbie on June 24, 2012.

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