And God showed, “I got your back!”

This post is about noticing the little things that motivate and inspire us.


“The difference between motivation + inspiration”

You run the 5k to lose weight, stay in shape, raise money for cancer. Maybe to prove something. It’s on your bucket list. You made a bet. Only ten pounds to go. Achievement is thrilling.
All fine reasons.

The runner’s high. My body simply has to run. When I run, I feel closer to life.


My husband and I started exercising again and eating healthier since April of this year, and so far we lost 14 and 21 lbs. Note: I wrote a couple posts about the process in, “A Choice to Change” and “The D.I.S.H. (Delicious, Inexpensive, Simple, and Healthy) Ideas for Meals, Snacks, and Drinks” which I’d like to share with you. Getting back in shape and eating healthier wasn’t easy at first, but it’s definitely doable. I believe anybody who’s willing to take a chance on transforming themselves into healthier beings can do so if they set their minds to it. About six years ago, I lacked faith in those who claimed that they couldn’t lose weight due to genetics, because I didn’t know any better; however, one of my soldiers proved me wrong. Thanks to SGT Heart, my faith grew from that experience, which I wrote about in a post called, “Growing Faith.” Note: When I started this blog, I referred to myself in the third person (i.e., Bobbie) probably due to feeling more comfortable journaling about my stories from an objective point of view, since some topics were very sensitive.

However, I must admit, sometimes I had days where I just didn’t feel like running. However, somehow God managed to either inspire me through my heart (where I have a desire to walk/jog/run freely and connect with nature) or motivate me through another soul, usually my husband. My husband’s a great coach-like figure, which is understandable because he always led his soldiers to stay fit and excel while he was in the Army. One time, my first husband’s wife shared a motivating post on fb about not thinking too much about exercising, but just doing it; and that helped me to put my running shoes on. I thanked her for sharing the post. So you never know where you’ll get your inspiration or motivation.

Anyway, I had one of those days the other day, but I just went through the motions without much thought…and the next thing you know I was out the door. Granted, it was like 100 degrees outside, so I had to make sure I applied sunscreen (it was a late run, but better late than never). After almost 3 miles of interval running (alternating sprints with walks/jogs), I came to a point where I felt like I had muscle failure. I was exhausted.

Then, something magical happened; a nice, cool breeze suddenly made itself present in the midst of the scorching, desert-like atmosphere, and it enveloped my body with love. It gave me the extra push that I needed to finish my run (since I wanted to hurry and get home to gulp down some refreshing ice water). As if that wasn’t enough to lift my spirit, the longest strip that I had left to run was instantly shaded, as if God told the sun to go take a break behind the puffy, white clouds for a couple minutes. I was so grateful and filled with awe that I simply replied, “I love you too, God!” Just by having this inspirational experience of feeling closer to God, I look forward to exercising more than ever before.


~ by Bobbie on June 26, 2012.

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