A Purple World

A post about transparency and transforming weaknesses into strengths:

When people choose to be transparent, let’s not judge them for what we label as their weakness(es), but rather, respect them for their courage and honesty. Because it’s so much easier, especially via the Internet (i.e., Facebook, blogs, Twitter, etc.), to show the world only our “good” side or strengths out of fear of not receiving approval from others.

Hopefully, one day, as we (souls of an amazing God) evolve more collectively, we can live in a more spiritual world where being transparent is considered the norm, and people will strive to help one another transform weaknesses into strengths, ultimately creating a more loving, accepting, powerful and enlightened society. Just as the saying goes, “You’re only as strong as your weakest link,” it’s only through teamwork can we accomplish things to bring about positive change in life.

For instance, when I was in the Army, one member of a team struggled to finish a very mentally and physically challenging event, so it was up to the rest of the members to continuously encourage and help the so-called weakest link of the team (i.e., squad) in order to finish as a team. The reason I stressed “so-called” weakest member of the team is because when it came to other missions (e.g, analyzing and reporting gathered intelligence), that soldier was the strongest member of the team, and he would ensure that he would guide and mentor the rest of his team into becoming better Cryptologic Linguists (used to be MOS 98G, now 35P). This balancing act of strengthening each other’s weaknesses created a very tight-knit team that was highly respected and admired by others; through their actions, they showed not only the meaning of teamwork at its best, but also defined loyalty, camaraderie, humbleness, strength, confidence, and bottom line…honor.

Note: The wisdom of transparency was inspired by the teachings of Neale Donald Walsch, my favorite spiritual author


~ by Bobbie on June 29, 2012.

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