Learning to Embrace and Rise Above Negative Transference of Energy

I’m still learning how to raise and maintain my frequency so that I can better myself and others; and recently, I came across the most amazing words of wisdom. The following is just a section of a book called, “Sacred Union: A Journey to Joyful Living,” by Suzanna Kennedy:

“There is a certain point in your evolving Divinity where your high frequency cannot decrease. At that point, the presence of lower frequencies will not affect you. Others who come in contact with you will automatically be lifted to harmonize with you–at least for a while. That is why it feels so good to be in the presence of a Divine Human. You will find people want to hang around you and get high on your aura. Divine Humans are masters of frequency. They can call upon whatever frequency they like and can transmute a situation immediately. Fear transmutes (raises its frequency) in the presence of higher frequencies of love (compassion).”

Since I desire to remember who I truly am and what I’m capable of, one of the things that I would love to accomplish on this planet is to become a Divine Human. I can only imagine how challenging this goal would be, but I guess it wouldn’t hurt to at least try. So, my journey of evolving spiritually continues with some baby steps.

Yesterday, my husband and I stopped by a convenience store, and I had an interesting experience. I don’t expect outstanding customer service at convenience stores, but descent service is always nice. I definitely like to be surprised when someone goes out of their way to be extra  friendly and helpful, and I usually shower them with a compliment that they deserve.

However, once in a blue moon, I encounter a not-so-happy camper or downright rude cashier. Yesterday was one of those days. It never feels good when you’re treated like an annoying mosquito, with rudeness, and/or with a dirty look. I used to get easily affected by other people’s negative energy–even taking it personally sometimes as if my race, gender, looks or something I said or did had anything to do with being treated badly–but I decided to work on rising above negativity…to be the light onto darkness that I was meant to be.

I remembered the wonderful Ms. Suzanna Kennedy’s magical words. Rather than allow a transference of negative emotional energy to bring me down/decrease my frequency, I chose to embrace it with love by trying to empathize with this stranger. As my husband and I had a conversation about this situation, he helped me to heal. We noticed that this cashier appeared to be in his early twenties or so and may have been frustrated (for any reason really) for having to work on a sunny, Saturday afternoon. We recalled when we were that age that we would much rather be somewhere else than at work on the weekends. Whatever the reason for his behavior, I’m sure it was a good one to him. I believe when it’s a perfect time for him, he too (as a growing soul), will learn to treat others like he would like to be treated, regardless of his mood. My intuition told me that he was just grumpy. Granted, if someone is being blatantly hurtful to us or others, I believe in assertively (not aggressively) confronting them in order to help them come to their senses.

Anyway, once I remembered that I have the power within me to choose how I feel about a situation/person, regardless of the type of energy that they may carry with them, I was able to bounce back to my good mood. I thought, perhaps another time, I will not only be able to embrace the negative and come to peace with it, but also be able to infuse light and love onto that person to hopefully cheer them up as well. It may not be easy to pierce through dark clouds with rays of light, but it’s doable. I recall doing it a few times throughout my life, but I just haven’t reached a point where I feel confident that it’s mine. Note: I was recently reminded to embrace negative energy by saying, “You’re welcome into my space” and then infusing it with light and love from the lovely Ms. Inelia Benz from Santa Barbara, CA.

While I was in the Army, I had an experience that I believe surprised everyone who was present, to include myself. I was being trained on one of the systems by my new supervisor, and he made a condescending remark. I usually have zero tolerance for disrespect (regardless of who does the disrespecting) and I’m very quick to respond to such negative comments with assertiveness , but this time something new happened. I just looked at him and said gently, “Someone did this to you, didn’t they?” He looked at me with what appeared to be mixed emotions–sadness, fear and joy. It was as if a part of him was sad because he felt bad for being condescending, fearful because he didn’t understand my unusual response, and happy that I saw past his frustration and was able to empathize with him. He gently replied with a shaken voice, “What?” as he tried to cover up his emotions with a chuckle. Even one of my Soldiers, who was also present, gazed with either confusion or awe. I couldn’t even believe what I had said.

Looking back, I know it was God and my souls’s love shining through me. Shortly afterwards, my supervisor shared his story with me as to why he treated me that way. He said that when he first arrived to the unit, someone did indeed train him in a condescending manner, which made him feel incompetent. He apologized, but I had already forgiven him when I looked into his eyes and saw his soul. Sometimes, when we’ve been hurt by others, we don’t know any better than to hurt them or others in return. Note: One of my older posts called, “Hurt,”  is a very short story about this theme. The negative cycle of passing hurt stops when our souls are willing to open our hearts so that we can listen and feel through our intuition God’s voice of pure love. Jesus was very aware of this and said (in Luke 23:34), “Father, forgive them, for they don’t know what they are doing.” My supervisor turned out to be a great leader and loving soul; he always did his best to look out for his soldiers. I will always remember him.

Thank you God for always helping us to remember that we are by nature LOVE and LIGHT, and for giving us all the necessary tools of the universe so that we may continue to experience this truth, and one day become masters of it.


~ by Bobbie on July 8, 2012.

3 Responses to “Learning to Embrace and Rise Above Negative Transference of Energy”

  1. It is truly a test, Bobbie, when in these situations. To remember that they too are carrying around hurt that has not been dealt with, and that unprocessed hurt crashes into everyone around them.

    • I really like how you expressed that Jonathan. As challenging as this may be, I look forward to taking those steps upward until it becomes second nature. It’s not about always being happy go lucky, since the existence of negative energy is just part of life, but it’s about being able to channel energy to better ourselves. I believe, as long as we continue to remind ourselves that we are love and light, then our journey will be much smoother. The more we, as a collective group of souls, strive to lessen the cycle of the negative transference of energy by helping others to heal from their hurt, the more peaceful, loving and joyful our society will be.

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