Epiphany of Another “Why” We Should Embrace the Negative

I woke up around 3:30 this morning with the feelings of anger and sadness still lingering from my nightmare. As I laid in silence and darkness, I remembered what I had suggested to one of my favorite bloggers (servingothersblog) on his post (called “Law of Attraction”) yesterday. So I took my own advice that I had learned from Enelia Benz (from Santa Barbara, CA). For each negative thought I associated with my nightmare, I said, “You’re welcome into my space. I infuse you with love and light.”

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Amazingly, I was able to embrace the recurring negative thoughts and fears because the reasoning that came with it, which I believe was God’s still voice, made complete sense. I was reminded that when you come from a perspective of, “What would love do now?” (a quote by Neale Donald Walsch/NDW), love somehow magically heals all wounds. Moments later, I had an epiphany about another “why” we should embrace negative energy. Of course, it stems from a combination of ideas of what I’ve learned from spiritual souls, such as NDW, Enelia Benz and Suzanna Kennedy. Now, bear with me, because I’m not the most articulate blogger around, but I’ll try to express myself as clearly as possible.

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To further understand this concept of why we should embrace negative energy, I’d like to share what Suzanna Kennedy wrote in the following section of her book called, “Sacred Union: A Journey to Joyful Living,”:

“Frequency is a measurement of the speed at which energy moves. Everything is energy. Love is the only energy there is. Compassion is the highest frequency of love and fear is the lowest frequency of love. Many teachers say that fear is the opposite of love. But there can be no opposite to All There Is. I agree. Not because they are opposites, but because of the Law of Harmonics…”

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If everything is energy, and love is the only energy there is, then it makes sense why it is in our true nature/God’s nature to be love; hence, the well-known spiritual sayings/quotes, “We are Love and Light” or “We are all one (all souls and God).” Therefore, just as fear (negative energy) is the lowest frequency of love (basically, a “part” of love), so are so-called “bad” souls a part of the “good” All That Is (God and all souls), just merely souls who need to rise higher (to grow/evolve spiritually) than the state that they’re in.

If I recall correctly, NDW made an analogy of souls and God being ONE with all the parts of the human body being ONE, and the reasoning behind why we should forgive one another, although not necessary. He said something like (i.e., the exact body parts escapes me right now), if the right toe accidentally stubs the left toe, would it be necessary for the left toe to forgive the right toe? Or even seek revenge and stub the right toe back? No, because the left toe would understand that it was just an accident. And if one of our hands kept doing “bad” things, would we cut it off? No, because the “bad” hand is a part of our body that we take care of and embrace no matter what it does, just as a “bad” soul is a part of the whole (ALL souls and God) that we take care of and embrace no matter what. We all have it in us to heal one another physically, mentally, emotionally, and most of all…spiritually. Since we are all vibrational beings, made up of energy (love energy), we can heal one another by reaching out with a helping hand to those who my be: at a lower energy level/feeling down or depressed/lost in the darkness/confused by the illusions/paralyzed by fear/empty on hope/etc.

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Now, NDW taught this idea that “bad” souls or negative things and feelings aren’t exactly “bad” as we judge it, but merely an under-developed version of the “good.” I’m sure he also talked about frequency in his books as well, it’s just that I had a vague understanding of it at the time. I have a better understanding of the “We are all one” message from NDW, now that it’s combined with other spiritual messages.

Another addition to this concept is what I learned from a video that I watched of Enelia Benz. Her suggestion on how to deal with negative energy was to basically embrace it. Like I mentioned above, she said to tell the negative energy, “You’re welcome into my space,” and then follow-up with, “I infuse you with love and light.” This message goes hand-in-hand with NDW’s message, “What you resist persists,” as well as a continuation of Suzanna Kennedy’s following message:

“There is a certain point in your evolving Divinity where your high frequency cannot decrease. At that point, the presence of lower frequencies will not affect you. Others who come in contact with you will automatically be lifted to harmonize with you–at least for a while. That is why it feels so good to be in the presence of a Divine Human. You will find people want to hang around you and get high on your aura. Divine Humans are masters of frequency. They can call upon whatever frequency they like and can transmute a situation immediately. Fear transmutes (raises its frequency) in the presence of higher frequencies of love (compassion).”

Note: Image on the right by mettarefuge.wordpress.com

If one of our body parts starting aching, such as our back, or even started irritating us, like our dry skin, we wouldn’t ignore them or even reject them, would we? Well, hopefully not; for our health sake, we should listen to our body’s signals. We would embrace the fact that such “negative” things happen, and we would do our best to heal the situation, whether it’s massaging our back or applying soothing lotion to our skin. Why? Because, no matter how negative that particular body part might make us feel, we take care of it with love because it’s our one and only body, our amazing tool for our souls to experience the physical reality on this planet. And if we don’t take care of the parts, our whole self becomes affected by the “negative” energy. It’s nice to know “how” to embrace negative energy, but it’s more motivating to put the advice into action when you know the “why” you’re doing something.

We should choose not to ignore, resist or reject negative energy that comes into our space because it’s a part of us, the whole “love” energy field. When we embrace it by infusing it with love and light, we’re raising it’s lower frequency to a higher one; hence, reminding it of its true nature, which is positive “love” energy. Like the story I shared in my post, “Learning to Embrace and Rise Above Negative Transference of Energy,” if someone says or does something negative to us, we can choose to understand where that negative energy (e.g., anger, hurt, frustration, etc.) may be stemming from (fear, the lowest frequency of love), and show compassion (the highest frequency of love) for that soul by sharing a truth with love to remind the soul of his/her true nature, which is love.

Note: Image on the right by unitedunderone.com

Thank you God for your gifts of truth => intuition => trust => clarity => understanding => peace => joy => and love…and thank you for always reminding us to put this wealth of wisdom into practice into our daily lives until we eventually remember that it’s always been ours.

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~ by Bobbie on July 15, 2012.

2 Responses to “Epiphany of Another “Why” We Should Embrace the Negative”

  1. Whew! A whole lotta stuff packed into this post Bobbie! Lots to chew on here. Thanks for the “good vibrations.”

    • Lol. You’re so funny Jonathan! Thanks for always being supportive, and for your sweet comments…I really appreciate it!!! 😀

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