The Light of a Candle vs. The Light of the Sun

Sometimes, we want others to give “us” attention, love, support, respect, help, encouragement, appreciation, inspiration, praise, etc., but yet, we’re not willing (let alone generous) to give these wonderful gifts to others. Let’s always choose to BE confident and loving souls who understand that GIVING TO OTHERS, like showering another with genuine compliments to raise them up, doesn’t take anything away from us, but rather, raises ourselves as well.

The most amazing people I’ve ever met were the ones who were very generous with their love, time, positive thoughts and feelings, knowledge and wisdom, as well as material things. For instance, one can spot a very confident and loving woman (which isn’t common), because she has no problem telling another woman how intelligent or beautiful that woman is. A very confident and loving man has no problem congratulating another man for his success and/or wealth.

Even the greatest leaders I’ve known made it part of their mission to help others see the greatness and potential in themselves, because there’s nothing more honorable than empowering others so that we, as humanity, can help one another to see our strengths as well as transform each other’s weaknesses into strengths; hence, growing together mentally, emotionally, physically…and last but not least, spiritually.

A simple gesture of reminding another soul to shine could change that person’s life. We may never see the impact or the ripple effect that our Love and Light affected, but more than likely, it made someone smile, feel better about themselves, feel appreciated, feel worthy, feel special, and last but not least, feel unconditionally loved. Once they, too, remember that they are Love and Light, they will help other souls they cross paths with to remember as well.

This is a way (not the only way) to make our home, this glorious planet, a more loving, peaceful, truthful and joyful place to live. It’s not just about looking out for ourselves, or just shining by ourselves like one candle in a dark room. It’s about shining brightly together, the more multi-colored candles the better…eventually piercing through much darkness like the powerful and majestic ONE.


~ by Bobbie on July 16, 2012.

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