Choosing Between the Dark & Light Paths

During a nature walk, I came across a fork in the road (yes, initially similar to Robert Frost’s famous poem) …with two different paths, one dark and one light.

My mind said to me in a confident manner, “It’s way too bright, peaceful, truthful, joyful, beautiful and loving on the other side. Not only is it too good to be true, but you’re not worthy enough to take that path. You’ve made too many mistakes in life, you’ve hurt people along the way, you don’t meet the “good soul” qualifications made by our society, and you don’t even have the will or the power to make any significant changes to yourself, your life or others…it’s too late anyways. This is as good as it gets buddy. Now let’s just take the usual, shaded path that we’re used to so that we don’t get blinded by the sun or disappointed by shiny, false objects.”

My mind’s words were filled with so much negative energy that it made me feel doubtful, unworthy, guilty, bad, heartless, weak, hopeless, and fearful. I started sensing the darkness consume every cell of my body, as if I was a gigantic magnet attracting all the negative forces of the universe. Just as I started stepping towards the left side of the path that I was convinced I had to take, I sensed a warm, tingling sensation in my chest.

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It was then that my heart gently whispered to me that it was safe to take the “right” path if I had the desire to. My heart continued with its sweet voice, “You are worthy because you are a perfect creation of All That Is/Source/God. Do not be afraid to remember who you truly are…which is Love and Light. Yes, it’s true that you have made mistakes in life and experienced much darkness with other souls on Earth, but it was only to remind you of what you are not.

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Because without darkness, how will you know how bright, magnificent, and powerful you truly are? Therefore, darkness is not your enemy, something that you must fear, something that has power over you, or even something that you have to continuously experience in order to know yourself. You now have the power to choose to experience more light in your life by being light itself, just as you can experience more love in your life by just being love. Just as fear is not to be resisted or rejected (but rather, embraced) since it is just the lowest frequency of love (hence, a part of love), darkness should be embraced as well since it helps define light.

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Therefore, you can choose to take either path. If continuing to experience the dark path (filled with negative energy) makes you happier, by all means do so. However, if it would make you happier to experience the light path (filled with positive energy), where you will remember that you are the love that can rise above fear and the light that can diminish darkness, then do so. The choice is yours, because you are by nature a free soul.”

My heart’s words were filled with so much positive energy that it made me feel confident, worthy, guilt-free, good, compassionate, strong, hopeful, and fearless. I started sensing the light consume every cell of my body, as if I was a gigantic magnet attracting all the positive forces of the universe. Just as I started stepping towards the right side of the path that I now chose to take, I sensed a warm, tingling sensation all over my body. As I made my journey onto the light path, I was in awe of all the beauty and wonder that I encountered along the way, that was beyond anything I had ever imagined. I knew then that I was finally where I was meant to be, in the midst of ALL the amazing gifts of the universe from All That Is.


~ by Bobbie on July 20, 2012.

2 Responses to “Choosing Between the Dark & Light Paths”

  1. you are such a deep philosopher,admire your view and talent,cheers!

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