An Invitation From My Soul

I was sleeping peacefully, and You woke me up Storm

Then, You startle me with Your roars and  intense pounding

You blind me with your flashes of glare

You keep me up with the never-ending splashes and howling

Why do You not allow me to fall back asleep? Why do You torment me?

Was is it that You want from me?

As I lay in brief moments of darkness, stillness and silence…I finally surrender to You

Suddenly, I SEE You, I HEAR You, I FEEL You, and I KNOW You

I SEE Your flashes of beautiful light that instantly diminishes the darkness that surrounds me

I HEAR Your melodic pitter patters on the roof dancing in harmony with Your whistling and whirling

I FEEL Your thunderous beats that vibrate throughout my entire body, and mirrors the beats of my heart, increasing its rate, as well as my awareness of Your presence

I KNOW Your true identity…I KNOW why I’m so attracted to You, and You to me…

Your magnificent power empowers me, and Your bright light enlightens me

You have awakened me…so that I may remember You

You are Me, and I AM You…We Are One

And that is why I intuitively know that I love you, and that the human part of me should no longer fear You again

You heard me when I asked You to help our trees, grass and flowers

You quenched their thirst and overflowed them with love and joy

You cleansed the streets with a miniature river and washed all the houses and cars

Then, you became calm and gently flowed with the universe

You, my Dear, do this so often; yet, You are under-appreciated

Thank You Love, for being You, and for loving us and our world unconditionally, just like the glorious Sun and the majestic Moon

I embrace you Fear and Darkness, and infuse you with much Love and Light…for without you, Love and Light would lose its meaning.

I love you Storm/Rain/Lighting/Thunder/Mother Nature/Soul/Higher Self/God/Goddess/All That Is…We Are All One. 


Thank you to all my soul brothers and sisters for sharing such beautiful images! 🙂

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~ by Bobbie on August 19, 2012.

5 Responses to “An Invitation From My Soul”

  1. This is beautiful! I always talk about how much I love the rain and I often feel inclined to go outside when it’s raining. I feel the rain is underappreciated too. And storms… storms are absolutely beautiful. This poem is everything.

    • Tina, thanks so much for checking out my first poem, sharing your personal feelings, and giving me your kind feedback! It means a lot to me to connect with others on a spiritual level, and I can sense that you and I are in harmony. Your profound and intriguing poems have inspired me.

  2. Dear Bobbie, I just read another “rain” poem, you will like it:

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