The Priceless Gifts from the Queen of the Happy Dance! ^_^

jeep n balloonsOne day, after working the typical 13-15 hour shift in the Army, I came out to the parking lot to find my vehicle and finally head home.

As I came closer to what I thought was my yellow jeep, I noticed that it was completely filled with pastel, pink balloons.

My initial thought was, “Wow, what is that…who would do that?” And then I figured I had just forgotten where I had parked again, so I started looking for another yellow jeep, since it seemed like everyone and their mamas had jeeps in Hawaii.

As I wandered around aimlessly in the parking lot, I had an urge to go back to that peculiar jeep. Sure enough, it was mine! Since my jeep was a soft-top, whoever stuffed my jeep with pink balloons was someone who apparently had a lot of patience to put the top back on (which was a major pain-in-the-ass); but most importantly, had the heart to do something so kind. Or was it kind?

Note: Image on right was my yellow jeep.

As I opened my jeep, the balloons started flying out in different directions. As I chased some of them down, like a chicken with its head cut off, it finally occurred to me that only one human being (that I knew) was capable of such madness…simultaneously arousing both joy and frustration in me…it was SSG Sergeant.

Yes, she was known as “Sergeant Sergeant,” and was often asked, “Ssseriously? That’s your last name?” If I were to pick a Hollywood character who looked like Jackie, it would be a cross between Jodie Foster and Emma Stone, but around 5’3″ and slightly more chubby. She also had dirty-blond hair and cute freckles.

I then realized that it was my birthday that weekend, and that was her way of surprising me. It worked like magic, ’cause I had never heard of or seen anyone do something crazy like that my entire life. But, then again, it was no surprise that such a loving act stemmed from her heart.

Inside the jeep, there was another surprise…a gift bag and card that included a smart-ass comment about how she got me. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. I couldn’t believe someone would go out of their way and put in so much thought into making someone else feel so special.

Jackie was the best battle buddy I ever had in the Army. We crossed paths because we were two of the three platoon sergeants in our company. We weren’t close at first, but she was one of those souls that grew on me, and who taught me many important life lessons. 

Note: Image on left by

I was always delighted to see Jackie walk through the doors at work. She was one of those rare gems that sparkled even during the darkest of days. She had such a beautiful and effortless smile that she shared on a daily basis; it was contagious! Sometimes, she would stop by Starbucks and bring everyone in the office drinks and/or baked goods.

I loved how she managed to find humor in almost everything in life. Her desk area was decorated with the funny/sarcastic bunny character (the name escapes me), various pictures of her family and friends, positive affirmations, art, and overall…just happy stuff. Her positive energy was so intense.

Some might say that a person that nice is a people pleaser. However, Jackie was far from that. She was a very confident woman/Noncommissioned Officer/leader, and she was not afraid to speak her mind. Some people didn’t like that about her, and would say things like, “She’s so opinionated.”

I found her fearlessness, transparency and assertiveness very refreshing and inspiring. Some people can’t handle it when someone’s light blinds them. I used to tell them to put some shades on, or to look the other way, if she bothered them that much.

You know you met someone empowering when they have the ability to put a mirror to your face (not literally), and not only show you your strengths, but also show you how to turn your weaknesses into strengths in the most loving way possible.

Once, I told her how impressed I was by her generosity. To my surprise, she then started telling everyone in the office that she recalled a time when I had a chocolate bar, that I broke into multiple pieces, and then told everyone that there was enough to share as I handed them out. It’s always touching when someone mentions something you did that you never thought about, let alone think that others thought about it.

Note: Image one left by

I especially admired and respected Jackie when she would sometimes tell me things that was difficult to swallow at the time. But she would say it with such grace, as she would look at me with strong, yet, gentle eye contact, that I couldn’t help but to embrace her words of wisdom.

She helped me to trust her. She was also one of the few people I had ever witnessed openly and passionately discourage gossip among big groups, and was very quick to stand up for those she respected and admired. Her courage and loyalty was breathtaking.

I noticed that Jackie was one of those few who was not only generous with material things, but she was also very generous with her genuine compliments, encouragements, help, and her time. She strived to see the best in people, which was a powerful tool as a leader.

Jackie passionately took care of, not only her soldiers, but all soldiers. She even took time out of her personal time to listen to soldiers’ problems, to mentor and prepare them for promotion boards, and to teach them to better themselves as people/soldiers.

Although she was highly intelligent, she wasn’t like the typical Military Intelligence soldier who seemed to think that they were smarter and better than everybody else, and often hoarded knowledge to get ahead of others. No, Jackie freely shared her knowledge and wisdom with others, and taught them in a loving and non-judgmental manner. She was simply amazing.

Note: Image on right by

During holidays, Jackie would invite everyone who wanted to come join the fun to her home. Her philosophy was that as long as they could squeeze into a space in her house, then there was plenty of room for everyone.

She was such an awesome hostess, walking around and making sure everyone had enough to eat, and that no one was sitting alone. She even cooked joyfully! I could’ve sworn I saw firecrackers bursting above her head as she did her usual happy dance.

Oh yes, Jackie was famous for her “happy dance.” Whenever she felt like it, even during the duty day, she would just suddenly get up from her chair, bend down until her back was almost parallel to the floor, and start shaking her butt side to side with her arms to the side and bent at the elbows.

The image on the left actually resembles Jackie very much, especially the smile, if the character only had longer hair. Anyways, she always managed to get a smile out of us, even though it also came with the shaking of our heads side to side.

Note: Image on left by

1sg hudson surpriseOur First Sergeant’s birthday was approaching, so of course, Jackie had this wild idea to pull another one of her pranks. I had no choice but to go along with this crazy woman’s idea. I knew if I didn’t, God know’s what type of creative thing she would do to make my body disappear.

After work one day, and after my First Sergeant left her office, we decorated her entire office with “the dead” theme (i.e., skeletons, a book about death on her desk, a gravestone, dozens of black and pink balloons, cobwebs, spiders,…basically, the works), implying of course, that she (my First Sergeant) was ancient.

The look on my First Sergeant’s face the next morning was priceless! Plus, she screamed a happy and girly scream. I could tell she was getting teary-eyed as well. Everyone in the office was blown away, and had big smiles on their faces. It was such joyful times. I loved Jackie’s imagination, but most of all, I loved her ability to love others unconditionally, and to spread her endless light.

Note: Image on right was my First Sergeant’s decorated office.

You see, our First Sergeant was a single parent, who had raised her son since he was an infant. She had been through a lot of dark times, to include betrayal, separation, abandonment, divorce, heartbreak, loneliness, and suffering, and Jackie was very aware of this.

Showing compassion in the most joyful and exciting way was another one of Jackie’s best qualities/strengths. I believe she’s a genius. She is definitely a Goddess to me.

Before I left my unit in Hawaii, Jackie and my First Sergeant threw me a going away party, and invited my soldiers. Jackie then gave me a thick, home-made scrapbook/black album filled with photos of our soldiers from our company, messages from my soldiers, peers, leaders, as well as poems that she had created, inspirational quotes and funny comments.

It was the most thoughtful and personalized gift I had ever received. I was so grateful and honored to have met someone like her. I will always treasure her in my heart.

I dedicate this post to Jackie Sergeant (her real name), the epitome of generosity; she was by far the most generous human being I had ever met; or perhaps she was an alien, a Highly Evolved Being. 😉 I believe she’s an Earth/Human Angel/Starseed who serves humanity with her unconditional love, generosity, and sparkling personality.

Note: Image on left by
Note: Image on right is me in civilian clothes on my day off, back in 2005, while stationed in Hawaii. I was in my early thirties then.

me and jeep 2005


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  1. Jackie sounds like such a beautiful soul. We need more Jackies in the world! Thanks Bobbie.

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