Our Wealth Beyond Measure

I have been inspired by an amazing children’s book story written by my favorite spiritual teacher, Neale Donald Walsch, and it helped me to gain more insight into my own personal story. The following is a link to Neale’s awe-inspiring story :

The Little Soul and the Sun


There once was a father (Ron) who had two, precious daughters named Bobbie and Shelly, whom he loved so dearly. When they were babies, he asked them what they wanted to experience in Heaven on Earth.

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Bobbie: “I wish to experience being a beautiful candle light in the midst of pitch darkness.”

Father: “Bobbie, you will be surrounded by much darkness, and you will experience much fear. Why would you even choose such a hopeless experience when I can offer you the good life that everyone dreams of? I don’t understand you.”

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Bobbie: “I wish to experience the ALL of life, so that I may know through experience (and not just conceptually) that I AM the powerful Love that can rise above fear, and I AM the powerful Light that can diminish darkness. I would also like to experience connecting with other candles surrounded by darkness, so that we may enjoy a roller coaster journey of life, and then remember to vibrate together as Love energy, and shine brightly together like the magnificent sun!”

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Father: “It breaks my heart that you won’t allow me to give you the world, but I shall give you freedom to live as you choose, since unconditional love is freedom. But please promise me one thing…”

Bobbie: “Sure daddy, what is it?”

Father: “When you meet me later in life, and I appear to you as a heartless father who abandoned his baby daughter, please remember who I truly am; forgive me and love me again as you love me now.”

Bobbie: “Oh, I will daddy! Don’t you worry. I will always love you.”

Then, the father’s younger daughter, Shelly, shouted with excitement, “Oooh! I wanna play too! Bobbie, I will play the opposite of you so that you can experience shining brightly! And then the next time, we can switch roles, okay?”

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Bobbie: “You would do that for me, sister?”

Shelly: “Of course! I love you as much as you love me! So, in this lifetime, I wish to experience being a beautiful candle light surrounded by a bright atmosphere, shiny and sparkling objects, warmth, comfort, love, joy, peace, knowledge and all the gold, silver and pearl treasures of the deep Earth and oceans.”

Father: “That’s a great idea you two!

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Throughout the next 38 years on Earth, the father’s two daughters experienced life as they chose to as babies. Shelly grew up with both her biological parents and her brother, and was surrounded by much love, peace, joy, warmth, comfort, and material wealth…just as she had wished for. After high school, she attended top universities (to include medical school), and then she eventually became a surgeon.

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Bobbie, on the other hand, grew up with her mother and her step-father (and his children from his former marriage), and was surrounded by much hate, violence, sadness, cold, abuse, and hardship…just as she had wished for. After high school, she was accepted to college, but had to drop out due to financial difficulties.

She worked various odd jobs, to include being a waitress. She got married, had children, and eventually got a divorce, and she was separated from her children due to being in the Army. She worked hard and progressed in her career, but then experienced more trauma (rape). She had marital problems with her second/current marriage (which they later received counseling for). She snapped one day, after getting sexually harassed from her boss at work. Due to a lack of evidence and a build up of frustrations, Bobbie did the unthinkable…she went AWOL (Absence Without Leave).

Note: I wrote about the beginning of my healing process in a post called, “Discovering the Beauty Behind the Walls of the Mentally Ill.”

She ended up in a Mental Health Facility. She finally started receiving therapy for her past physical, verbal, emotional and sexual abuse. She retired from the Army, and continued her individual and group therapy, since this type of healing is a long process. Plus, she felt like a complete failure in life. About six months later, Bobbie’s biological father (Ron) visited her for the first time in 38 years.

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Father: “I’m going to take you out to all the high-end malls and buy you clothes, shoes, purses, jewelry,etc.”

Bobbie: “I have enough of those things. But if you’d like, we can still go to the mall, and I’ll pick out some stuff.”

Father: “Why won’t you pick out more stuff? Are you sand-bagging me?” Note: Sand-bagging apparently means holding out

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Bobbie didn’t appreciate her father’s comment because she was just trying to prevent him from spending too much money. Plus, she wasn’t used to going to malls, let alone high-end malls.

Her father gently grabbed her wrist and noticed that she didn’t have a watch, so he made a couple of suggestions. Bobbie picked out the less expensive one, which was really nice. Bobbie could tell that her father wanted to treat her, so she told him that she wanted a bottle of perfume and winter boots.

He suggested the most expensive perfumes, but Bobbie didn’t like how any of them smelled, so she picked out what she liked, Beyoncé’s “Heat.” Bobbie’s father helped her pick out two pairs of winter boots, and she liked them, because they looked nice and felt comfortable, and were a reasonable price.

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Father: “I don’t understand how you are satisfied with what I got you so far. Usually, when I take Shelly shopping, she will only pick items that are very expensive. Once, I told her that she could get some makeup, and she ended up picking out over a thousand dollars worth. I told her that I couldn’t believe it. She then told me that her mother bought her that amount last time. When I was going to buy her a nice, expensive watch, she said that it wasn’t good enough, and picked another one out that was more expensive. She will only shop at high-end malls, and nothing less. She often maxes out all the credit cards. One day, I was going to cut off her credit card privileges, but her mother stopped me. Another time, she wanted more spending money, so I had to tell her, ‘Shelly, you can’t be like all your rich friends. They’re in a different rich category. One of your friends is a daughter of the CEO of Hyundai; we can’t compete with that. Be happy with what you have.”

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Bobbie’s father spent the majority of his two-day visit bragging about his many accomplishments in his and his father’s military career and civilian life, his luxurious lifestyle, his movie star bulldog (Winston), his successful catch of his second and third wives, the fact that both his son and daughter became surgeons, his connections with powerful people, how he met and impressed Paris Hilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger, and his great qualities.

Bobbie told him that she didn’t understand why he would want to brag to her about his wealthy lifestyle, and that she didn’t feel like he was being considerate of her feelings. He apologized, but then added, “I guess you feel entitled to this wealth as well.” Bobbie was so turned off, that after he left, and after much thought, she wrote him an eight-page letter venting her hurt. She also included in the letter that she’d rather die a homeless person than accept his offer to be on his “dynasty” trust that he set aside for his three out of six children. Note: “My First Encounter With A Narcissist” is one of a series of posts that further details the challenging process of unconditionally forgiving and loving someone who seemingly hurt me.

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After going through a phase of pain and suffering, Bobbie found the Spirituality world, through blogs, websites, and on Twitter. With the help of other loving souls, she started remembering more about God, souls, unity and unconditional love. As she grew closer to her true self (her soul/her Higher Self/God/All That Is/Source), and started surrendering her ego (who she thought she was), her healing process amplified.

The next thing you know, Bobbie chose to forgive her father unconditionally, meaning…she finally forgave him, even though he never wrote or called back to forgive her for being hurtful as well. Bobbie realized that her father’s need, at the time, to be the center of attention stemmed from 1) his fear of being rejected by his daughter 2) his own insecurities from having been neglected by his own father and 3) his deep desire for her to love him.

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Bobbie’s deeper understanding of her father led to compassion, and compassion led to unconditional forgiveness,…and unconditional forgiveness led to unconditional love. Bobbie experienced an amazing peace like no other. From this moment on, she remembered what he had asked her to remember. Bobbie missed her father, and the brief moments they shared together on Earth, and she prayed that one day he, too, would remember.

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Bobbie was grateful for the priceless gifts that her father gave her when she was a baby…freedom and unconditional love, which led her to other wonderful blessings…experiencing the ALL of life in order to:

  •  — appreciate ALL things, especially the small things
  • — have compassion for others suffering from poverty, hardship, disability, disease, and loss of a loved one
  • —  empathize with and help those who also hurt mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually
  • — understand that there is no such thing as superiority…that We Are All One (the poor and the rich, the ignorant and the intelligent, the weak and the strong, the small and the big and everyone in-between)
  • — see beyond the illusion in front of us (i.e., negative attitude and behavior); thus, not be quick to judge
  • — realize that one is always sufficient to oneself, and that abundance is an unlimited resource found within each of us; hence, we should freely give to others not only tangible things, but intangible things such as compliments, encouragements, recognition, appreciation , support, inspiration, attention, notice, feedback, a listening ear, etc.

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  • — be considerate of others and respect one another
  • — share love, peace, joy, truth, and wisdom with others
  • –unconditionally accept, forgive, and love soul brothers and sisters disguised as enemies
  • — embrace mistakes as stepping-stones for growth (success) rather than rejecting them as failures
  • — transform oneself and others’ weaknesses into strengths
  • — be understanding and non-judgmental in order to better relate and connect to humanity from all facets of life
  • see beauty and perfection in all people, places, and things, especially nature
  • be grateful for ALL things, even gifts that are disguised in ugly packages
  • remember that taking time to be in silence and stillness helps one to connect with the God/Goddess within

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  • — know what true wealth is, through the help of another special soul, who volunteers to show what true wealth isn’t
  • — understand that we must first remember to love ourselves unconditionally before we expect our soul mates /Twin Flames (our own reflections of what we love) to manifest in our realities
  • — follow one’s passions and dreams in life, and not worry what others think
  • — realize that we have the power to create our own realities with positive thoughts, feelings and images
  • — remember one’s true self, and to help others remember their true selves as well (that we ARE Love, Joy, Peace, Truth, Freedom, Power, Souls, Gods and Goddesses)
  • enjoy the moment of NOW
  • trust the amazing process of life, that all the pieces of creation will fall into place like a perfect, mega puzzle 
  • know that the universe supports us
  • — and last but not least, to have an overall experience in the physical world what it means to be the powerful Love that can welcome fear and raise its vibration, and to be the powerful Light that can embrace darkness and enlighten it.”

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~ by Bobbie on August 29, 2012.

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  1. Thanks for this Bobbie…I have heard of this book, but now will read for sure.

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