Raising ONE Another To Joy!

Thank you God for helping us to recognize and appreciate ALL the precious moments of life, especially the ones where we have the opportunity to BE who we truly are: Our Soul/Ou Higher Self/All That Is/Source/God/Goddess/Love, Peace, Joy, Truth, Abundance and Freedom.     Bobbie

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I went to the local, Korean supermarket this past weekend, to simply pick up a couple of items, and had a wonderful surprise. My energy was very low that day, so I was ready to just be in and out of there as quickly as I could.

I noticed that one of the cashiers looked pretty down himself, which was unusual because every time I see him he’s smiling, being very friendly and outgoing and often going out of his way to make others smile and/or laugh.

While he was stocking some items, I asked him where a particular item was, and his verbal and nonverbal cues all shouted, “I’m not happy!”

It was understandable. What young guy wants to spend Saturday evening stocking items while his friends are probably out on dates, bar hopping or clubbing? 

Note: Image on right by facebook.com

When my husband and I were ready to check out, the young cashier was silent, and made very little eye contact. So I asked him, “Are you feeling okay?” He looked up and answered in a distant manner, “Why wouldn’t I be?”

So I continued, “I was just wondering what happened to that sparkling sunshine that we always see. My husband even said that you have a great personality.”

He then smiled and said, “This is what happens when you have to work with your uncle all the time.” His uncle, probably the owner who was standing next to us, started laughing.

That was the first time I had ever seen that man laugh. I think I saw him smile once. The next thing you know, a conversation began, jokes were exchanged and we were all laughing…well, except my husband, since he couldn’t understand Korean.

Note: Image on left by flickr.com

It’s funny how a simple moment, like stopping by a supermarket, can change one’s mood. I left there feeling like I could fly.

I was reminded once again that we are very capable of raising each other’s vibrational frequency that ultimately stems from fear (i.e., low-level love energies such as anger, rage, sadness, depression, resentment, jealousy, hatred, etc. ) to compassion (i.e., the highest frequency of love energy) and to other high frequencies such as peace, joy, excitement and passion.

When we try to understand why someone might have low energy, we can then feel compassion for them. Empathy can create a desire to help another to rise up or “cheer up” again, since we all know what it feels like to be down.

Sometimes, something as simple as one sentence of heart-warming words or one act of soul-touching kindness can make a difference in another’s day. It’s just a matter of how willing we are to be more aware of our surroundings, even during our low-energy states. Especially during our low-energy states because raising another’s energy magically raises our own since We Are All One.

Note: Image on right by loveorabove.com


~ by Bobbie on October 11, 2012.

2 Responses to “Raising ONE Another To Joy!”

  1. I find interpretation of positive feeling puts a smile on once face and a spark in attitude. They serve all the more good when shared, and there are many creative ways we can share…Thanks soul sister for your way of sharing positive feelings!

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