A Journey Through the Maze of Life

There once was a very powerful and wealthy man who desired to entertain himself. So he built an extravagant maze in the dark basement of his great mansion, and it included many obstacles.

He then bought a dozen mice, to include one small family of mother, father and baby mice. The rest of the mice were aggressive by nature.

The man used night vision goggles (NVG’s) to see in the dark basement, and used a small flashlight to give the mice guidance every now and then.

Image on right by creepypasta.wikia.com

This man noticed something strange about this family of mice. The father mouse showed no interest in staying around the family, and eventually wandered off into the maze on his own to satisfy his hunger.

The mother mouse was very aggressive, and often attacked the baby mouse.

The man had compassion for the baby mouse, so he placed her in another part of the maze far from the mother mouse.

The little mouse desperately ran around the dark maze in search for security and comfort.

Note: Image on left by dailycuteblog.com

So every now and then the man would shine some light to guide her way and feed her some crumbs. Whenever she successfully passed through obstacles, he rewarded her with a small chunk of cheese.

Every time the man would shine the little mouse some light, it would give her hope to find a place that felt like home. Every time the man would feed the little mouse some crumbs, it would give her strength to move one.

And whenever the little mouse received a chunk of cheese for her accomplishments, it would fill her with much joy that she would want to explore the rest of the magnificent maze.

Note: Image on right by colourbox.com

Then, the man became bored, so he decided to spice up the entertainment level. He released the rest of the mice into the maze that were aggressive by nature, to include the mother mouse.

As the little mouse journeyed through this seemingly endless maze, she encountered many attacks from these aggressive mice.

The man would again feel sorry for the mouse, and would rescue her from the aggressive mice, and then place her back into a different section of the maze. However, sometimes, he didn’t intervene in time, so the little mouse ended up with many scars.

Note: Image on left by animalconnectionblog.blogspot.com

The little mouse became very paranoid and fearful as she traveled through the dark maze. Even her brief sleep time wasn’t restful due to nightmares of being hurt again.

The vicious cycle of crawling and running through the dark maze, seeing flashes of light, eating crumbs, overcoming countless obstacles, receiving cheese rewards, getting attacked, and managing to escape continued for over a year.

The little mouse was bigger, stronger and smarter now. She became really good at overcoming obstacles, she became used to the dark lifestyle, and last but not least, she no longer allowed the aggressive mice to hurt her anymore.

When they (to include her mother) attacked, she fought back, and made them temporarily back off. She even ran into her father later in the maze, and he rejected her once again.

Note: Image on right by slaymyboredom.com

One day, the man got bored again, and decided to introduce the young mouse to a young, male mouse. They initially bonded well, and ended up having babies. But then both the parents failed to get along, so the man removed the young mouse from her new family.

The young mouse became devastated, and frantically searched for her babies from her new section of the maze. The vicious cycle continued once again. However, this time, the young mouse was determined to find her home. So she played this game of life to the best of her abilities.

Note: Image on left by justsylvanianfamiliesnzblog.blogspot.com

Throughout her journey of life in this strange maze of a world, she often wondered who was giving her flashes of light and guidance every now and then, food, rewards, and sometimes what felt like warm love (i.e., whenever she was rescued from her aggressors or when she was given a mate). She even called out to this unknown Source at times of pitch darkness.

For a couple more years (in the life span of mice), this vicious cycle continued. Then, one day, after the man put on his NVG’s, he noticed something unusual.

The now older mouse wasn’t moving around like she normally did. So he shined some light her way, but there was still no reaction.

Note: Image on right by dst121.blogspot.com

He even threw her some extra crumbs…but nothing. He then gave her a big chunk of cheese, without her having to go through any obstacles, but she paid no attention to it.

He realized that her behavior was definitely out of the ordinary, so he placed her with the rest of the mice who were no longer aggressive, as well as with her old family.

However, she just laid there in silence and stillness. She was exhausted from life. She just wanted to sleep, and she prayed to this unknown Source to have mercy on her soul and allow her to just rest in peace.

The man felt terrible and turned on the light in the basement for the very first time. All the mice were confused, yet, excited. They weren’t used to such bright light. The man then fed them lots of crumbs and cheese. However, the one mouse he was hoping to give heaven to had just passed away. So he decided to give the rest of the mice away, and ended his game.

Note: Image on left by stock-clip.com 


~ by Bobbie on October 24, 2012.

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