A Diary of My Developing Psychic Abilities

Ever since I can recall, my mother often reminded me of how sensitive I am. At gatherings, she told other family members, friends, or neighbors of the story of how I would cry while watching sad stories on TV when I was a little girl. I would turn to my mother and say, “Mama, I don’t know why I can’t stop crying.”

My mother once told me a little story about my first encounter with Stan, my father who raised me since I was three years old. When I first met him, I said in Korean, “Daddy is like a cat.” My mother explained that this comparison probably stemmed from the fact that his eyes were bright blue. Anyway, Stan asked my mother what I had said, and she lied…I mean replied…”She said you’re handsome.” My dad apparently smiled, and a new relationship began. Note: This paragraph is from one of my older posts, “My First Use of A Simile.”

I just realized that it’s interesting that I didn’t say, “Daddy looks like a cat,” (in which my mother’s reply would fit) but rather, “Daddy is like a cat.” My dad’s own characteristics did match several of the cat animal symbolism:

  • Clever – He had a lot of street smarts and great people skills, and he was good at the art of persuasion and simply being a survivor in a tough world
  • Secretive – He had an affair for many years without getting caught, although he eventually did. He was the only one who knew about the family finances; he never shared them with my mother or even later my step-mother.
  • Mysterious – He was very unpredictable; we never when he would disappear for a while. He was also able to become very dark as well as very light (i.e., he had a very dark side to him as well as a very loving and compassionate side).
  • Intelligent – Although he worked hard, he also set aside time to eventually earn a Bachelor’s degree in his fifties.  He also self-educated himself a lot by reading various books and manuals.  But most of all, he had emotional intelligence, which was underrated back in his time.
  • Watchfulness – He was very observant. Once, when I was in elementary school, my dad took me to Osan Air Force Base to eat dinner. For some reason, my mother wasn’t there, which is unusual. Anyway, I never noticed it until my dad pointed it out. He asked, “Bobbie, why do you lift your pinky finger up when your eat your french fries?” I would hold my fries with my fore finger and thumb, and sure enough, my pinky would point straight up. I forgot about it for a couple of decades until my current husband reminded me again. Even today, I still don’t know why I do that.
  • Independent – Having to grow up in foster homes, my dad learned to become very strong willed and minded. He was even like a Jack of all traits; no matter what broke…he managed to fix it.

Perhaps I intuitively knew my dad’s nature. I never had any cats (let alone any other pets) throughout my childhood, so I don’t know why I would compare him to a cat. Or, maybe I’m looking too deep into it and giving myself too much credit. Maybe I just simply saw a cat with blue eyes, and he reminded me of it. I like to believe that every perfect piece of life’s puzzle comes together beautifully. For me, the unusual makes more sense at times.

When I was five years old, my mother told me that she would sometimes watch me play in my room. I would line up my stuffed animals in rows, like at school, and hand out small pieces of paper and crayons, and act like I’m their teacher. She thought it was cute that I would talk to them for a while and she couldn’t understand what I was saying to them.

Looking back, it makes me wonder who I was actually talking to…the “invisible friend(s)” that some children claim to have? Was I simply using my imagination, or perhaps just mimicking my Kindergarten teacher? One can only guess. But I definitely believe that starting at a very young age, I was able to easily feel compassion towards others as well as have a desire to teach others.

In elementary school, I found myself feeling sorry for the kid who only brought a sandwich to school, so I told my mother, and she packed me extra snacks to share.

In junior high school, I started noticing that I didn’t like it when kids would say mean things to other helpless kids. That’s when I prayed to God to give me the courage to stick up for other kids. I practiced and eventually became assertive.

Ever since junior high school, I found myself hanging out with kids that weren’t popular as well. In high school, I didn’t care what category people considered themselves to be in (e.g., preps, nerds, jocks, etc.).  I just liked whoever I was attracted to…usually whoever was nice.

Throughout my adult years, I was told every now and then that I was very sensitive by others. Being too sensitive was almost always perceived as a weakness by society, even until this day. I learned over time that it didn’t have to be a weakness.

One of my strengths is my ability to be empathetic, and it takes a very sensitive person to be able to feel and understand others and life on a deeper level. I noticed that I could easily connect with people regardless of their race, color, age, gender, sexual preference, culture, intellectual and/or educational background, family background, financial background, etc. If someone was sick or unhappy, I always felt a strong urge to comfort them.

Since an early age, I’ve had a strong passion to help others; however, recently and finally (at 39 years old), I’ve learned to be my own best friend first by not allowing continuously negative people take advantage of my helping nature. They drain me, and others like me, and quite frankly…they don’t care if they do.

I learned that the more we respect and love ourselves, we won’t allow very pessimistic and/or abusive people to constantly and selfishly bombard us with their negativity and/or abuse (i.e., verbal, physical, emotional, and/or sexual)

Looking back, I realize that people often shared their life stories with me, talked to me about their problems, and even trusted me with their deepest secrets. I even had experiences where a nurse, therapist, and psychologist (at different times), who were supposed to be helping me, shared their life stories or problems with me; and ironically, I would find myself offering them comfort and/or advice.

I believe attracting people to open up to me stems from working on becoming an active listener and genuinely caring. I believe most people can sense when someone is being real since we all have psychic abilities. It’s just that these gifts become dormant if we don’t choose to recognize and believe in them. Once in a while, even strangers would start a conversation with me at a waiting area in a hospital or on a bus or plane.

Sometimes, I could instantly connect with a stranger and feel completely comfortable talking to them because I can sense that they are kind, non-judgmental, and honest. On the other hand, I could know someone for years, but still feel uncomfortable around them no matter how much they try to convince me that they are a certain way.

For instance, I’ve known an extremely religious woman who has tried to convert me to Catholicism for years. However, no matter how much she has tried to convince me that she is a faithful Christian and servant of God, her sometimes manipulative and controlling words, her efforts to instill fear into my heart, and her actions that don’t follow what she preaches, had led me to the conclusion that I don’t believe in what she says. I told her a few times that I respect her beliefs, and that I would appreciate it if she respects mine, and she stopped calling about four months ago. I felt relieved.

I also noticed that a person can say “kind” words, smile to my face, and act as if they like me, but I could strongly sense that they weren’t being genuinely friendly. On the contrary, a person could say mean words, appear angry, and act as if they didn’t like me, and I could sense that they did like me, or even loved me.

If I walked into a room, I could sense that person A (who was acting friendly towards me and didn’t appear uncomfortable) who had talked bad about me to person B, made person B very uncomfortable.

Ever since I learned about intuition, I had more and more experiences of just knowing. And the more I experienced intuition  the more confident I became. However, although I’ve had an interest in psychic abilities for a while, and even bought a book, I don’t think I ever believed in its powers; hence, I only skimmed through less than half of the book.

However, the first time I ever experienced what I later learned to be premonition, I became a believer…at least in premonition. It was a few years ago, when my husband and I got into another car accident. Throughout the day, I had a strong feeling that we were going to hit a deer, which never happened before, although we traveled a lot on the road. Sure enough, we hit a deer later that evening.

From that moment on, I had some strange and unbelievable experiences; so strange that I was at first reluctant to even tell my own husband. A couple of times, a hear what sounded like some creature roaring in one of my ears. Both times, it startled me because it was like nothing I had ever heard before.

A few times, I heard a very soft, yet, high-pitched frequency in one of my ears. I just assumed it was my imagination until I read about it later on that it was a vibrational signal (i.e., a sign that your body’s vibrational frequency had been raised to a higher level). Once, I could smell a potent, foul odor while my husband and I were sitting in a class, and I asked him if he could smell it as well, and he said no. It smelled like someone was on their period.

Then, one day, I noticed that my dog’s butt hole was a little bloody when I was wiping around his butt with a baby wipe, because he had back-to-back diarrhea, and some got on his fur. The next thing I knew, I could smell that familiar potent, foul odor. I had a feeling it was the smell of blood. I then realized that I was very sensitive to smelling blood.

The first few couple of times I saw bright sparkles of white or silver light on the left side of my head, I thought it was my imagination. The third time it happened, it caught my attention, and I immediately Googled it so that I wouldn’t lose my mind.

I was so relieved to read that there were others who had similar experiences, and that they were loving messages from angels. I became a believer, which would not have happened had I not personally experienced it myself. Afterwards, whenever I would experience the sparkles, I would smile and thank the angels, my Higher Self and/or God for saying, “Hi!” or reminding me know that everything was perfect.

I look forward to further developing my psychic abilities with faith and practice, and I will continue to record them in my diary as I experience them. I would love to use my gifts to further and better help humanity. I tried telepathy (i.e., mind to mind communication) with my dog a few times, but it didn’t work. Lol Hey, you never know unless you try! 😉

I also look forward to many other abilities, to include psychometry, the ability to gain information by touch. It may seem a bit far fetched, but it’s completely understandable. Because…had someone told me (before I had my own experiences) about premonition or any of the other psychic abilities that they had experienced, I would’ve silently smiled to myself thinking, “Ssssure buddy…whatever floats your boat.”

The bottom line is…it doesn’t matter if others don’t believe our experiences. As long as we believe in ourselves and God…nothing else matters. I believe me, and this is my amazing diary. 🙂

I thank God/Goddess/my Higher Self/my Soul/All That Is/Source and my Angles, Archangels, and Ascended Masters (especially Jesus) for continuous love, light, support, guidance, truth, wisdom, miracles, gifts, blessings, peace, joy, passion, abundance, and freedom.


I would like to share the following section of the post “Psychic Abilities” (link below):

The more you accept psychic abilities as a natural part of life, the more frequently they occur.

Some ways to amplify your psychic abilities include keeping a diary of each day’s ‘coincidences’. The best way is to TRUST your psychic impressions without question. This will increase your knowing that you are guided by your higher-self and your spirit guides and angels.

There are two main ways to access psychic information. One is by simply asking a question, and another is by deciding to allow the information to flow spontaneously into your awareness.


I used the following websites to obtain information about my experiences: Note: I will add more info as I come across them

The following is an interesting video about psychic abilities:

2012 Ascension: New Powers and Abilities


~ by Bobbie on October 30, 2012.

6 Responses to “A Diary of My Developing Psychic Abilities”

  1. My “ESPN” (Extra Sensory Perception Network) is kicking! I cal it ESPN not just to be “punny,” but because there is an element of it being like a Network, and because it’s so often confirmed when I pick up the phone to call someone I haven’y spoken with in a long time, only to have the phone ring, while in my hand, and it’s the very person I was thinking of and about to call. That seems a little like a Network to me. 🙂 I wuv you Bobbie…of course, you already know that! 😉

    • I miss you OH-SO-BRIGHT Sunshine. I hope all is well in your wacky world. I have no doubt that you are continuing to do amazing things, and just simply Being Amazing, on your side of planet Earf.

      I’ve been selfishly working on me (apparently, there’s A LOT of inner spiritual work that I must do according to my angelic realm sistas n brothas)

      Anyway, just wanted to FINALLY reply and send you some TSUNAMI LOVE WAVES! 😉

      • bobbie! I’m grateful to hear from you! ❤ I have been riding those TSUNAMI LOVE WAVES…It's been wonderful. I LOVE YOU & Have a special place in my heart, all for YOU! 🙂 I haven't been blogging much either, not here. I went through TONS of change over the past year, and it takes a lot of work to keep the blog updated on that, and I also don't find much of audience on here. I have a niche, but it's a bit too specific for the general population, and I couldn't possible change me to fit the broader spectrum. But I have found ways of connecting with the right people, and that's a win-win-win! It's been a learning experience, for sure, especially because I do feel the "call to teach" and share my experience, so I'm just going wherever that takes me. (Sorry this is not in paragraphs, I'm responding from the little response window, which loses all the info if my mouse moves…I've made that mistake. Well, I don't know if you'll get this, but I understand what you're saying. I am 40, I was good up until about 6 years of age, then the next 30+ years was a WHOLE lot of searching..getting lost, found, lost worse, found better, and then a whole new level would open up and send me into uncertainty. But I lived to tell the tale…well, I haven't really told it, so I think I'll write a book. I feel like it needs to be put in perspective to be the most productive. PLUS, I've found that the social networks can work to find the right people, but also, you know, living life instead of just writing about, has actually worked with synchronicity, and has brought the right people into my life-sphere, where I can have an interactive exchange (Which is how in envisioned this blog, but, not so much…Yet, to be fair, I started blogging more regularly after some time away ,and a couple people responded that they missed me, which is nice 🙂 But my Facebook Page has ~6,700 "Fans, or whatever they;re called, but most are from south, to south-west Asia. The Indians and Thai seem to be more receptive, but I suppose that's because there's a lot more Buddhist (Not that it's just for Buddhist, but, that's another thing I would have done differently, is set my blog up for more generic, yet, more "advanced" pioneers of spiritual liberation. It's really about abiding in non-duality, which, probably applies to a very minute amount of Buddhist practitioners, and yet, applies to anyone, however they get close, I can help them over the edge… 😉 But Introductory Buddhism is a very popular subject, but I'd rather worth with one person that's putting it all out there, that a lot of people half-heartedly curious. (Plus I was really not in good writing shape, when I started. I look back now and, well, I don't know. it took about 2 years, after the non-dual awakening, to adjust. Not that I am not still growing, just that those 35 years of habit energy needed to just work itself out…find homeostasis. Anyhow, that's my stream-of-consciousness. I am just happy to hear from you, I wondered often where you went. Now I understand, and I truly relate. (And again, I LOVE YOU!! ❤ And Pardon this run-on paragraph…I would structure in paragraph breaks, and such, but if I twitch, it'll vanish. I learned that after about 20 lost replies, and I'm going go be a Bodhisattva -in-Action, instead of typing about it! 🙂 XOXOXOXOX

      • Whew!!! Jeff, you’re like a cross between Speedy Gonzales and the Road Runner! WOW. I’m glad to hear you’re doing well. My replies are sometimes delayed, but I go with my feelings; otherwise, it won’t come from the heart.

        No worries about not having much of an audience for your blog…I don’t either. But what matters most is that you’re able to fully express yourself and Be creative. The blog is for you FIRST. Even if ONE person reads a meaningful post, it matters.

        I just go with the flow, and I came across this one blog, and it appeared as though no one had read it; or maybe they did, but they didn’t “like” it or leave a comment. Anyway, the post was written like a couple of years ago, but it made a big difference for me…a minority of one. So I clicked the “like” button and also left a comment.

        Ya see, even if you touch one soul…you can change that person’s perspective, inspire them or even change their life. Your wonderful existence made my life brighter.

        I realize lately I’ve been working back-to-back on my own inner-spirituality, so I don’t spend much time on anything else. I’m glad you were able to connect with the right people; it’s definitely a win-win! =) I believe you are meant to teach as well, and to spread your sparkling sunshine energy wherever you go.

        The ONE BIG paragraph is ok…I understand that you had to type from a little window, AND that you probably had one too many pure sugar tubes (the candy for kids) and Starbucks triple expresso! 😉

        Hey, I’m 40 too! But that’s an ancient Japorean secret, so don’t be going around spreading rumors. ‘They’ say that today’s 40’s is yesterday’s 30′ or 20’s. I’m gonna stick with 20’s. hee hee. Roller coasters lives makes Life interesting and spicy! So yeah, you should write a book. I’m planning on writing a book myself. Granted, it may take a while…but ya gotta start somewhere sometime.

        It’s great that you have a lot of fb fans; 6700 is A LOT. I’m not surprised, because like I’ve said before several times…you are a berry wuvable soul.. ^_^ I have no doubt that you often uplift others. It may start out in the south and southwest parts of Asia, but who knows where your influence could spread to? Other civilizations outside of Earth?? The possibilities are endless!

        I believe, as long as you have the intent to spread love and peace, then it’s only a matter of time before your loving intention spreads like wildfire or a TSUNAMI WAVE. Just keep Being authentic YOU, and everything else will fall into place perfectly and beautifully. Have an amazing weekend where every Moment of Now is overflowing with much gratitude, love (especially bear hugs), peace, joy (especially excitement, passion and lots of smiles and laughter), freedom, truth, and abundance. And I love you too my soul brother! =D

  2. Yes, yes, yes, and absolutely yes! I hear you, I feel you, I know where you’re coming from. 😊💚

    All is perfect, always. the book is in progress, the connection are here, there, and everywhere. I don’t know if, when, or where the Dharma will, or will not move me. but it does not matter where I am, Detroit is as perfect and the same as anywhere. (If i had my novel completed, I’d send it to you, the story is great, a true mythic tale, with all the sweet, savory, sour, salty and no shortage of spicy heat. have you read Joseph Campbell‘s “A Hero With A Thousand Faces“? It’s about the Universal Hero’s Myth, and like the collective unconsciousness, the same form of Archetypal Myths have existed in all cultures, long before any contact was made between them. One of those “things” that is simply an Absolute Truth, transcending space and time,

    That’s exactly what it is, with radical extremes, an epic 30+ year year “battle” and hedonism, nihilism, drugs, sex, rock and roll, with all the extreme highs and lows, a journey through the world of Conditioned, to the World of unconditioned, Transcendental Awakening, then the whole process of integrating and assimilating Reality, with reality, and the process of bringing the discovery back to benefit others.

    it’s a trip! Spending my adult life, over 20 years seeking the unattainable. Lots of funny shenanigans, and paradox of all paradoxes. The process of integrating and assimilating has been much more that the previous 28 years, within 18 months. It’s been about 2 years of life after dying, the energy, clear, radiant mind…that is/was not any caffeine or sugar, nor a though or feeling in anyway, other than complete absorption, focused, integrated. This is, now, ‘civilization outside of Earth. The difference is just an illusion, like “smoke and mirrors….”

    I’m no more in Detroit, on Earth than I am “me.” Ultimately there is no self or other, no ting or place. Empty, No-one, Nothing. but, that’s an experience. Words can be helpful, and they hinder. I can’t not be authentic, and everything is, and always has been, perfectly in place. That’s not a belief, a paradigm, perspective, or perception, it’s actually quite the opposite. I am all me… and the paradox of being all me, all time, everywhere, is that there is no “Me” and nowhere. It’s ineffable, and another paradox 9being conformable with with the paradoxes and embracing the Truth is integrating and assimilating. Which also involved “purification of a whole lot of karma-vipāka. the paradox is now I am beyond happy, beyond healthy, and it doesn’t ebb and flow, there is no energy caught up in conflicting thought feeling ,wants, desires, conscious or subconscious. I am a million-fold better, more, whole, full ,authentic, free, spontaneous, tireless, effortless-effort, with Love and Wisdom that’s unlike anything I ever conceived of, i am a billion-fold More, whole, full, authentically “me” now…the best paradox of all, being infinitely more, better, “me” and accomplish more in a day than i would in a year (without sugar or caffeine 😉) it’s beyond words…and it’s the best paradox/irony of all…the authentic “me” is :Nothing” no-one, Empty! The best possible me is no-me. So, if that is confusing, then forget about it. I am more Wuving than ever imagined, and more wuvable, A diamond with innumerable facets, shining one truth with infinite expressions, the same diamond, just infinitely faceted, (I thought multifaceted was “deep”…but that’s all an “I” can do, inherently limited by certain parameters.)

    And that’s just it , none of it is paradoxical. there is not Enlightened person ,only Enlightened activity. I was not Enlightened, and no one ever has been or will be. The moment of Awakening is the death of “self”. Empty and Nothing are not nihilistic. being Empty of a “self” is to be one with everything. To truly ‘know thyself” is to Nothing, to truly what “I” am is to see that “I” am not, never was, nor will be.

    I can can explain what it is, exactly and how it works, how the illusory perception of “self” and 😮 ther” is done..It’s fascinating! It’s just 5 converging factors (the 5 Skandhas), all in constant fluctuation, which arise from conditions, and there are 5 types of causes (the 5 Niyamas), 5 types, but innumerable factors. It is truly an “optical illusion”…and to understand, you have to experience, but there’s some value in the information. (Should to ever awake from the dream, without some foundation ,it’s rather “startling” to put it lightly. But it does happen, i had heard of it, but ti made no sense, really. I saw it happen to someone, and there’s a “name” for it…that i just learned, from a Psychiatrist. That’s a trip! But that’s neither here, not there.

    As for connecting with people, etc. I totally agrees. And although I don’t question the value of the work put into it, and who or what it might impact ,and when. And that’s fine. But, the intimate connection is the best communication. (This is hardly a conversation…if you know what I mean?

    And ,cultivating, opening, that’s how the magic is shared. So, perhaps we can chat together, sometime. I’m easy to get ahold of, and communicate everyday with some great people… and the Dharma Page is still growing, and yet, I stopped that stuff…the general Blogging and Posting to ‘everyone and no one’ (the lower-case everyone and no one, that’s relative, duality, mundane, etc., totally different words with initial capitals; so that empty and Empty couldn’t be more different in the reality to which they point/label. There are now almost exactly 10,000, all together ,but it doesn’t mean anything, most are just “there” (or not “Here” is more accurate.) I have all the people to connect with, in total intimacy, vulnerability, truly Unconditional Love…because it may happen at this conditioned level, but it radiates out into the Unconditioned, that which is cannot be seen with these eyes…what remains when the self dies/passes away, is beyond words. but Wisdom and infinite, Universal, Unconditional Love is a way of saying it. The “problem” with that is that these are concepts that everyone has some attachment to…which is an example of words can be more of a hinderance than a help. Anyhow, i am out of here, to another Realm… (it is very literally a Real of a different universe…(the Dharmakaya) funny you should mention such things.) 😘💕💞💓💗🌀🌍💚😊🙏

    • Whew! Jeff, that was A LOT to take in. You’re right…it was confusing for me. Perhaps you’re vibrating at a much higher frequency than me; hence, I’m unable to fully follow and comprehend your abundant words of wisdom that you generously shared with me. I appreciate your willingness to freely express yourself. I have a lot of inner spiritual work to do; hopefully, as I raise my vibration, we will one day be able to connect on a more personal level. I’m glad to hear you’re doing very well, and I wish for you to continue experiencing much happiness and peace in whatever realm you choose to Be in in the Moment of Now. I have no doubt that you will often Be your sunshine self. Have FUN!!! 😉

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