Readings That Resonate With Me

The following are my current, favorite websites, blogs, and articles that I’ve already read or still exploring, and I find myself highly drawn to them to due to its fascinating, awe-inspiring, informative, empowering, magical, profound, heart-warming, exciting, and/or soul-touching contents (especially words of wisdom): Note: I will continue to update this post as I come across other interesting websites, articles and blogs. The very top links are the most recent readings that I have come across. To view the following websites or blogs, just click on the title of each bullet. It should open up another window unless I had a brain fart and forgot to click in the little box. Enjoy! 😀 Note: Image on right by

Note: To my billions of fans 😉 …My blog has moved to its new, creative space ( <= click on link) 

Eight years later, in 2014 – the new Earth mother energy (following a two-year death/rebirth transition from “death consciousness” to “life consciousness”, which will begin around December 21, 2012) will anchor and manifest its higher “female” energies for all to behold, I suspect sometime between May 17 and May 23, 2014. At that time, the last of us who are in “tune” with this frequency, will also incrementally reach 12-strand DNA activation. The new female energy, manifesting as “Goddess”, will bring in the higher 13-strand vibration for us to “attune” or “atone” to from the Galactic Federation’s midpoint command station, and by the end of another 13 years (2027), we’ll be attuned to the 13th chakra energy and vibration, and will have open and public contact with the Galactic Federation of Light. While some of us are already having these contacts, the public is not quite ready for prime time.”

  • Infinitely approachable“They are also extremely humanlike and personable. They can be your best Friend, even while being your Guide and your God…”
  • Mastering the Shift ❤ ❤ <3!!! ^_^ (Balance)

    “Focus upon coherency informs the
    physical as well as the light body that the consciousness is ready and willing to
    accept living without boundaries.”

  • Sacred Spaces ❤ ❤ ❤  ^_^

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  • ANGEL NUMBERS I use this website for my “Angelic Journal,” where I keep track of all the repeating number sequences/prompts that I see. I started this journal recently, when I decided to transfer all the number sequences that I’ve recorded on my phone every time I saw one, and ever since I saw “11:11” for the fourth time in July of this year. It was interesting that it happened on my one-year anniversary from when I retired from the Army. 
  • Body And Soul – Mind And Spirit
  • Sacred Scribes – Joanne
  • beloved i am – christ within Note: You can read a sample of the book on the website! I am definitely looking forward to owning it one day. I love the beautiful art work as well. 🙂

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  • Dream Analysis I use this daily to help me analyze my dreams in my dream journal. I also add my own interpretation using my intuition.
  • Serving Others – A spiritual blogger Jonathan is a very loving soul who writes transparently from his BIG heart, and shares his life experiences, and all the insights he gains from them, with a positive outlook.
  • James C. Wilhelm – Author of “I AM God And So Are You” & spiritual blogger I’m currently reading this fascinating book that was given to me as a gift by Jim himself, a very generous, loving, honest, inspiring and free-spirited soul…a gift to humanity. Jim’s blog is very profound, interesting and helpful.
  • Bashar The words of wisdom itself will blow you away! Plus, Bashar is a very honest, animated, funny and exciting character.

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