I wanted to share this post and blog with whoever comes across it. I love their tweets, so I have no doubt that their blog is amazing as well. ENJOY my soul sisters and brothers! ^_^

Human Angels

A sense of guilt is one of the most powerful traps used by the ego to keep us glued to the old, to fear and to suffering. A sense of guilt arises when we judge ourselves and others: it is the direct and inevitable consequence of judgment.
We are the most implacable judges of ourselves, we judge continuously and, in addition, we project onto ourselves what we believe to be the opinions of others. Judgment always brings with it a sense of guilt.
A sense of guilt is the most powerful obstacle to the accomplishment of ourselves: we become our own worst enemies. Our attempts at fulfillment will fail due to our own destructive feelings of guilt and therefore we do not feel worthy or adequate.
When we are happy, we feel guilty as if our happiness is an insult to those who suffer. When we receive love…

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~ by Bobbie on November 8, 2012.

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