We Are Amazing Beings of Love

The following are sub-themes:

Reaching Out with Love

Finding Inspiration Within

  • Seeing Through the Eyes of Goddess/Unconditional Love
  • Inner & Outer Beauty As ONE
  • The “Hot & Snotty” Beautiful Soul
  • The “Ugly” Beautiful Soul
  • BEING Worthy…Then Feeling It
  • Recognizing a Deeper Truth
  • “Spiritual Beings Having a Human Experience”
  • Mastering the Art of Self

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I dedicate this post to ALL Amazing Beings, even those who have not yet remembered who they truly are…which is Pure Love. We help one another to reconnect with God/Goddess/All That Is/Source.

I am especially grateful for my Earth Angels:

  • My AMAZING husband who showed me the meaning of unconditional love, and who goes out of his way to BE Love to others on a daily basis with kind compliments, a helping hand, uplifting and empowering words, comforting encouragement, thoughtful gestures, generous giving of time and material things, and sharing of knowledge, food and wisdom.
  • My AWE-INSPIRING children who, at such young ages, are able to show through their actions the meaning of pure love, gentle kindness, giving, caring, sharing, integrity, honesty, intelligence, a great sense of humor, empathy, compassion, courage, strength, perseverance, humility, true friendship, respect, being a great BIG  sister and brother, wisdom, understanding, forgiving, and accepting others for who they are. I’m grateful to my first husband (their father) and his lovely wife for being great parents and positive role models for my children. I wrote a post about her called, “The Dream Mother.”
  • My WONDERFUL two sisters (whom I recently, miraculously, and instantly connected with for the first time) are beautiful souls and strong women who are thoughtful, giving, understanding, accepting, intelligent, wise, funny, honest, empathetic, down-to-earth, gentle yet assertive, and lovable. They generously shared much love with me in such a short amount of time, to include helping me to remember my strengths. My sisters inspired me (their little sister) to continue following my heart in life, and to continue writing, which is one of my passions. When they told me about how my blog inspired them and how much I mean to them, they gave me a special gift unlike anything I’d ever received before. 

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Our Daily Mantra as We Rise & Shine each day and get ready to BE heart-warming Love & Light , soul-touching Peace & sparkling Joy to humanity:

“I AM Amazing!”

Reaching Out with Love

These past few days, I’ve been blessed to receive inspirations from some angelic souls (Thank you God/Goddess). We all have our low-energy moments throughout life, so it’s always so nice when another soul reaches out and touches your own soul with their heart-warming words, comforting encouragement, thoughtful compliments, kind gestures and/or powerful inspirations.

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If one person’s words that stem from love has much power to move one’s soul, to give one hope, and to uplift one’s spirit, imagine how much more than one soul is capable of doing…how much humanity together is able to make a difference. In addition, how much more can loving actions do for others? The ripple effect would surely be immense and endless.

I was watching one of our recorded shows last week called, “Black Girls Rock!” It was a tribute to famous, black women, who not only became famous through their acting or singing careers, but who also gave back to their community and/or humanity. It was created to empower young, black girls to become, as Neale Donald Walsch would put it, the grandest version of the greatest vision they ever had about themselves.

Note: Image on left by psychotherapist.org

The genuine speeches given by Alicia Keys, Janelle Monae, Susan L. Taylor (a very spiritual lady) and the founder of the show, Beverly Bond, were simply soul-touchingly beautiful.

Note: “BLACK GIRLS ROCK! Inc. is 501(c)3 non-profit youth empowerment and mentoring organization established to promote the arts for young women of color, as well as to encourage dialogue and analysis of the ways women of color are portrayed in the media…”

Although the show was tailored to black females (and understandably so, since black girls and women have been suppressed in the past), I adopted this great idea as my own, because I believe the most important message lies in empowering girls and women of all color and nationality.

Note: Image on right by vimeo.com

Finding Inspiration Within

From my own personal experience, and from listening to the life stories of others, I’ve learned that, regardless of what we physically look like, and what type of backgrounds we’re from (i.e., family, educational, economical, and cultural), we’ve all had some type of experience where we didn’t feel like we were good enough, pretty enough, smart enough and/or worthy enough.

As I watched strong and influential women on the show share their stories, and inspire young girls to be great, I felt a tense feeling in my heart, and it made me cry. It was so beautiful. I felt compassion for the inner child in me who so desperately wanted such a strong, female role model when I was growing up.

Note: Image on left by piz18.com

But I felt as if the Divine Feminine Goddess within me whispered, “Remember, you ARE unconditional love by nature. Continue to give yourself to others…continue to share your stories to empower others…you ARE that strong, female role model that you’ve been yearning for since you were a child.”

Seeing Through the Eyes of Goddess/Unconditional Love

I used to hurt from my past experiences, and sometimes even suffer from deep depression, because I didn’t understand why some people were so hurtful or not willing to give love. But then, with the help of God/Goddess, and other loving souls, I remembered why we all go through these life experiences.

I believe my mother didn’t experience much unconditional love while growing up as a child, and even into her adult years. Sometimes, we won’t know what to give, or even how to give, if we’ve never experienced it ourselves.

My mother never spoke of a strong, female role model in her life, so I can understand why she didn’t know how to be one for me. She did the best she knew how at the time. Later, in my early-mid thirties, I believe she tried to make it up to me by encouraging me to be a strong woman.

 Note: Image on right by openhandweb.org

I’m grateful to my mother for helping me to become a more understanding, compassionate, forgiving, accepting and loving person.

Her role on this earth helped me to actually experience Jesus’ profound teaching of forgiving another not 7 times, but 77 plus times. She also helped me to experience what it means to love a human being unconditionally, the way Jesus loved humanity.

God/Goddess knew that it had to be my own mother to play the role of so-called “abusive” mother, because, had it been anyone else…I would’ve just eventually cut ties with them and moved on with my life, which I did by the way.

But because she’s my mother, I continued to forgive her over and over again, and still love her unconditionally. I wrote posts about her a while back, my favorite being, “Generosity” and “Sharing.”

Note: Image on left by etsy.com

Had my mother and American father (who adopted me) raised me in a healthier family environment, I would’ve never had the need or desire to search for an entity called God (who I heard was loving from other girls in elementary school) when I was a kid, since my mother was a so-called Buddhist, and my American father was an atheist at the time.

I’m also grateful that my biological father left my mother and I when I was a baby. Had he not played his role on earth, I would’ve grown up believing that material things (especially wealth), status, reputation, formal education, political and Hollywood connections, awards and medals were the most important things in life.

In addition, had my biological father raised me, I probably would not have formed a need or desire to know the God/Goddess of Spirituality (which I currently believe in) since my biological father is a Catholic. I wrote a series of posts about my father a while back, my favorite ones being, “The Amazing Peace that Comes with Unconditional Forgiveness” and “Our Wealth Beyond Measure.”

Note: Image on right by goodwolve.blogs.com

Inner & Outer Beauty As ONE

I’m grateful to have experienced someone telling me how ugly he thought I was when I was in 5th grade. Although it was painful experience at the time, and it would stick with me for a very long time, it taught me to see beauty in others. He taught me to accept others just the way they are, and to treasure inner beauty more than just physical beauty.

I also realized that he was just a kid at the time, and kids can be brutally honest and insensitive because they don’t realize how great of an impact their hurtful words can be.

Just as one phrase of kind words can change one’s life, so can one phrase of hurtful words. I learned that I never wanted to make someone feel the way I did.

Note: Image on left by knowledgeoverflow.com

When I had written my post about this experience called, “Low Self-Esteem,” it was when I first started this blog, so I was still in the process of healing; hence, I didn’t gain any insight from it. I used to ask God, “Why did you make me so ugly that someone would want to be so mean to me?” I then associated being ugly with how others would treat me.

Since that experience, I never wanted to give someone the opportunity to tell me me how ugly I was, so I secretly bought cheap make up at a Korean market, and started wearing it when I started 7th grade. I would put some on before class started, and then take it off before I got home so that I wouldn’t get into trouble.

Unlike most adults, who won’t tell someone that they’re ugly (or any other unpleasant adjective) directly to their face, some kids will say whatever comes to mind. Unless you’ve personally experienced someone telling you how ugly you are, it’s probably hard to empathize with those who feel ugly. Just telling someone, “Don’t feel ugly” isn’t helpful.

Note: Image on right by travelitalytravel.com

Although this experience deeply impacted my self-esteem for the longest time, I realize that it helped me to become the beautiful soul I am today, and no one can ever take that away from me.

Over the years, I also learned to embrace how I look on the outside. When I was attending Basic Training for the Army in my late twenties, I received my first compliment while not wearing any make up. A young, attractive male soldier in my platoon said, “You’re so fine.” I was really surprised because I never had such an experience.

But most importantly, I learned that I am beautiful in my own way. I may not look like a model or celebrity, but I’m okay with that because I’m my own unique self. I still love to wear the beautiful colors of makeup to enhance my features, but I’m also comfortable in my own skin to leave the house without any makeup. I choose. Now, I don’t have to depend on make up to love the ALL of me.

Note: Image on left by howtocookadream.org

I also learned that people who truly like and love you as well will accept you just the way you are. If they treat you different or less because you’re not wearing make up, or you’re not skinny enough, or you’re not good enough or worthy enough for them…well, you can either help open their eyes, or let them know that they don’t deserve to be a part of your life.

It’s amazing how many life lessons one can learn from a single moment of experience. I also learned throughout life that a person can be very beautiful or handsome on the outside, but when they’re ugly on the inside (i.e., because they’re mean, dishonest, shallow, condescending, rude, etc.), surprisingly, they’re suddenly not so attractive anymore, it wears off quick. Unless, we look deeper.

The truth is, attractive people who are unattractive on the inside use their outer appearance as a facade. It’s like a protective barrier, a defense mechanism, that gently whispers, “I’m treating you like crap, not because I really want to, but because I’ve had hurtful experiences, and I’m not going to allow you to get too close to me. This is the only way I know how to rise…to feel better.”      

Note: Image on right by aenbar.deviantart.comShare

When we understand this, we can have compassion for them, forgive them for their shallow words and/or actions, accept them for who they truly are, and love them as a soul brother or sister. By helping them to understand that there are other ways to feel raised, other than making another feel lower (inferior), we rise together.

The “Hot & Snotty” Beautiful Soul

Once, I was at a one of my soldier’s BBQ that she asked me to help out with, and another female soldier from my platoon approached me and said in a frustrated tone, “Every time I see you, you get shorter and shorter!” Note: I’m 4’9″, so I can see where she’s coming from.

I replied with a smile, “Ya know, I take those damn calcium pills, but they don’t seem to work.” I think I pissed her off even more; she stormed off. I think her boyfriend, who was standing behind her was more uncomfortable than I was.

Penny was a hottie who wasn’t confident in her own glowing hotness, and somehow felt threatened by my mere presence of sitting in my own little corner minding my own business. But I understood her.I knew she was a good person deep down. We transferred from the same first unit, and I had the wonderful opportunity to see her true self.

Note: Image on left by mediawebapps.com

When we were stationed in Korea, I got in-between her and her boyfriend who was aggressive to her during an argument, and I told him to leave her alone. To my great surprise, she suddenly jumped in-between us like a ninja and shouted to him, “Don’t you dare touch her!” It’s amazing how such a brief moment can create lasting, soul-touching memories.

The last time someone tried to protect me like that was when I was in elementary school. My two Korean, sister-like cousins (who were visiting) came in-between my mother and I when my mom snapped and tried to beat the crap out of me. I felt their love just as I felt Penny’s.

So even though she made her little comments every now and then, I chose to see her true self. When I later became her platoon sergeant, and I noticed that she was being snotty to others as well, I pulled her aside and had a talk with her. I basically told her that it wasn’t necessary for her to be snotty, and that she was giving hot chics a bad rap.

I reminded her of how beautiful she is, and that she could be even more beautiful by freely showing her true, kind side. She gently replied while looking down, “I just do it because other girls do it.” At that moment, I realized how delicate she was, and understandably so, she was only in her early twenties. I replied, “You’re you, and you don’t have to be like others.”

Note: Image on right by quotes-lover.com

Before, I used to get baffled as to why some guys would break up with girls who were unbelievably hot, or even get confused as to why men had affairs when they had wives who looked like supermodels.

They more than likely got tired of the mere outer beauty. However, if they could only choose to look deeper, they would end up seeing their womens’ inner beauty as well.

I’ve also met and known some women who were just as beautiful on the inside as well as the outside. They truly represented Divine Goddesses.

What’s even more fascinating, is that when a person chooses to be beautiful on the inside, their light shines so brightly through them that they illuminate their physical bodies as well.

Note: Image on left by divinecosmos.com

The “Ugly” Beautiful Soul

At my first unit in the Army, there was this Non-commissioned officer (E-5) who was very popular, especially with the female soldiers. He wasn’t what society would label as attractive. He had some acne scars on his face, he was really pale with cold facial expressions, he was a bit scrawny, and he was around 5’5″  (not that tall for a guy).

However, who he chose to BE made him very attractive. He was highly admired and respected throughout the battalion as a badass leader. Yes, he excelled as a professional and mentally/physically fit soldier; but what he was mostly known for was that he often went out of his way, to not only take care of his own soldiers, but other soldiers as well. He was so kind, giving, helpful, honest, loyal, funny, and ambitious. His inner beauty shined so brightly that people saw way past his physical appearance.

Note: Image on right by liveromanticlove.blogspot.com

BEING Worthy…Then Feeling It

I learned all of this at a much later age, but I hope that others can learn at a much earlier age. Others can help us define who we wish to become, as well as who we don’t wish to become; however, others don’t define who we are…only we have that power.

We choose whoever we desire to BE at every moment, and as soon as we make immensely powerful “I AM” statements, such as, “I AM Beautiful,” “I AM Intelligent,” “I Am Worthy,” and “I AM Love,” we set into motion creativity and creation and become one with the magnificent presence and balance of the Divine Feminine and Masculine energies within us.

Sometimes, we even base our self-worth on what others tell us and don’t tell us. What we need to deeply understand is, when people tell us that we’re not good enough, not smart enough, not tall enough, not attractive enough, etc., it’s not because because we’re not worthy; but rather, it’s because they have limitations in their own belief systems. A truly confident person uplifts others, not put them down.

Note: Image on left by nurturingart.com

Perhaps they were never told by their own parents, other loved ones, neighbors, friends, or teachers that they were good enough; hence, their feeling of lack of worth. Like my American father once told me as a child, “Bobbie, just be happy that you even have food on the table, clothes on your back, and a roof over your head.” This was a saying that was  used often by parents back in the day who went through much hardship.

I didn’t understand him then, but I later realized that growing up from one abusive foster home to another, and enduring hardships such as poverty, that was my father’s best way he knew how to inspire me. He didn’t understand the concept of telling others of how great they can become, because no one had ever done it for him.

My American father may not have shared with me touching words of inspiration that made me feel like I could reach the stars, but he taught me through his actions on how to be a courageous survivor in life, and to appreciate the small things that we may often take for granted.  I wrote posts about him a while back, my favorite ones being, “Courage” and “I Was Blessed to Have My Dad.”

Note: Image on right by facebook.com

When people hold back love, by not sharing with us our strengths and good qualities, it’s not because we’re not worthy to receive them; but rather, it’s because they’re afraid to give love due to their own fear of a lack of abundance. What they don’t realize is that they are by nature abundant Love Energy.

Sometimes, they may feel as if putting someone else in the spotlight might shift the light from themselves…thus, leaving them in darkness…making them feel less. They may fear that we will shine brighter than them, or even worse…extinguish their own light.

The truth is, just as two candles shine much brighter than one, two people being each other’s reflection of Love and Light is more powerful. The more souls who come together as Love, the more we will shine as bright as the blazing sun. Confident people are aware of this truth and often shower others with compliments, recognition, appreciation, and other forms of love.

Note: Image on left by memphisadvocacy.com

Sometimes, we may even feel that we’re not worthy by measuring ourselves against what society labels as worthy, respectable, admirable, successful, special and/or beautiful. A while back, I wrote a post called, “Shame.”

It was one of those posts that I wrote when I started this blog that was solely about recording my hurtful experience, and desiring to eventually learn something from it. Well, I reflected on that experience and gained some insight.

Due to my long-lasting low self-esteem, I based my worth on what society says I should be in order to be successful. But, for the longest times, I couldn’t understand the significance of why I had to have such a humiliating experience of where I felt more ashamed of myself than ever before.

Like the boy who was mean, I used to envy this former classmate who humiliated me. At the time, she seemed to represent everything society says a woman should be in order to be successful. In high school, she was beautiful, popular with the boys, smart and rich. So when we crossed paths again after high school, and she was repulsed by the fact that I was working as a waitress, and then bragged that she was currently attending a well-known university, my world of worthiness shattered completely.

Note: Image on right by skillfulbusinessowner.com

I was so disappointed in God. I felt like it was another mean prank that he had pulled on me. Out of all the billions of people on this planet, and the countless locations, why her and why at that moment. I used to ask God a lot of “why” questions out of sheer frustration and heartbreak like…

“I don’t understand God…I studied hard in high school, despite going home every day to an alcoholic mother. I didn’t smoke or do drugs…or even date military guys, like some high school girls did. I tried so hard, but yet, you continue to punish me. Was I that bad of a person in some former lifetime? AM I not worthy of your love and blessings like my classmate?”

The clouds never opened, with a ray of light shining down, and God answering with a Morgan Freeman’s voice; however, he gave me a very precious gift that was invisible to me for decades. It was only recently, when I chose to release my fears, doubts, and negative feelings associated with my past that I was able to finally be the light.

I no longer envy people like my former classmate. No matter how beautiful she was on the outside, how rich her family was, and how formally educated she was, I wouldn’t trade places with her, even if I had a chance to go back in time. I would take the experience of being humiliated again over the experience of humiliating another.

Note: Image on left by indianinthemachine.wordpress.com

Recognizing a Deeper Truth

Now, since I choose to bump my understanding of this situation a notch, I choose to be grateful for crossing paths with my classmate again. Because even though I’ve understood the situation more, I’m still judgmental about her…as if I’m better than her. As long as I choose this duality (i.e. good vs. evil) thinking, I will continue to attract these type of people to me until I embrace the fact that we are all a part of the whole.

As Neale Donald Walsch put it, “What we resist…persists.” By not forgiving my classmate for her hurtful words in high school, and by holding on to negative feelings toward her, I attracted to her into my reality again right after high school.

Even if it it wasn’t her, it would’ve been another similar person…until I finally realize that she is showing up in my reality to help me release the negative emotions (i.e., low self-esteem, unworthiness and shame) I feel about myself. She was a reflection of me, a soul sister who helped me to better understand my true self. 

Note: Image on right by zulumike.net

Since we are all one, she is just another version of me playing the role of the “bad gal” in order for me to better define myself through her. Suzanna Kennedy (author of Sacred Union: A Journey to Joyful Living…link below) gave a great analogy that helped me to have a better understanding of the whole “We Are All One” concept.

She stated on page 8 of her book, “Imagine that the size of your whole body represents Who You Really Are in your totality as a Divine Spark of Source. It is all of you, in all times, all dimensions and all realities. The self that you are aware of in this body, on this planet, in this lifetime is about the size of the fingernail on your pinky finger.” So basically, as we expand our consciousness at various levels, we become more aware of the body (aka God/Goddess, All That Is, Higher Self, Love energy, etc.).

Well, as I become more aware (more conscious) that we are all one, I understand that I am the right hand/soul, a part of the whole body/God (the one that I had mistaken as the victim in this particular scenario) that recognizes that my classmate is the left hand/other soul, a part of the whole body/God (the one that I had mistaken as the perpetrator  in this particular scenario).

Note: Image on left by collective-evolution.com

If my classmate had not given me the opportunity to experience the role she was playing, how would I ever know that I am a person who has no need or desire to make others feel threatened, insecure, embarrassed, humiliated, less worthy, less attractive, and/or ashamed? Not only did she help me to define my “negative” side (i.e., feeling insecure, unworthy, and ashamed), but she also helped me to define my positive side.

In addition, had I remembered this wisdom before I met my biological father, who I also believed at the time played a “perpetrator” role in my life, I would’ve remembered to be my true self (Pure Love) with him rather than send him passive-aggressive e-mails that stemmed from my ego’s fears (i.e., frustration, anger, hurt, judgment, etc.).

Fortunately, my Higher Self/Soul/God/Goddess sent me another opportunity to not react how I typically would, but to be more aware of who I truly am. My biological father and I reconnected recently, and this time, I chose to BE unconditional love with him before I called him (after I found out he wasn’t doing well again).

Note: Image on right by artpromotivate.com

I focused on being more patient (by allowing him to express himself more), understanding (by seeing beyond what he says), compassionate (by empathizing with his poor health condition), forgiving (especially when he said insensitive things like, “Are you just a housewife now?”), accepting (embracing the fact that he’s still the same person), and loving (the way a mother loves a child).

I’m grateful that he, not only helped me to experience unconditional love for him, but he also gave my sisters the opportunity as well. He planned for all of us to have our very first gathering at his house soon so that he could “make things right with his children” from his first marriage and second relationship.” I choose not to have any expectations. Note/Update: I’m glad I didn’t, because he changed his mind again. I just wish him well, and I’m moving on with my life.

I believe we cross paths with one another for a perfect reason, to connect and help one another to remember who we truly are. Sometimes, we reflect to one another our lighter sides, and other times, our darker sides. Nonetheless, we are given the golden opportunities/gifts to choose who we wish to be, and who we wish not to be through each other.

Note: Image on left by spellsandmagic.com

“Spiritual Beings Having a Human Experience”

The body/God is just experiencing the ALL of itself in the physical (referring back to Suzanna Kennedy’s analogy about God and the body). Because one could know conceptually that one IS a body; however, until one actually experiences BEING a body…one will never truly understand what it’s like.

For instance, you can read about courage from many different sources; however, once you have an opportunity to BE courage, you’ll realize that it’s beyond anything you’ve ever read about.

You’ve probably heard of the the old saying, “A picture can paint a thousand words.” I add my two cents, “An experience can express a million, billion or even trillion words.” Even the beautiful concept of unconditional love is no match for the actual experience of it.

It’s easy to love a gentle, innocent and lovable baby unconditionally. It’s even easy to tell someone to forgive and forget, to not judge others, to love others unconditionally, since they are all wonderful concepts. But it’s quite another thing to first experience others who judge you, use you, curse you, hate you, hurt you, abuse you, and/or betray you…and THEN you understand them, have compassion for them, forgive them, accept them, and love them unconditionally.

Note: Image on right by mymink.5bb.ru

I believe it’s important to truly understand the deeper meanings of why we should forgive, not judge others, and to love others unconditionally…not to check it off the block so that we can say that we’ve done our part to be “good,” so that we can go to a beautiful place called heaven, or so that we can win the respect and admiration of society, but so that we may remember our true selves/God/Goddess/Divine Love. 

Divinity desires to know itself through experience rather than just knowing itself as a concept. Since God/Goddess experiences through us souls, we are in essence helping God/Goddess know itself, and vice versa.

Note: Image on left bybible-examples.blogspot.com

Mastering the Art of Self

I’m grateful for ALL my experiences on this earth, because it has made me who I am today. I may not be as beautiful as a model, have material wealth, be in a position of high status, have a “respectable” family background, or even have formal degrees that tell me who I’m qualified to BE, but I am in the most beautiful and perfect process of remembering who I truly am…a flawless soul/a part of the ALL-loving God and Goddess/my treasured Higher Self/a magnificent spiritual being having an amazing human experience. We are the love of our lives. When we accept, respect and love ourselves unconditionally, we can love others unconditionally as well.

Note: Image on right by masteringtheartofbeingme.blogspot.com

I believe the ultimate success is remembering who we  truly are by recognizing the Love, Peace, Joy, Truth, Wisdom, Abundance, Power and Freedom WITHIN us,  BEING these amazing qualities, manifesting them into our physical realities so that we can experience heaven on earth, generously sharing them with others (thus, bring heaven on earth to them) and helping others to remember their true selves as well.

We are ALL in the process of remembering our true selves, and continuously reminding one another that we are  made from the same cloth. Some souls volunteered to play the role of  “bad guys” so that we could define ourselves through them, the perceived opposites. In ultimate reality, there are no opposites…We Are All One.

Note: Image on left by pinterest.com

Because if everyone and everything was sparkling good…”good” would surely lose its meaning. And, we’ve all been that “bad guy or gal” at one point or another, either in this reality, or a parallel reality.

We came here on earth to experience in the physical the limitless Love, Peace, Joy, Truth, Wisdom, Abundance, and Freedom that we ARE as Divine spiritual beings…to just BE.

When we look back and examine our lives (to include the good, bad and the ugly) we remember that all the souls we crossed paths with, all events, and things were perfect and beautiful pieces to the AMAZING puzzle of life.

The more aware we become, the more we can choose to go with the beautiful  flow of life and enjoy and appreciate every perfect moment. By being in alignment with our true self, we can create and experience the reality that we choose (a heaven on earth) rather than continuously reacting to life.

Note: Image on right by tatjana-sindroms.blogspot.com


The following are some inspirational gifts to humanity (to include amazing beings) that I’d love to share with you (Note: The more I learned about Spirituality, the more I embraced words of wisdom that rung true to my heart from ALL belief systems, since they’re all from the same Source/All That Is/God & Goddess Energy):

Note: Image on left by beaudeeful-deesbeautyblog.blogspot.com

The following are some stories (ranging from very short to very long) about the amazing beings (not just human) whom I’ve had the golden opportunity to cross paths with:

Note: Image on right by deviantart.com


~ by Bobbie on November 21, 2012.

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  1. Your bog is so beautiful and creative. Thanks for all the positive inspiration and good thoughts. I love all the color, too!

    • Thank you Savannah for sharing kind You. I enjoy your creativity, positive affirmations, mantras, and inspirations as well on your blog. I’m grateful that I have crossed paths with you. Thank you for being of great service to humanity. Have a wonderful day! 😉

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