Videos That Resonate with Me

I’m sharing the following videos that resonate with me, and I hope that you can benefit from them as I did: ^_^ Note: This post will be continuously updated. Also, the following words or phrases are used interchangeably in the videos: God, Goddess, Source, All That Is, Higher Self, True Self, Love Energy, and whatever one considers their higher power. Click on title of video below to view in another window. Note: Image on right by

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“The vibration produced by chanting Om in the physical universe corresponds to the original vibration that first arose at the time of creation. The sound of Om sustains life. Om also represents the four states of the Supreme Being. The three sounds in Om (AUM) represent the waking, dream and deep sleep states and the silence which surrounds Om represents the “Bliss” state.
Because the first of the three states of consciousness is the waking state, it is represented by the sound “A” pronounced like “A” in America. Because the dream state of consciousness lies between the waking and the deep sleep states, it is represented by the letter “U” which lies between the “A” and “M”. This “U” is pronounced like the “U” in would. The last state of consciousness is the deep sleep state and is represented by “M” pronounced as in “sum.” This closes the pronunciation of Om just as deep sleep is the final stage of the mind at rest. Whenever Om is recited in succession there is an inevitable period of silence between two successive Oms. This silence represents the “fourth state” which is the state of perfect bliss when the individual self recognizes his identity with the supreme.”

(I saw 8:33 three times yesterday, which is unusual for me to see the same number sequence more than once or twice. I had a feeling that the angel numbers website wasn’t giving me the message that my soul was trying to communicate to me, so I asked my true self to guide me to the message since I believe in the significance of the repeated number. I came upon this video, because my inuition told me that it was related to one of the videos with a total time of 8 minutes and 33 seconds. Although there were others videos with this time, I chose the one that resonated with me. Because I’m not a baseball fan, my ego self (who can be judgmental at times) suggested that I don’t waste my time with this video; however, I followed my heart instead, and I’m glad I did. I love the themes of this video, which include passion, determination, courage, strength, dedication, persistence, resilience and faith that nothing is impossible when you put your heart to it. Mr. Yang seems honest, diligent and humorous. He seems to have an old, wise soul and a BIG heart of a lion who desires to be a positive influence for the younger generation. I can see how he earned his nickname as the god of baseball in Korea, and it’s not only because of his baseball skills and talent, but because of his great character).
  • The Illusion of Time

  • OM  + a helpful article ===>The Meaning of “Om” or “Aum”
  • An interesting article (followed by a stimulating video) that provides a perfect metaphor for better understanding Energy/Consciousness:”

    Shakti, Kundalini, and the River of Tantra Yoga

  • I had bought this book a long time ago called, “You Are Psychic!” by Pete A. Sanders, Jr. (a honors graduate from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, M.I.T., who did extensive studies in biomedical chemistry and brain science), but I completely forgot about it. I read bits and pieces every now and then, ever since I realized I had it, but I never started reading the book from the beginning until now. My reason for procrastinating is mostly likely due to the fact that I was still skeptical about psychic powers that now I believe everyone has, but lies dormant within us. Well, today I decided to google the author, and I came across some of his videos. The following are a few that I’d like to share:
  1. You Are Psychic! by Pete A. Sanders Jr. & Free Soul

  2. Dimensions of the Soul by Pete A. Sanders, Jr. & Free Soul

  • The following Korean singers do an amazing job of expressing intense emotions through their once, very popular classic songs that include profound lyrics that truly touch the soul:

  1. 신승훈 – 보이지 않는 사랑 (1991) Invisible Love (Note: The song starts out in an unknown foreign language other than Korean) This is a beautiful love song about a man choosing to love a woman unconditionally… from afar. Though she no longer loves him, and chooses to leave, he doesn’t beg her to stay by his side, although it breaks his heart. 
  2.  J에게 이선희 북한공연 Lee Sunhee “J” North Korea Gym Live “Dear J” Although I don’t feel that this particular performance was this singer’s best, I chose this video over the others because I am attracted to the idea that a simple love song can be so universal and powerful that it’s even welcomed in the hearts of those from North Korea, who are often perceived by the rest of the world (more recently than ever) as “evil” and a “nuclear threat”; the corrupt leadership may be, but I believe that the average citizen there truly desires to experience love, peace, joy, abundance and freedom…just like any other human being.
  3. To mother” g.o.d 어머님께 지오디 I love the lyrics and melody of this song. It’s basically about a son expressing his deep appreciation to his mother for all the times she sacrificed for him while he was growing up as a child without a father, and all the sorrow, pain, shame, regrets, and suffering he experienced while being poor. A couple of my favorite verses include: one day, when he was a boy, he became  so tired of eating ramen (a very cheap food) often that he whined to his mother about eating something delicious, like, jja-jahng-myun (a very popular Chinese/Korean noodle dish, especially among children…one of my favorites as a child as well). So his mother took money out from her secret savings spot and bought one dish of jja-jahng-myun. He was so happy to be able to eat jja-jahng-myun, but he noticed that she wasn’t eating any, so he asked her why. She told him that she doesn’t like jja-jahng-myun (that even most adults love)…and he repeats the phrase in a sad tone, “She said she doesn’t like jja-jahng-myun” to emphasize his point/disbelief. Listening to this verse makes my heart sink because it reminds me of the stories that my children used to tell me about their father/my first husband when they were little. They said that he always ordered a sirloin steak whenever they went out to a steakhouse (of course, the cheapest steak on the menu), and that he never bought anything at stores (to include the mall) for himself unless it was something that he really needed. I intuitively knew why he always did that…because he was the type of father who sacrificed for his children. Whenever I heard my children tell me stories like that, it made me feel deeply sad and grateful at the same time. I always knew he was a great father to my children, and he continues to be ’til this day. When I finally become aligned to the high frequency of wealth, and manifest it into my physical reality, my first husband and his current wife (who is also a wonderful parent to my children) are two of the few people I strongly desire to gift with appreciation/abundance. Another verse that I love in this song is the one where he was in junior high school. He opened his lunchbox in front of a crowd, and one of the rich kids yelled at him, demanding to know what kind of crappy lunch he had brought with him. The boy felt so ashamed and started to cry as he was continually being verbally attacked by this bully; he ended up so angry that he punched the bully in the face. Unfortunately, the boy’s mothers was called into school again, and the boy had to watch as his mother bowed down to the bully’s mother and apologized over and over again for her son’s actions (more than likely so that he wouldn’t get suspended). He continued to sing in a heart-broken tone, “My mother had to beg (for forgiveness).” It seems to imply that he would never put his mother in that predicament again. At the end, his mother falls asleep, never to wake up again, and he continues to sing, “I loved you so much, although I wasn’t able to express that to you once. I love you…may you now rest in peace forever, in a world where I no longer exist. This is how we lived, with so much pain and much regrets…and happiness as well.” In the end, he realizes that she gave him the gift of true happiness.
  4.  멍에 – 김수희 – “Yoke” (pronounced mung-heh in Korean) by Kim Soo Hui, a breast-cancer survivor. Once I found out that this was my mother’s favorite song in high school, I practiced singing it every time I had an opportunity to go to a karaoke place as an adult. This is a very beautiful, profound and sad song that moves my soul. I couldn’t find any English lyrics online, so I had to use my own, informal translating skills with the help of my Korean dictionary). “As we stand at the crossroads of love, don’t have any sorrow. If we’re going to part anyway, let’s not leave a lingering attachment/affection/regret. As we stand at the crossroads of farewell, don’t have hated. If we leave behind loss as we look back, we will only feel pain in our hearts. No matter how beautiful a memory, it can be left as a wound from love, and be told as an agonizing story. And now we have separated. However, what was precious to me was…those days. For quite a while, I will not leave…if my heart still aches.”
  5. 신승훈 – 미소속에 비친 그대 (1990年) The You Who Shined Within Your Smile. “You may not be as beautiful as a rose…but more than that is your deep fragrance. You may not be as bright as starlight…but more than that is your warmth…”

We are Vibrational Beings

Amazing: Where Science & Spirituality Merge

“Bruce H. Lipton, PhD is an internationally recognized leader in bridging science and spirit. Stem cell biologist, bestselling author of The Biology of Belief and recipient of the 2009 Goi Peace Award, he has been a guest speaker on hundreds of TV and radio shows, as well as keynote presenter for national and international conferences.” =>

Note: As noted above, this series has a total of 11 videos. I only shared the first three as an introduction, but you can go to You Tube to continue watching the remaining ones.

The following introduction to this video is from one of my favorite websites => One Mind – One Energy: The Power is Within :

“Quantum Physics

What is science saying about the universe and energy? Quantum physics is showing that everything in the universe is energy and electrical currents. Science is saying that electrons behave like waves in a sea of energy. This animated video explains this in more detail.” Dr. Quantum Double Split Experiment

Amazing YOU

I love videos by Humanity Healing because of their fascinating images, cool special effects, beautiful music, and profound wisdom. This video doesn’t have any sound, but I still enjoyed it.

Sometimes, when I close my eyes while I’m lying in bed in silence and stillness, I see what appears to be a wave-like, blue flame that continuously changes form and freely dances around in the pitch-dark space surrounding it.

I had read in one of Neale Donald Walsch’s books a while back that this was our soul, but this video reaffirmed my visual that seemed so surreal.

Whenever I have this experience, I feel peace as I watch in awe. I was once confused, but now I have clarity, with the help of my spiritual committee (to include this video), that Yin and Yang represents The Balance of the Divine Feminine and Masculine Energies within Source = The Twin Flames. The ultimate goal = The uniting of the Twin Flames with Divine Spirit => Trinity => to bring goodness and pure light to humanity.

 Angelina Heart – How to Find The One, My Soul Mate, My Twin Flame Twin Flames and The Divine Feminine Energy (What is the Return of the Divine Feminine?)

Alignment and The Vortex

Note: Image on right by

Believing is Seeing

Note: Image on left by

  • Raise Your Frequency – Bashar (2012)
  • Abraham ~ To speed up expansion ♥
  • Abraham ~ Imagine Your Self
  • Abraham ~ Like Magic ♥
  • Confused About 5D? – Part 1 – What is the 5th dimension?
  • Confused About 5D? – Part 2 – What Does 5D Feel Like?
  • 5th dimension transition 2012 ascesion, energy wave, changed world
  • The way of life in the fifth dimension
  • 2012, new era, 5th dimension, transition explained, shift
  • Imagining the Fifth Dimension
  • 7 Signs you are entering the 5th Dimension -The Movie
  • Bashar- 3rd 4th 5th Dimension, Choosing Future & Past Lives Consciously
  • Manifesting 5D Meditation -SOLARA AN-RA
  • 5th Dimensional Shift of Consciousness
  • You Were Born Rich – Bob Proctor Full DVD 1
  • You Were Born Rich – Bob Proctor Full DVD 2
  • You Were Born Rich – Bob Proctor Full DVD 3
  • 들장미 소녀 캔디 E01 – 로프의 명수 캔디   I was so excited to find my favorite childhood anime series called “Candy” online. This series of 115 episodes is in Korean, but it was originally made in Japan. This particular link is only to episode 1, but you can watch continuing episodes on You Tube. The following summary is from the website “Now, nearly thirty years later, this captivating animation is still remembered and cherished by many fans around the globe! I dedicate this website to all the fans who remember and love Candy Candy written by Kyoko Mizuki and illustrated by Yumiko Igarashi. This endearing and heartwarming story about a cheerful orphan girl who struggled and survived the adversities in life with a smile and courageous spirit, captured the hearts of many fans over the past decade.”
  •      —  “Gangnam Style: Missed Meaning & Ethnic Message”  My favorite section of this article is,  “The same dangers of being a modern “Gangnam Style” person can also be said for being an American when it comes to both materialism and cultural heritage. We must not only remember our heritage, but embrace it as well. A great Filipino leader, Dr. Jose Rizal, once said, “He who does not know how to look back at where he came from will never get to his destination.” Regardless of your ethnic background or mixes of ethnic backgrounds, we all need to find the tangible and intangible goodness in our heritage so that we can be inspired to become the best we can, thus contributing to the greater good in the world. Maybe then can we find our true destination on this planet and beyond.”      —  “What Gangnam Style” Really Means–From Someone Who Lived There” : My favorite section of this article is, Everyone from the “Oregon Duck” to the Naval Academy has gone “Gangnam Style.” There is a common thread in many of these parodies — a willingness to look utterly ridiculous as long as the group is doing it together. Perhaps what Psy bring to the West is the Eastern ideal of connection. One of my favorite aspects of South Korean culture is that you are made to feel that you are a part of a bigger whole, that you belong. There’s a Korean idea called “Jeong” which very loosely means having a deep and meaningful connection or bond. It’s not a feeling or an action, but it describes the space that occurs between two or more people. It’s not an easy concept to understand or to translate. But if one looks, there is Jeong among the people who collaborated on these Gangnam videos. They are connected by a joyful camaraderie and unabashed ridiculousness, and it’s infectious.” My opinion: I don’t feel it’s necessary to make fun of those who are materialistic in a mean way (whether they are wealthy or pretend to be wealthy), because when we choose to better understand their behavior (that it stems from a fear of lack…a lack of true wealth/spiritual wealth…like happiness and peace, a lack of status, a lack of self-image, a lack of self-worth, etc.), then we can have compassion for them rather than judge them. However, the video is funny because it was created with humor. I believe there’s nothing negative about being wealthy (or desiring wealth) as spiritual/unlimited beings experiencing heaven on earth in our physical bodies, as long as we remember and appreciate the importance of spiritual wealth as well (which includes giving, sharing, and experiencing unconditional love, peace, joy, wisdom, freedom and abundance with ourselves and others…since we are all one unified energy field). Deep down, whether we all want to admit it or not, I believe we all desire wealth, both material wealth and spiritual wealth. PSY probably didn’t imagine attracting so much abundance by continuously focusing on and feeling positive about his “Gangnam” video. Sometimes we make fun of things that we secretly desire, but are too proud to admit that we do. It’s like so-called catty, resentful females who gossip about beautiful women (who may not be shallow, dumb or ugly on the inside), but the jealous females make it their mission to make up flaws to make themselves feel better. Because the idea that another woman could be beautiful on the inside as well as the outside devastates them. If we could only appreciate our own inner and outer beauty, we would see it in others as well. I hope my soul brother attracts and experiences much spiritual wealth in addition to his material wealth of fame and financial gain. May he have the opportunity to set an example to the world (as an international, new star) of how the power of combined material wealth and spiritual wealth can be used to benefit self and others, rather than the materialistic world of just human ego self.

  • Breaking the Illusion of Limitation

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