Choosing to See Through The Eyes of Universal Love

I’ve learned from wise spiritual teachers to only take in what I felt deep within me as true. I trust that you will do the same as you explore my blog. i’m still in the process of learning/remembering (and applying to my life) from all the readings and videos that currently resonate with me, and that I’ve collected throughout my blog. Writing helps me to: gain insight (especially from my intuition and inner-wisdom) into life experiences, heal, and expand my consciousness. If it helps you as well, that’s great! If not, I hope you find other readings that will benefit you.
The triad of this post, along with the posts “The Invaluable Birth to Earth Gifts” and “Remembering That We Are Who We’ve Been Searching For,” makes a complete present.


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Remembering to Love Ourselves Unconditionally…First
Humanity Merging as One Love
Thank You Note to Beings of Love & Light
Today’s Dream Journal
A Caveat to Today’s Dream Journal
A Continuation of Today’s Dream Journal
Dream Interpretation Tools
My interpretation of Today’s Dream
What Our Dreams Reveal
First Mastering the Small Stuff
How Others Help Us to Better Understand Ourselves
Gratitude for Reflections
A Prayer for Us

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Remembering to Love Ourselves Unconditionally…First

Warning: This post is only suited for those who either believe or don’t believe that Love and Fear/Light and Darkness are old, life-time buddies of planet Earth.

80-hated-for-who-i-am-than-loved-for-who-i-am-notI am very proud of my: occasional to frequent unconventional thoughts (that we’re all capable of when we open and merge our minds and hearts), sensitive feelings (that we all have and should treasure), passionate beliefs (that we all have, though they may be as different and unique as beautiful snowflakes), compassionate nature (everyone’s true essence), strange sense of humor (as long as I continue to crack myself up), weaknesses and strengths (that we all have), lessons learned on Earth (that most of us acknowledge), wild and unlimited imagination (that we were all gifted), eccentric personality (like my hubby likes to say, “Don’t hate! Congratulate!”), unusual height (4’9″…and yes, as I get older, lose more hair, develop a bigger head, and get shorter, I’m starting to accept the possibility that I may technically be a dwarf or midget, OR maybe even 1/16 “evil” Grey alien…MWAH HA HA HA), developing ESP skills (that everyone has, but may not be aware of yet), extraordinary life experiences (that everyone has, when we choose a positive perspective), unbelievable dreams (that we can all choose to believe in, so that we can manifest them into our reality), willpower to remember and transform into my true self/soul by first changing who my ego thinks I am (applies to a rapidly growing number of us), deep yearning to experience God/Universal Love within me and with others (that I believe applies to everyone, despite some being in denial), imperfect yet perfect evolving self (all of us), and my far-fetched hope of humanity finally uniting as One (I choose to believe that this applies to more and more of us each nanosecond).  😉

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Humanity Merging as One Love

GodWho_Web1I went through phases in my life where I didn’t remember God (as a soul), where I was drawn to God although I didn’t know anything about God, where I was curious about a loving God, where I desperately wanted to understand and know God, where I believed that I had experiences of God’s presence, where I couldn’t understand some of the things that I had learned about God through various churches, where I was discouraged by God, and even where I gave up on my search for God.

It was when I had lost my faith (in 2000), that God didn’t lose faith in me. Joel Osteen’s recent message, “#587, Something That You’ve Never Seen” that I watched over this past weekend reminded me of God’s faithful love. Just when I thought that I had given up on God back then, positive synchronicities occurred that seemed to be in perfect alignment with Love.

Not only did I end up wandering around in a book store one day (which didn’t normally happen) where I had the urge to check out this white covered book called, “Conversations with God” (by Neale Donald Walsch), but I also met my angelic neighbor who spoke and acted as though she was out of this world. They both blew me away with their unconventional, yet very loving, peaceful, joyful, honest, wise, free-spirited, and amazing selves. Last but not least, for approximately one week, I had dreams about Jesus, which never happened before. I wrote a post about these dreams a while back called, “Dreams of Jesus.” Note: I wrote about what I believe Jesus’ teachings mean in this triad of posts called, “The Invaluable Birth to Earth Gifts.”

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lightwarriorLooking back, they were all my first spiritual teachers; and back then, I had no understanding what spirituality was about. All I knew was that something magical had happened to me that profoundly affected my soul, and that I saw God in them. And it would be the beginning of my “more aware”  soul growth/journey with God.

I wrote about my first two spiritual teachers throughout my blog, especially in the older posts, “Inspiration” and “My Faith in God Requires No Evidence Outside of Me.”

Once, I recall my older sister-like, Korean neighbor mention that she knew that God wanted her to speak the truth about him publicly, but that she didn’t feel confident to do so because others weren’t ready to hear such unconventional truths. She was so honest, and often said such things that moved me, although I didn’t always fully understand what she was talking about.

Even though I’d ask her questions, most of the time, I just loved listening to her. Hanging out with with her was the closest experience I had with hanging out with someone like Jesus. There were times when we even exchanged life stories until 6 a.m….and I would still be wide-eyed and bushy-tailed. I had never felt so comfortable and at peace with another adult. She told me that it’s no coincidence that everything we talk about leads to God, since we’re all connected. 

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Truth-is-available-only-toI then realized that Neale had done what my neighbor felt guided to do…to speak the truth about God despite what the majority of the world might think. Even when I read about Neale’s stories, I thought to myself that he was a courageous soul to be willing to put himself out like that for all the people to judge, criticize, ridicule, gossip about, condemn, etc.

Although he would surely have supporters, the number of those against him would more than likely outweigh them. It didn’t matter though, I had a strong feeling that people would eventually realize that God communicated (and continues to) with Neale, and helped him to write books, just as he helps anyone else who’s willing to acknowledge his/her presence/love within all of us.

Neale even admitted that he, being human, had filters of his own, and for readers to take in what they felt as truth. His teachings helped me to better understand God, and other contradicting messages that just baffled me before (e.g., Why would God not allow innocent children throughout the world to enter heaven just because they never had an opportunity to learn about Jesus?).

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Joel-Osteen-Quotes-5The only religious Christian leader I’ve grown to love is Pastor Joel Osteen, although I have no doubt that there are other good or even great ones out there as well. Like other very loving beings that I’ve known, he’s different…like out-of-this world.

He may have a somewhat goofy and innocent-looking smile, but it’s beautiful and perfect in that it allows him to shine even brighter than he already does with his lovable nature, huge heart, great sense of humor, eloquence, and sparkling personality.

Joel has a very positive outlook on life, and his messages are about God’s love, rather than focusing on negative topics about how powerful the devil is, or how everyone’s a natural-born sinner who needs to save themselves from eternity in hell, etc.

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quote-i-don-t-want-to-just-preach-to-the-church-i-feel-like-i-have-a-broader-message-joel-osteen-139989Like Neale, Joel’s messages remind me of what my neighbor was called to do…to bring about a different message to the world about who God truly is.

Even though Joel still teaches about God from within a box–albeit a big box (from one religion), I noticed through his various messages, he’s been slowly adding key words and phrases that imply that God loves everyone, and even direct comments that God is the creator of the “universe” and “worlds” rather than “world.”

He even includes messages about the power of thoughts and words…like the Law of Attraction. Rather than shocking people with sudden, unconventional messages, that most people would probably reject out of fear, he seems to be introducing new and positive ideas with baby steps.

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joel-osteen-quotes-sayings-love-act-liveI believe Joel has such a large following because he actually gives people hope, and inspires them to become their full potential. Even my husband, who is far from religions, or even Spirituality, enjoys watching Joel with me every week (especially his jokes), although we both don’t consider ourselves to be part of any one religion.

One of my favorite jokes that Joel has told at the beginning of his sermon goes something like this (Note: I don’t recall all the minute details, and I added some of my own lines to spice it up; for the shorter and cleaner version, watch Joel’s video mentioned above, available on his website):

A 60-year old couple was sitting on a park bench, holding hands and enjoying each other’s presence, while being surrounded by beautiful nature. All of a sudden, a magical genie approached them and told them that they could each have one wish come true. Since ladies go first, the genie asked the old woman, and she replied with a gentle smile, “I wish my husband and I could travel all over the world.” The genie was like, “BAM! It’s done deal grandma!” The genie then turned to the old man, who happened to be scratching his ass crack, and the old man excitedly replied with his heavy, country accent, “I wish I had a wife who’s 30 years younger than me!” The wife immediately glared at the old man and thought to herself calmly, “Why you dirty, old, rat bastard…that’s alright mf…I got somethin’ for you when we get home. Now where did I leave that shotgun?” Anyway, the genie raised one eyebrow, shook his head side-to-side, and granted the old man’s wish…the old fart turned into a 90 year-old man.

I believe Joel is in a powerful position to make a huge impact on the world. The more he steps out of his comfort zone (being a part of one, safe religion rather than embracing the All of God), I believe the greater the impact he will have on humanity.

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joelIn one of his messages, he mentioned that he overheard these two old ladies talk about how they didn’t think he would measure up to his father’s performance as a pastor, and that those words were like daggers to his heart. He admitted, that after his father had passed away, he was very nervous and insecure about his new role as a pastor. However, he thanked God ahead of time for helping him to Be confidence, success and his full potential.

Joel’s message was about not caring what others think of us, but caring what God thinks of us. I empathized with him, and I was grateful that God lifted him even higher.

The old women reminded me of most of my experiences with religious people in the past, who seemed to perceive themselves as “good” people, judged others often, bragged about their frequent church attendances and services, often had a need to mention (throughout a conversation) that they were “Christians,” randomly quoted from the bible, preached stories from the bible as if they even had an understanding of the deep wisdom behind it, talked about their love for God…but yet, their actions didn’t follow through.

Granted, I’ve also met some religious Christians who talked the talk and walked the walk, and seemed to dedicate their lives to the ways of Jesus (who had Christ Consciousness, which everyone–not just religious Christians–can reach by opening our hearts and expanding–not just raising– our consciousness)…but they were the few.

Anyway, had these old women truly been loyal followers of Joel’s father, and had they truly known about God’s love, perhaps their conversation would’ve been more like, “I pray that Joel will not only make his father proud from above, by being a good pastor, but that he will go above and beyond…revealing God’s power and giving him glory.”

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joel2Their own limiting beliefs about God caused them to make such insensitive,and unloving comments. I thought, ‘When I become an old woman (o–kay…older woman), I would like to age gracefully by being a wise and loving lady, who can help uplift the younger generation.”

Many people have been turned off by religions and religious people who like to talk the talk, but don’t walk the walk. It’s almost as if they would much rather take the chance of ending up in a place called hell, than be around hypocritical people, who make them feel as if they’re already living in hell. I know that’s how I felt.

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Well, throughout the phases of my spiritual growth, my faith in God still fluctuated due to my continuing confusion as to why I was having unusual experiences, and why I was behaving in unusual ways at times. Note: I later received clarity on these once confusing experiences that I wrote about in my posts, “Discovering the Beauty Behind the Walls of the Mentally Ill” and “Following Heart Over Mind.” As I learned more about Spirituality, I realized/remembered that I’m in the process of letting go…and letting God. The following quote is from the website (

“One might say that when your Christ self gives you a direction, you experience it as coming from an outside source. You therefore have a decision to make as to whether you will heed the voice. The impulses from your I AM Presence do not come from an outside source, and therefore there is no room to make a decision. One might say that while there is a space between you and your Christ self, there is no space between you and your I AM Presence. You cannot decide to follow the voice of your I AM Presence, you can either be or not be your I AM Presence in action. To be the Presence in action, you must surrender the will of the ego and outer personality to the higher will of your God self. You must decide to be who you really are instead of who your outer mind thinks you are.”

lao tzuThe more I learned about Spirituality and science merging as one (i.e., quantum physics/energy/vibration/frequency…basically, how everything is made of energy, to include God/Unconditional Love Energy), and the more loving beings (who were like Neale and my former neighbor) I crossed paths with, the more the world and the universe made sense to me…and the more I understood myself.

The more I started to understand, empathize with (my wounded, inner child), have compassion for, forgive, accept, and love myself unconditionally, the more I was able to understand, empathize with, have compassion for, forgive, accept, and love others unconditionally.

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quotation-love-god-is-loveNext thing you know, it just felt wonderful from deep within my heart…to finally believe in a truly unconditionally loving, omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent God, and not the God that various religions described with their own limited beliefs, projecting some negative human characteristics onto God, to include being needy, angry, jealous, vengeful, violent (i.e., responsible for “holy” wars), and fearful (since negative emotions ultimately stem from fear).

I believe there is truth in the bible; however, I also believe that some of the material of the bible has also been manipulated, twisted, deleted, hidden, and even destroyed to better serve the Catholic church a long time ago, so that they can better manipulate and control the majority of the population by instilling fear into their hearts (along with messages of love)…which is not about God’s love, but about their own personal power.

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quote-it-graduates-to-our-state-is-better-than-your-state-and-our-nation-is-better-than-your-nation-neale-donald-walsch-1926 (1)I believe the elites of the Catholic church had forgotten their true essence of unity, and instead, strongly believed in separation (especially superiority)…that others can only commune with God through them. But then came Jesus and said that the kingdom of God is within us.

Words in the bible that stem from Love ring true to my heart; however, words that stem from fear tells me that they have been altered in some way, shape or form to benefit those who desperately wanted power (not power to help humanity, but gaining power out of their own fears of not having enough of whatever they believed they lacked, to include God’s abundant love.)

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bill-gates-businessman-quote-as-we-look-ahead-into-the-next-century-leaders-willWhen I was in the Army, one of the most experienced, civilian interrogators I worked with during a deployment told me that a certain group of people (not Iraqis) would often mix lies with truth to make it even more difficult to differentiate what was truth.

Preaching to others about an “Almighty”/omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, all-loving God, while instilling fear into their hearts (who simply desire to experience God’s greatness), is like preaching to someone to succeed in life while continuously reminding them of all their flaws and weaknesses, without even providing them the positive tools to transform those weaknesses into strengths.

It’s no longer about, “Just shush and take in what I tell you is so…that’s how things have been for thousands of years, and that’s how things will continue to be…PERIOD.” Fortunately, no one’s going to be burned to a stake or anything horrific like (like back in the day) for choosing their own beliefs that ring true to their hearts.

Apparently, the way our world’s been developing so far–mentally, emotionally, intellectually, socially, economically and politically–shows, without a shadow of a doubt, that the old belief systems are not effective for humanity’s collective soul growth.

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gandhiAs I watched out-dated systems break down, I intuitively sensed that everything was indeed falling into place.

While in the Army, I used to think (with my more left brain-centered mind) that rising to the top of such organizations was one of the epitomes of success, although my heart kept reminding me that any structured organization that limits one’s freedom doesn’t allow for true success…only success in the eyes of society.

Then, when I saw the careers of the two, highest generals of the Army come crumbling down, i received my answer. Their freedom was limited, and because they chose to either love another human being–granted, while married to his wife (retired four-star General Petraeus) or speak their truth (retired four-star General McChrystal), they were basically punished for it by removing their outward honor.

QUOTES-WALLPAPER-A-life-spent-making-mistakes-is-not-only-more-honorable-but-more-useful-than-a-life-spent-doing-nothingI believe that they are still honorable in that they did their best to dedicate their lives in becoming great leaders whose bad-ass accomplishments can’t even be fathomed by the average human being.

Yes, they obviously made mistakes…but who hasn’t? Like everyone else, they’re imperfect, yet perfect humans who are constantly evolving.

The only difference between people like them and most of us, is that most of our mistakes aren’t revealed to everyone, their mamas, their grandmas and their great grandmas. So it’s much easier for some of us to sit back and point fingers, or even give the middle finger to those we judge as less perfect than us.

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simplicityNot being quick to judge is just one of several basic concepts that we, as a society, have not been able to master for as long as human beings have been civilized.

If we could just put forth more efforts into: better understanding one another, having more empathy, showing more compassion, being willing to forgive, choosing acceptance, being more respectful, spreading peace, sharing more of ourselves and resources, helping one another to experience freedom, and Being unconditional love, we would thrive as ONE humanity. Note: I elaborated on the concepts mentioned above in this triad of posts called, “The Invaluable Birth to Earth Gifts” and “Remembering That We Are Who We’ve Been Searching For.

Rather than focusing so much on technology, to include finding other life forms in the universe, why not work on the basics of humanity? Perhaps then, aliens (who are highly advanced in technology) might develop an interest in sharing their knowledge and intelligence with beings who have chosen to be in alignment with the universal love energy.

The good news is, people are much smarter nowadays, and more and more of us are listening to our hearts. Our hearts yearn to understand…to know…to re-member, and it’s our God-given birthright to receive some answers, mainly from within.

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When we examine the above mentioned descriptions of God (that many people use), such as unconditionally loving, omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent, then we must come to a realization that God truly does love ALL souls unconditionally (if his love was reserved only for those who chose a particular path, then his love would be “conditional”), that his knowledge is unlimited (he even knows what’s in our hearts, even though we may claim that we love God), that his spiritual presence is basically everywhere (not just in churches or mosques or in the hearts of Christians), and that he’s all-powerful (so he doesn’t need or require anything from anyone).

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Thank You Note to Beings of Love & Light

Thank you Amazing Beings of Love & Light for your service to humanity, especially to the following who have been and/or continue to be a profound influence on my life: 

  • love and light beingsMy family (especially my husband, my kids, and my sisters and brothers), friends, and everyone else I’ve crossed paths with who have affected me in some way, shape, or form (to include those who I’ve once labeled as so-called “enemies”).
  • Thank you for your generous Twitter mentions, your unspoken encouragements, your brief yet loving conversations, and your unconditional love and support ==> Kevin Richardson (Twitter: @Kev_in_Germany) and _dlittleprince (Twitter)
  • Thank you for deeper meanings of excitement, abundance, trusting the process, and creating the reality that one desires. Also, thank you for your refreshing honesty, a great sense of humor, intelligence, open-mindedness, compassion, and wisdom ==> Bashar (The Core Concepts of Bashar: and
  • Thank you for providing meaning to my unbelievable experiences of repeating number synchronicities, as well as encouragement, inspiration, joy and peace ==> Joanne Walmsley ((
  • Thank you for out-of-this-world knowledge, profound and captivating wisdom, guidance, and help with better understanding my extraordinary experiences ==> Dr. Suzan Caroll (

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  • Thank U DIAMONDThank you for your positive attitude, loving heart, guidance, words of wisdom, empowerment, inspiration, and joy (a great sense of humor) ==> Joel Osteen (
  • Thank you for your transparency, support, love waves, and sunshine personality (especially a great sense of humor and being a berry wuvable soul) ==> Jeff (
  • Thank you for your words of encouragement and kindness, especially during my darkest hours. Also, thank you for sharing your wonderful and heart-warming stories, your continuous support, words of wisdom, empowerment, and refreshing honesty ==> Jonathan (
  • Thank you for your generously kind words, empowerment, words of wisdom, inspiration, encouragement, refreshing honesty, knowledge, intelligence, peace, joy, and unconditional love to humanity ==> Anitra (

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  • awakenjpegThank you for your words of kindness and empowerment that no one has ever said to me before (the one you wrote in your wonderful book you gifted me, “I AM God And So Are You”). Also, thank you for your continuous support, inspiration, help, guidance, words of wisdom, encouragement, refreshing honesty, knowledge, intelligence, healing energies, peace, joy, and unconditional love to humanity ==> Jim…James Wilhelm (
  • Thank you for your continuous support on my blog with your kind words. Also, thank you for sharing beautiful positive affirmations, inspiration, help, guidance, words of wisdom, encouragement, empowerment, refreshing honesty, interesting knowledge, intelligence, healing energies, peace, and joy on your wonderful blog ==> Savannah (

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  • LightBeings11Thank you for helping us to expand our minds about the possibility of the existence of other intelligent beings in this and other magnificent universes. Thank you for refreshing new knowledge, intelligence, empowerment, fascinating shows, and for being open-minded, interesting and highly imaginative. Also, thank you for finally making sense of some of the bible stories.==> Ancient Astronaut Theorists from the “Ancient Aliens” (
  • Thank you for being one of my first spiritual teachers, and for your continuous support (via your daily e-mail messages to those who registered), inspiration, help, guidance, words of wisdom, encouragement, empowerment, refreshing honesty, amazing knowledge, intelligence, healing energies, a BIG heart, an open-mind, peace, joy (especially sense of humor), eloquence, and unconditional love to humanity ==> Neale Donald Walsch (you helped me to not give up on God)
  • Thank you for helping me, and others like me, to feel good about our unusual ways and experiences. When I was in a local crystal store one day, I felt like checking out one of your books. I just opened to a page, and there it was…a section that talks about those who hear tones in their right ear. I had always wondered what was going on with me, since my husband couldn’t hear the tones. I knew it wasn’t anything bad, because I had read some websites that mentioned hearing things as part of energy signals; however, your book was the first to give me a specific answer. ==> Thank you Doreen Virtue ( and I later found a more detailed description of the tones ==> Thank you The Golden Light Channel <== click on link

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  • attentionAnd last but not least, thank you All That Is/Source/God, Goddess & Spirit/my I AM Presence/my true self/my soul/Angels, Archangels & Ascended Masters (especially Jesus; Transcendence Toolbox)/other Higher Beings of the spiritual realm/my Soul group/my Higher Self/benevolent alien beings for everything (ALL of Life and everything that supports it throughout the universe), especially for your continuous support, inspiration, help, freedom, psychic skills, power to assist humanity, protection, comfort, companionship, friendship, guidance, words of wisdom, encouragement, empowerment, refreshing honesty, knowledge, intelligence, healing energies, peace, joy (especially excitement and humor), wealth (mental, emotional, physical, financial, social and last but not least spiritual), transformation, abundance, prosperity, success, upliftment, beautiful Life, Gaia/Mother Earth, the sun and the moon, and unconditional love to ALL of existence, especially humanity.

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Today’s Dream Journal

angelAugust __ 2013,  Thursday night’s dream

Note: This section of my dream journal is where I record my thoughts, feelings, insights and experiences of the day.

  • I wore my husband’s diamond earrings and my Moldavite necklace throughout the day and last night again. Note: I elaborated on my personal experiences with the effects of certain crystals, such as moldavite and diamonds (diamonds help to amplify moldavite) in the post, “The Invaluable Birth to Earth Gifts.”
  • Yesterday, I strongly sensed that my true self (to include different higher aspects of me: my angels, Archangels & Ascended Masters) was co-creating with me my new post called, “The Priceless Birth to Earth Gifts.”
  • The way everything fell into place left me feeling very grateful. There have been many times where I couldn’t believe what I had wrote, especially when I compared some of my writing to my older posts, from when I had started this blog.

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  • I realize that when I choose to be more aware, and maintain a high vibration of positive energy, I am assisted by a higher power. I’m still working on the post, and I received a few messages from the angelic and spiritual realms this morning of their support and help for me (via number sequences such as 733 or 333, which I see frequently), which reassured me that I was on the right path of following Divine guidance.
  • self loveI believe the more I raise my vibration, and maintain it, the better I’ll be able to channel some of the messages from the higher realms. One day, I would love to do some eloquent, automatic writing like Neale Donald Walsch, and some other spiritual teachers that I know of.
  • Anyway, I’ve been avoiding working on my blog for a while because I didn’t really believe that I had anything significant to write, even though I’ve been receiving many number sequence messages from the angelic realm to be creative, and work on a project that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. This type of negative thinking stems from a fear that my writing would not be helpful to anyone (to include my own healing), which ultimately stems from a deep belief of my lack of worthiness.
  • I AM releasing old beliefs of unworthiness that no longer positively serve me. My personal experiences that I co-create with my true self are unique and priceless. I AM Worthy.

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1111-awake-300x277A Caveat to Today’s Dream Journal

Note: Not the “warning” definition of caveat, but the “an explanation to prevent misinterpretation” definition

Ever since I had a continuation of vivid, interesting, and quite often bizarre dreams (for over two years), I started a dream tracker and found online dream dictionaries ( or to assist me in interpreting them.

I used some of my analytic skills, but the recordings were much more brief and simple in the beginning. Since then, I’ve learned through various readings of the significance of dreams, and how we can learn more about ourselves through them. I’ve also started using the “angel numbers” tool (, that I use for my “Angelic Journal,” for my dream tracker as well.

I use this “Angelic Journal” to record my personal experiences with the higher realms: daily repeating double, triple, and/or quadruple number synchronicities (i.e., 33, 1:11, 11:11, 7:11, 8:11, 9:11, 10:10, 12:12, 7777, 8888, 9999, etc.) and with other experiences with the angelic and spiritual realms/higher dimensions (details below).

Note: If you’ve had similar experiences, check out the following websites (the bottom of the post has more links to interesting readings and videos that may be helpful with your own mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual growth):  ==> Ascension Symptoms , Raising Your Vibrational Rate , Ascension Symptoms – Experiencing the Finer Realms

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Twin FlameI used to think my dreams were more symbolic than literal. For instance, I had dreams about swimming and playing in a lake with a huge, brown bear, or approaching two adult, talking tigers who were standing upright and holding M-16 rifles, or even having a loving conversation, and then passionate sex, with some merman-looking alien while floating in what seemed like soft, red air.

But the moment I experienced having a premonition dream (a dream that actually happened later in my physical reality), it made me sit on the couch in silence and stillness for a while…frozen from disbelief. I was very grateful that I had started recording my dreams.

Note: Image on right by

In this dream (that caused me to pause for a while), I saw my bright green Mazda2 parked in a green field and surrounded by cow carcasses. I just gathered meanings from a dream dictionary (mentioned below), and just figured it was symbolic. Approximately eight months later, my husband texted me, and informed me that a flying cow had hit my car that he had borrowed that day. I had to read the text twice, and then called him.

A couple of minutes from our house lies a green field where cows sometimes graze. As my husband was driving home, he noticed one of the cows had gotten out and was about to cross the main road. There was a truck coming from the other side, and the driver wasn’t able to see the cow from his angle. My husband had slammed the breaks simultaneously with the other driver. The driver ended up hitting the cow, which then flew onto my car. Lucky for my husband, the cow’s body hit part of the top of the car; otherwise, the cow could’ve went through the windshield and landed on him. Unfortunately, for the farmer, the cow died/went to cow heaven, where no one eats beef/transformed into another state of energy/reincarnated…or not.

photo (3)My husband ended up taking a picture of my car, and you can see a little bit of the cow’s fur and blood on it. Around the same time frame, I had two precognitive dreams where I saw President Obama (whom I had never dreamed about before, or even afterwards) and poop. In one of these Prez/poop dreams, I was sitting on a toilet out in the open, taking a dump while he was calmly walking back and forth and talking. In Korea, Japan, and Mexico, dreaming about poop is a sign for good luck. Approximately eight months later, he won the presidency. My faith in my developing psychic abilities (that I had written a post about, “A Diary of My Developing Psychic Abilities“) increases with such mind-blowing experiences. I suppose the dream about the president could be easily considered a coincidence, but the dream about my car, the green field, and the cow carcasses was too good to be a coincidence. Plus, the timing (approximately eight months later) in which both the dreams gave meaning for me is what mattered. And the bottom line is…I no longer believe in coincidences…everything happens perfectly.

Anyway, ever since then, I noticed that I started gaining great insight into my dreams, using my intuition and inner-wisdom, that surprised me because I couldn’t believe what I had written. I soon realized that it was coming from my true self. So I started combining my two dream dictionaries (for basic guidance) with my intuition and inner-wisdom, and interpreted my dreams with a positive perspective.

Note: Picture right above was my car.

CommonDreamMeaningCommonDreamSymbolsA Continuation of Today’s Dream Journal

The parts of my dream that I do recall were vivid. I read that reoccurring dreams try to emphasize a message; I dreamed about the number 530 this past Tuesday night as well. Perhaps I need to take a closer look at the meanings.

Note: The following is my actual dream:

I was shopping with this guy (at one point, I pointed out that his military boots looked unique) and a woman. Some female had asked us to pick up some toys that she had picked out.

There were only seven or so of the toys. While checking them out, I noticed that one of the dolls looked like the typical image of the devil…like a cute-looking devil, not a scary-looking one. I recall staring at it with wonder as I held it in the palm of my hand. I then noticed that the other doll looked the same, but was a different color (orange). Note: This was the first time that I had seen an image of the so-called devil in my dreams. 

Note: Image right above by 

DreamMeaningDreamInterpretationI thought the nice guy was trying to pay for all the toys, so I rushed over to the female customer service rep and insisted that I pay for it instead. However, the guy immediately said that he was actually just paying for his stuff.

I looked down and it was a square set of navy blue sheets. He and the woman then mentioned that they chose not to pay for the toys because it was just ridiculously expensive ($530), and that the female had asked for too much from them.

I agreed, and when we returned, I asked the female (who had asked us the favor) something like, “If you were buying those toys yourself, with your own money, would you have picked out toys that cost a total of $530?” I wasn’t pleased because I sensed that she had tried to take advantage of us.

Note: Image on right by

Dream Interpretation Tools

Reminder: I used the online dream dictionaries ( and and “Angel Numbers” website  ( mentioned above (as guidance tools) for all the following meanings of the key words and numbers (from my dream that I felt were significant), which are color-coded to match one of the three websites that it came from:

  • Usually, you want to stick with the basic numbers (1 through 9) when trying to decipher the meaning of multiple digit numbers. For example, the number “1965” could mean the year 1965. But you can also add up the digits until you get one number. Thus 1965 –> 1+9+6+5 = 21 –> 2+1 = 3.
  • (5:30 ==>  5 + 3 + 0 = 8 )    Eight stands for power, authority, success, karma, material gains, regeneration, and wealth. When the number eight appears in your dream, trust your instincts and intuition. Alternatively, the number eight may be a pun on “ate”. Perhaps there is some information that you need to digest.

beings_of_white_light_by_tranevoneinengel-d51q0o5Side Note (in italics): My personal experiences of angels, who I believe I saw in my dream states, didn’t look like the angels with wings that human beings typically portray them as.

The image on the left actually looks pretty similar to my angels, although they (or the vehicle we were traveling on) seemed to emanate a royal blue light.

They comforted me with their love energies, traveled with me in some dark place on what appeared to be some type of vehicle (where we were just standing together as they surrounded me), protected me from dark beings, whispered for me to wake up and notice numbers like 11:11, 2:22, and 3:33 on the alarm clock in the middle of the night, showed me numbers like 444 and 555 in my dreams, whispered “Bobbie” to wake me up, guided me within my dreams (sometimes holding my hand), and have even helped transmute my fears.

222I also believe that I’ve experienced their presence in my waking life, where I sensed a loving presence (in the middle of the morning when I couldn’t sleep) or felt protected (i.e., from major car accidents where I hardly sustained minor injuries, let alone major ones).

Note: Image right above by

I’ve also seen them in my waking states with my third eye (sparkles of white light in my peripheral vision every now and then).

Note: Image on right by

1111 codeThe only explanations I found of such strange, yet, amazing experiences of number synchronicities (that I’ve seen multiple times a day for a little over a year) was when I came upon various websites of “angel numbers” interpretations that happened to match whatever I was thinking, feeling or doing at the moment.

I believe, the higher I raise my vibration, and maintain it for a certain, unknown amount of time, I can then commune and experience with God, Goddess & Spirit.

Note: Image right above by

sex and heart

Note: The following is a continuation of the meanings to the key words and numbers that were bolded in my dream description (color-coded websites mentioned above):

Angel Number 530 is a message that the life choices and decisions you have made will bring about positive changes that will encourage auspicious opportunities in your life.  It is also a message that you will be devoting more of your time and energy to your spiritual pursuits and Divine life purpose and soul mission (

  • To dream that you are shopping symbolizes your needs and desires. It also represents opportunities and options that you come across in life. Consider what you are shopping for and what needs you are trying to fulfill.
  • To see or play with toys in your dream symbolize childhood, domestic joy and harmony.To dream that you are giving away toys denote that you are being acknowledged for your good deeds.
  • To see or dream that you are wearing boots refers to the power in your movement and the boldness of your position. You are taking a firm stance.
  • To see a doll in your dream symbolizes childhood innocence and light-hearted fun. The dream may also be a metaphor for someone who you call or refer to as “doll”.

    To dream that you are playing with a doll represents a lack of communication between your conscious and subconscious mind.

Note: Image on right by

  • butterflysdoll: Childhood or children, your inner child, innocence, creativity, imagination, playfulness, motherly nurturing. Dreaming about a specific doll from your past can mean the dream represents events in your life around the time you had the doll. Dreaming that someone you know has become your doll could mean that you’d like to change or control that person to better suit your own needs.
    Read more at: Copyright 2012 The Curious Dreamer
  • Colors are very subjective and personal. Therefore first consider your own personal associations with the color in your dream. Does the color remind you of a particular person, a body part, a childhood toy, some object, etc? For example, the color yellow may remind you of the childhood school bus you rode in, but for someone else it may remind them of the yellow house they grew up in. To further guide you in your dream analysis, below are common associations for various colors.

Note: Image right above by

  • pretty alienOrange denotes hope, friendliness, courtesy, generosity, liveliness, sociability, and an out-going nature. It also represents a stimulation of the senses. You feel alive! You may want to expand your horizons and look into new interests. 
  • Two stands for balance, diversity, partnership, marriage cooperation, soul, or receptivity. It can also symbolize double weakness or double strength. The world is seen as being made up of dualities and opposites, as in the male and female, mother and father, light and dark, heaven and hell, yin and yang, etc.
  • To see a man in your dream denotes the aspect of yourself that is assertive, rational, aggressive, and/or competitive. Perhaps you need to incorporate these aspects into your own character.
  • To see a woman in your dream represents nurturance, passivity, caring nature, and love. It refers to your own female aspects or your mother.
  • To dream that you or someone is buying something represents your acceptance of an idea, condition, or situation. Consider what item you are buying for additional analysis. Alternatively, the dream means that you are lacking something in your life and are looking for some form of fulfillment.

Note: Image on right by

  • fly-headerTo see a square in your dream signifies strength, solidity and stability.
  • To notice or buy bedspread in your dream represents your open sexuality and outward beauty. The design and look of the bedspread may be a clue into what you are looking for sexually.

Note: Image on left by

  • soulsflying366Navy blue represents conformity and a lack of individuality.

  • To dream of a confrontation represents a conflict or a fear that you are facing in your waking life. The dream provides a “safe” venue for you to confront your enemy or attacker, who you are afraid of standing up to in your waking life. You need to use your dream to overcome your fears. Next time you have this dream, tell your enemy or attacker that you are not afraid of them!

Note: Image on right by

My interpretation of Today’s Dream

  • I had a reoccurring dream because my true self is emphasizing a message. I dreamed about the number 530 this past Tuesday night and last night because “the life choices and decisions I have made will bring about positive changes that will encourage auspicious opportunities in my life.  I will also be devoting more of my time and energy to my spiritual pursuits and Divine life purpose and soul mission (from Angel Number 530 of 
  • I AM “power, authority, success, karma, material gains, regeneration, and wealth. I AM trusting my instincts and intuition” (from meaning of number 8 from

desireI believe the man and woman in my dreams symbolize the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine aspects of me. I have a “need and desire to experience opportunities and options that I come across in life” (symbolized by the act of shopping).

I AM fulfilling a need and desire (symbolized by what I’m shopping for) to experience a childhood-like perspective, domestic joy and harmony (symbolized by toys).


Note: Image right above by

May-the-sun-bring-you-new-energy-by-day-yin-yang-sun-moonThe aspect of myself that is assertive, rational, aggressive, and/or competitive (symbolized by the man) has an acceptance of an idea (symbolized by the act of buying) that I don’t have to put out energy that expresses “conformity and a lack of individuality” (symbolized by the color navy blue that the man had bought). I can choose to respond differently to a situation that I, or most people, would usually react to from their past, so-called negative experiences.

By choosing to be nurturing, caring, and loving (Divine Feminine characteristics of me symbolized by the woman), as well as assertive (a Divine Masculine characteristic), I AM strength, solidity and stability (symbolized by the square).

I AM power in my movement and bold in my position (symbolized by the sight of the boots that I had pointed out to the man). I AM taking a firm stance in my choices. 
Note: Image on right by
14973186-an-illustration-of-a-cute-little-devil-dancing-on-the-moonI believe the two dolls (symbolizing childhood innocence) that I saw represent the two young girls whom I mainly conversed with yesterday.
I believe the cute “devil” looking dolls are symbolic of their deceitful actions which I eventually chose to perceive as being innocent like a child (just two young girls trying to make some money, and just doing what they’ve been trained to do). 
I believe the orange doll represented the friendly, courteous, lively, sociable, young girl.
I had the dolls in the palm of my hands…just observing them. I believe this means that choosing to see them through the eyes of God (with understanding, empathy, compassion, forgiveness, acceptance, and unconditional love), they (like toy “devil” dolls) had no power over me with their little lies, deceitful actions and manipulation.
Note: Image on left by
forgiving even the devilSide Note (in italics): Some people like to blame the so-called devil for their own negative actions (that they don’t want to take responsibility for), the negative actions of others (that they don’t understand), and/or the sufferings and evilness of the world. But yet, what they seem to forget is that the “Almighty” God created the so-called devil. So, according to Christian religion, if one of God’s rules is to forgive others (to include prisoners who committed heinous crimes), wouldn’t it be fair for him to lead by example (as a universal leader) and forgive one of his earliest creations?
Of course, otherwise God would be a hypocrite for telling others (even through Jesus) to forgive, when he doesn’t have it in his heart to forgive a soul who has deeply forgotten his true essence (who is also a creation of God…probably the soul most stuck in pitch darkness/the illusion of separation, rather than the reality of unity).
Note: Image on right by
give hope
It wouldn’t even make sense for God to tell humans to love their enemies if he’s not even willing to love his fallen angel. I believe God loves ALL souls (from both ends of the dark and light spectrum to everything in-between). ALL  individuations of God will eventually re-member him.
Note: Image on right again by
others r usAnyway, before this amazing insight, I still had a fear (symbolized by the confrontation in my dream) that others’ negative words and actions could still negatively affect me. 
I believe the other female, whom I haven’t seen, but yet confronted in my dream represents an aspect of me (the perceived “enemy” who was trying to take advantage of me and I think my friends) who sent me this disguised gift of empowerment. 
I now realize through more personal experiences, that we have the power to change our perception of life’s “unpleasant” experiences (e.g., being deceived) that may lower our vibrations.

Note: Image on left by

What Our Dreams Reveal

We can first choose to acknowledge our true belief(s) deep within us. For instance, my deep belief that people can’t be trusted attracted a recent experience to me, which then showed up in a dream when I had failed to clearly see the lesson offered.  
The following are some of the other “negative” common dreams themes that I used to have (but are now diminishing), followed by my deep belief/fear in parenthesis:
  • face fear2failing a test either in the Army or at college, being late to some event or disappointing others (that I’m always going to be a failure)
  • someone leaving me (that I’ll always be abandoned)
  • someone betraying me (that I can’t trust anyone)
  • someone using me or raping me (that I’ll always be taken advantage of)
  • and dark beings/monsters chasing me (that I’m a bad person).

If we’re unable to recognize our deep belief(s) at the moment, that’s okay. We can then pay attention and recognize them through our dreams. Then, we can realize that we sent ourselves a particular experience for our own healing/soul growth, and that the “enemy” is only a blessing in disguise, who is not only there to serve as a reflection of our own selves, but who is also there for their own soul growth (God benefiting all involved simultaneously). Check out this link ==>

Note: Image on right by
flying_soul_by_soiinicoho-d3emz5jI believe, the more we work on our healing/our inner spirituality, the more we can Be our true selves.
We can identify what needs to be healed within ourselves (e.g., having major trust issues) either through our outer experiences, or through our dreams. Either way, every time we choose a positive perspective, and make a positive choice(s) in that moment, we change our current reality into a more positive one (or as Bashar mentioned in one of his videos, we shift into another parallel reality…one of a higher vibration).
For instance, because I’ve been working on Being more positive lately, I was finally able to face my deepest fear in my dream-state (since I had been suppressing and repressing it in my waking state all my life). I believe when we finally face our deepest and darkest fears, and embrace them, we can then fully accept and unconditionally love All aspects of ourselves, which will then help us to accept and unconditionally love All aspects of others (to include God) as well. Note: I wrote about two of my most recent “monster” dreams in the post, “The Invaluable Birth to Earth Gifts,” where I finally faced my deepest fear…my Dark Side.
The above mentioned “negative” common dream themes were gradually replaced with the following positive, common dream themes:
  • flying/flight as well as having other ESP skills that I currently don’t have in my waking state yet, such as levitating, telekinesis, tele-viewing, bi-location, teleporation, and time-traveling, (symbolic of my true, free, powerful and multi-dimensional self;  I also believe that we practice our psychic skills in our dream state before manifesting them into our 3rd dimensional, physical reality)
  • making love with a male being–sometimes alien (symbolic of my merging divine masculine and feminine aspects of myself)

Note: Image on right by

  • Dollars funnel.bundles of cash, silver coins and/or gold jewelry (symbolic of my spiritual and material abundance/wealth within me)
  • going to the bathroom (symbolic of cleansing/releasing/clearing blockages of “negative” energy)
  • clear water (symbolic of rejuvenation)
  • angels/aliens (symbolic of higher aspects of myself in other dimensions/worlds/realms/parallel realities)
  • crystals or animals (symbolic of aspects of myself from other lower dimensions: “Many shaman, mystics, and artists have been able to commune with crystals, which are first dimensional, and plants, animals and other life forms that are second dimensional. While visiting these other dimensions, third dimensional “time” is then forgotten until the multidimensional traveler returns from his or her journey.” ==>
  • dark beings/monsters/ghosts whom I face or communicate with now, instead of running away from them like I used to (symbolic of lower or denser aspects of myself in other dimensions/worlds/parallel realities). 

 “The unconscious state is the portal to the first, second and fourth dimension, the conscious state is the portal to the third dimension, and the superconscious state is the portal to the fifth dimension and beyond.” ==>

 Note: Check out the following video link if you’re also in the process of developing your ESP skills ==> 2012 Ascension: New Powers and Abilities

First Mastering the Small Stuff

victorI believe I had this part of my dream, because even though I had thought that the experience I had yesterday only briefly bothered me, and that it was something trivial that I would just forget soon, I now realize that it was more meaningful. My true self has communicated to me via my dreams again, that would inspire me to write about it, so that I may heal by gaining insight.

I believe the more we’re able to master (to transmute/raise the negative energy of a person, thing, place or event…especially ourselves) the simple “unpleasant” stuff or small sufferings of life, the more we can master the greater “unpleasant” stuff or major sufferings of life.

The more we realize that every person, place, thing, and event that comes our way, gives us an opportunity to express who we wish to be in relation to their presence, the more inner peace we will experience.

Note: Image on right by

rose glasses_add to slides tooHow Others Help Us to Better Understand Ourselves

Reminder: My dream (mentioned above) was based on this situation.

When I was stationed in Hawaii (while in the Army), a young male (who appeared to be in his late teens) came to our apartment with a pitch (that was similar to one of the sales rep’s pitch I had experienced recently) of being able to get selected to go on a trip to Florida if they sell a certain number of vacuum cleaners.

He mentioned that he was working so that he could pay for his own college soon. Although I knew there was a good chance that it was a manipulative, and perhaps rehearsed speech that may not even be true, I chose to have a different perspective.

After all, what if he really was a young kid trying to make a few extra bucks so that he could have an opportunity to further educate himself? Some kids, who take unhealthy paths, choose to make money the easiest way by doing illegal things; but at least this kid was trying.

Note: Image on left by

helping-othersMy husband had already told me  stories about those who regretfully ended up buying a really expensive vacuum cleaner from door-to-door sales reps that took at least a few years to pay off; so I was cautious about these situations.

Although I made it clear that I wasn’t interested in buying a vacuum cleaner, the kid was pretty insistent (not in a pushy, car salesman-like way, but in an innocent way…like a kid begging his parent for a toy kind of way).

I could tell he was desperate, and didn’t want to discourage a kid who was trying to stay on a good path, so I told him one last time that I had made up my mind about not buying the vacuum, but that I would give him a small gift to help him with his journey.

I grabbed $40 from my wallet and gave it to him. He stood there in silence for a moment and looked at me with what appeared to be a sad and happy expression of disbelief. He then smiled and said, “Thank you so much ma’am” in a soft tone.

I suppose this scenario could have had a much different ending, a much quicker one, where I sternly say, “No thanks” and slam then door as the young man became more persistent; but at that moment, I just chose to follow my heart rather than my mind. I also figured it would be one of those once in a life-time occasions that I would just give away money to a sales person.

Note: Image on right by

00000-what-would-love-do-now-quotesThe other day, I had a different experience. This young lady sales rep (who looked like she was in her early twenties) knocked on our door, and I opened it, heard her introduction, and politely told her that I wasn’t interested in buying a vacuum cleaner.

She seemed nice and swore up and down in a lovable manner that for sure it wasn’t a sale, just a demo, and that they just needed 12 houses to participate in this completely free demo of allowing them to vacuum two rooms, and they would each be able to receive $50.

I didn’t have the heart to turn her down. I actually believed her, and figured it wouldn’t hurt if I just let them do their thing, which would help them to earn $50. After all ,they were just trying to make a living.

After making the appointment, she told me that the cleaning team would show up in a few minutes. About 15 minutes later, two young females, one 19 (found out later), and one who appeared to be in her early twenties showed up.

Note: Image on left by

intutionApparently, the older one was the sales closer (i found out later from my husband). I invited them in and made a point that I had made it very clear to the appointment rep that there would be no pressure to buy or getting billed later, and that I would not be buying anything for sure, and that I would like to ensure that we all had a clear understanding.

The older female enthusiastically agreed. She looked around and said that I had a beautiful husky, who I had put outside to prevent him from jumping on them out of sheer excitement. I intuitively sensed that she was trying to build rapport with me in hopes that I would change my mind, despite what I had made clear to them.

Note: Image on right by

transmute negative energyShe even asked me if I had any kids, and I told her that between my husband and I, we had five tweens/teenagers. She shouted with a surprised look, “You don’t even look like you had any kids!” I thanked her for her kind words and went along.  She asked me where they were ,and I told her that they were living with their other parents.

She then said that she would return later and left. I sensed that the 19 year-old was uncomfortable, so i told her that I didn’t want to waste her time, because I really wasn’t planning on purchasing anything, so that she could just do a brief vacuum in a small section of the carpet, and I could say that she had done her job.

She then told me that she had to go through a checklist, and to also show evidence that she had vacuumed with these circular cloth things that they use for the tester vacuum.

I offered her some ice water, but she declined. She then noticed an Army bag-pack and started asking questions about the Army (to include if my husband and I were in the Army) since her boyfriend was interested in joining the Army and becoming an MP (Military Police). She also mentioned that she had a toddler with him, and another one on the way (2 months).

Note: Image on left by

sharing usShe said that the recruiters who came to the school, and the one that they had seen together, weren’t that helpful, and couldn’t answer some questions, which I thought was odd, because they could easily either pull out some Army regulations or Google the answer.

I informed her of whatever I knew that could help them out as a family (i.e., getting married if he decided to join, Basic Training/aka boot camp, Advanced Individual Training (AIT), acquiring various skills and values, opportunities to travel throughout the world and meet people from various cultures and backgrounds, typical work hours, benefits, field exercises and other training that MP’s may still participate in, deployments–although servicemen and service women are scheduled to return from deployments soon, etc.) .

I also told her that my husband could probably help as well, since he’s coming home soon. Later, my husband even looked up for her how long schooling would be for the MP job since that was one of her many questions.

Note: Image on right by

positive influenceNext thing you know, for the next hour and a half, Mia shared with me details of her life story (approximately 120 mph) about her toddler daughter, her boyfriend (baby daddy) whom she was best friends with since 3rd grade (and how she was hesitant about him becoming a boyfriend, but then she realized that she really liked it, and he treated her like a princess and continuously teases and flirts with her, and how she made him promise her not to ever leave her; I added with a smile, “Tell him that I’m reminding him that he’s very fortunate to have such a gorgeous girlfriend, and that i hope he continues to treat you like a princess, otherwise, I’m sure that a line of guys who are just as willing will; Note: The compliment was so true. Mia’s half hispanic and half Caucasian with mesmerizing, light blue eyes…similar to my husky’s eyes, olive skin, shiny white teeth, a beautiful smile, wavy dark hair, and a pretty toned yet curvy figure), how her and her boyfriend just recently graduated from high school, how they decided not to get married because their fathers (her step-dad) were best friends for along time, and they didn’t want to jeopardize anything in case they didn’t work out (I suggested to her to go with the flow and follow her heart rather than be worried and fearful of the possibility of their relationship not working out so that she doesn’t attract what she fears),…

Note: Image on left by 

Never-apologize-for-being-sensitive-or-emotionalContinuing…She also told me about her friend whom she knew since elementary school as well (and how her best friend continues to be there for her; she was even there when she first found out that Mia was pregnant in high school and Mia cried with her and her best friend’s mom; how her best friend was there when she delivered her baby and cried for her), her loving and supportive mother (who, from her description, sounded as though she was in-tuned with her psychic abilities; when she asked me my opinion about what I thought about people who could sense others’ feelings…we also talked about that, and that I, too, consider myself very sensitive to others; how her mother inspires her and encourages her, and how they talk about God), how she found out that she was pregnant with her 2nd child, how her team/co-workers are great friends, and they’re like a family, how her manager looks out for her (especially when he found out that she was pregnant again, he told her not to walk a lot, and they would just drop her off at the door rather than have her walk around),…

Note: Image on right by

Positive Attitude AttractsContinuing…She also told me how she used to be in various sports in high school, to include track, cross-country and pole vaulting, and how hard she worked hard to bounce back into sports and get back into shape after she had her daughter, her biological father, who was in prison (and was hardly ever in her life), recently became a part of her life again and was very supportive by buying her and her boyfriend furniture for their new apartment, and how grateful she was for the many blessings in her life, etc.

I told her that she was very blessed to have such a fairy-tale-like life…something that many of us dream of, but rarely get to experience, especially such a combination of much love and joy in one’s life.

I also mentioned that I believe that her sparkling personality, and her willingness to have a positive attitude about life, helps her to attract many positive things into her life. I then briefly explained to her about The Law of Attraction and energy.

Note: Image on left by

Marianne-Williamson-quote-about-shining-our-lightMia then started talking abut her problems as well. It was as if she had waited to see if I seemed like the judgmental type before she revealed the dark side of her reality. I offered her understanding and encouragement. I was happy to see that as the conversation progressed, her demeanor did a 180…from very uncomfortable to very excited.

When she told me stories of how she had experienced a lot of mean people while on her job, which made her job much more difficult, I told her that it made sense then why she seemed so uncomfortable when she first came into my house.

She agreed that she was nervous because she didn’t know how I would treat her. I then explained to her that in order to help her not to take such incidences personally was to try to understand the situations and people better…try to see them from the other’s point of view.

That, perhaps, they, too, had experienced one or more unpleasant sales people, and that was their defense mechanism/their wall for not wanting to waste their time again. I also explained to her that “mean comments” that stem from anger, ultimately stems from fear…probably fear of something unpleasant happening again. As she listened intently, she agreed and said that she understood.

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InLifeWeOnlyReceiveWhatWeAreWillingToGive_zpsfbb4c28dBecause she had told me that she was pregnant, I told her that I was going to get her some ice water anyway, and she drank some, although she had declined twice. I also asked my husband to find me a plastic spoon so that I could give her some yogurt when she left.

Within the 1.5 hours, she vacuumed about less than 3/4 of the living room, but it didn’t matter to me because I felt that we were having a good experience. She was so energetic and animated as she told her stories, and she seemed really sweet as well. Plus, she reminded that having a positive attitude about life really does create a fairy-tale-like life. Now, whether or not her stories were completely true didn’t matter to me. She helped remind me to create my own reality with my positive thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.

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ease sufferingMia then brought out papers that went into detail about dust mites and how the crusty stuff found in the corner of our eyes in the morning sometimes are their feces. I smiled and told her that I didn’t have to read it since I took her word for it.

I was instantly reminded of the whole sales tactic of instilling fear if one was leaning towards not buying something, but I let it slide because I knew it was part of the checklist.

All of a sudden, she started writing very nervously on one of those circular white pads that she used for vacuuming, and I sensed that her demeanor had changed from sparkling sunshine to dark clouds.

She asked me what rank I was in the Army, and I replied, “Sergeant First Class” as well as my husband’s. She then told me to “pretend” that if I were to change my mind…how much down payment and monthly payments would I choose.

I reminded her in a calm tone that I wasn’t planning on buying anything, as we all had agreed earlier. She then started asking with a begging tone, “Could you just please pretend…I have to do this as part of my job.” She even avoided eye contact during these moments, and rushed to call her supervisor.

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be kindI usually don’t have a problem being assertive, or even blunt and aggressive, if I felt that it was absolutely necessary (due to my low energy at the moment), but I was actually uncomfortable just flat out telling her to stop what she was doing. In the very short amount of time that we talked, I grew to like her. I love being around those with sparkling personalities.

After a couple of minutes of letting her do whatever she felt obligated to do, I told her in a gentle, yet assertive tone, “Mia, I’m going to be straight-up with you, and it’s not easy for me. I made it very clear to all three of you, even before you started, that I wasn’t planning on buying anything, and that I didn’t want to be pressured in any way. Now I feel like you’re pulling a 180 on me. I trusted what you told me.”

She then told me, with a very nervous demeanor and sad facial expression, how much she hated this part of her job, and that she didn’t mean to do a 180, and that the older female who works with her always gives her a lot of pressure to sell, and that she’s just trying to do her job..and then she apologized while looking down.

I then asked her, “Have others reacted in a similar way as I did?” She replied yes in a soft tone, and told me that she sometimes gets yelled at. She continued that one woman actually called her a bad name, and then told her that she would call the police on her if she did’t leave her property right away.

I explained to her, “Well, you can’t really blame them. No one likes to be deceived.  Now I understand that you’re only doing your job, but I don’t think this is the best way to go about running a business. In this day of instant communication, word spreads fast, and if you run a deceiving business, then it will catch up and ruin your reputation.”

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Don’t-mistake-my-kindness-for-weakness.-She agreed, and told me that she didn’t look forward to the older female coming back because of what she usually does (as a sales closer) when someone is adamant about not purchasing. Mia continued, “She starts interrogating them by asking all kinds of questions and making various points.” I gently replied, “It’s okay.”

I thought that it was interesting that Mia was worried about how I would get “interrogated” by this sales rep. Either that, or she was just trying to intimidate me. Mia had no idea that my job in the Army was linguist/analyst and then interrogator/analyst (she never asked, so I didn’t tell her).

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assertivenessI calmly suggested to Mia that she should wrap things up since it was way past dinner time. She then rushed to say that she still had to do some other things off the checklist. I replied sternly, “No, you’re not going to do all that.”

So she called the other female, who I could hear raising her voice and asking questions. Mia then asked to be picked up right away since I had wanted her to leave right away. I then told her, “I don’t want you to get in trouble for not making a sale and getting ‘kicked out,’ so I will inform her that you did a great job.”

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trust againMia then told me that the reason why she told the other female that I wanted her out of the house now was so that they would pick her up right way; otherwise, they take their time in hopes that the sales rep could eventually sell a vacuum.

When the older female came, her initial super-friendly and enthusiastic demeanor changed into a very distant one.

She immediately told Mia, in a bossy and anxious tone, to hurry up with the packing so that they could go to another house and actually sell them one of the few vacuums left in their truck.

She then helped Mia pack up by aggressively shoving the vacuum parts into the huge bag.

I reminded her of our agreement earlier, how this wasn’t supposed to happen, and she replied rapidly and with a nervous smile, while avoiding eye contact, that it was fine, and that they were used to being rejected. She then unexpectedly went off into venting how she cleans houses for a living, but that she doesn’t like cleaning her own house, so she pays her mother to do it.

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sorryMeanwhile, Mia looked very uncomfortable and sad the entire time she kept her head down. Right before the older one arrived, she had told me that she didn’t like the older one because she always pressures everyone (sale reps and customers) in a very aggressive manner, and she would tell the older female, “They don’t want to buy it, so let’s not push it so much.”

I told the other female, “Ya know, Mia did a great job with her presentation, and I imagine she’s one of your best sales rep since she’s very personable and has a sparkling personality. And you guys have a great product, it’s just that it’s not something that we absolutely need right now. We would much rather spend the extra money on our kids.” They said that they understood. I offered them some yogurt to take with them, but they politely declined.

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fear or loveFor a brief moment, I was surprised that the older female didn’t do what Mia had said she always does. I was waiting with anticipation…like a wish factor that Cedric The Entertainer joked about in “Kings of Comedy.” Granted, he was talking about black people who have a fearless attitude, but I felt that it was something that could apply to anyone who wasn’t afraid to face an uncomfortable situation.

The only difference between my approach and what Cedric was talking about is my intention; it wouldn’t be to experience a confrontation (which I’ve done enough times in the past), but to show the young female that such attempts to manipulate and pressure aren’t a good idea. It then occurred to me that she had nothing to say because I had made it crystal clear to them from the very beginning.

After they left, my husband, who was nearby the entire time, told me that one of their sales tactics is to try and manipulate the potential customer into “impulse” buying. I had a not-so-good feeling for a little while, because no one likes to be deceived, but then I chose to see the silver lining in the situation. Almost 3/4 of our living room carpet got cleaned for free, and I was able to experience through them a better understanding of who I was during those moments.

souls-know-how-to-healGranted, there was still a part of me that was in denial. It was an old habit of pushing away or aside whatever I didn’t care to deal with that didn’t feel so good; it was a way of survival that I had mastered since childhood. Although I managed to suppress my true feelings of being hurt by those who I wanted to help, and repress a deep and very old belief that people couldn’t be trusted, they surfaced in my dream-state with hopes to get my attention.

If given the attention, our true selves will communicate to us how we can recognize our true thoughts, feelings and beliefs that we may have suppressed or repressed throughout our lives; hence, the importance of dreams.

By first being willing to acknowledge them, we can begin a teamwork journey with our souls to heal ourselves from deep within…to release so-called negative thoughts, feelings, images, and beliefs that no longer positively serve us.

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wordsthoughtsfeelingsSidenote (in italics): We can work on Being more positive (i.e., raising our vibration to a high Love frequency—the higher the better–like compassion, our true nature)  by creating positive thoughts, feeling positive feelings, seeing more positive images, and living a healthier lifestyle, which can transform our lives.

The following methods to this madness, though not all inclusive, are: practicing positive self-talk (if we having nothing nice to say to ourselves, let’s just be silent), repeating positive affirmations, listening to uplifting music (classical music is one of the best; it’s been used to help plants flourish, as well as snowflakes develop into beautiful patterns; as opposed to harsh music where snowflake patterns aren’t formed), saying positive and powerful “I AM” statements, watching uplifting and inspirational TV shows and movies (to include comedy, since laughter/joy raises our vibration as well), being around positive people (who make us want to be better than we were before), being around nature (e.g., a local park with much greenery and a walk/jog/run path), eating and drinking healthier (more water and less soda and other junk), exercising (even if it’s a brief walk around our neighborhood), and reprogramming our subconscious minds (which may have recorded more “negative” info throughout our lives) so that we can co-create, with our true selves, a more positive life filled with much love, peace, joy, abundance, wisdom, freedom, and power that will benefit every interconnected soul. Note: In the post “The Invaluable Birth to Earth Gifts” (one of the triad posts) I elaborated on these methods of positive transformation. The bottom of this post includes some captivating and profound readings, soul-touching videos and fabulous posts (wink wink…they’re mine) that can help you with this jump start! ^_^

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intentionality-quotesFor a very brief moment, I did wonder if the sale rep’s friendliness, positive attitude, and fairy-tale-like life stories were even genuine. I even felt somewhat foolish for allowing others to take advantage of my kindness, and that I had wasted my time with them.

But then, I believe my true self reminded me not to judge them, or even myself…that as long as I know what my intentions were during the 1.5 hours with them, it doesn’t really matter what their intentions were.

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BeI learned/remembered (from Neale) that others help us to define ourselves.

What matters is who we choose to Be in their presence.

Through them, and through a simple experience, I chose to Be Responsive than Reactive, Compassionate, Helpful, Kind, Open-Minded, Trusting, Mindful, Sensitive, Understanding, Wise, Comforting, Supportive, Encouraging, Empowering, Humorous, Care-free, Outgoing, Empathetic, Patient, Intuitive, Cautious, Assertive, and Loving. Most of all, I was reminded to respect and love myself unconditionally by not allowing others to follow through with their manipulative ways.

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Gratitude for Reflections


I also learned/remembered through other spiritual teachers that others and situations, help to mirror back to us our inner turmoils (as well as all the positive within us/our true selves), like our deep thoughts, feelings and beliefs that no longer positively serve us.

From this experience, I have learned/remembered that I still had a deep fear of trusting people because I had labeled them as untrustworthy; hence, my belief showed up in my outer reality as a reflection.

This experience was a gift sent to me by my own soul, giving me the opportunity to face and conquer my fear of trusting…by just choosing to trust, regardless of the outcome. This was a stepping stone to start trusting, not only others, but myself as well.

Because it’s only when we choose to fully trust ourselves (our true selves, who has nothing but unconditional love for us), that we can co-create with our true selves and “become the grandest version of the great vision we ever had about ourselves” (a Neale Donald Walsch quote).

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External mirror quoteWhen we have so-called “negative” experiences with “negative” people, we can choose to either 1) judge them (the situation and others), and thus, judge ourselves as well, or, 2) we can choose to understand, empathize, have compassion for, forgive, accept, and embrace the situation and others, which in turn is doing the same for ourselves.

I believe the latter will help us to release old thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that no longer positively serve us, which will in turn help us to heal and Be Peace, Love, Joy, Freedom, Wisdom, and Power.

When we choose not to see the light of the “negative” situation or person, then we resist the natural flow of life, which creates unnatural feelings of judgment, resentment, anger, and other “negative” feelings that ultimately stems from fear…which then creates unnecessary suffering.

Next thing you know, “negative” experiences and people continue to show up in our lives until we’re able to see clearly. Once we choose to stop scratching our heads and labeling ourselves as “victims” of a cruel world, we can then open our hearts and transform ourselves into victors of a beautiful world.

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rippleWhen we choose to become more aware (expand our consciousness), especially of ourselves, we learn/remember to understand, empathize, have compassion for, forgive, accept and unconditionally love ourselves, which will in turn help us to do the same for others.

We will then be able to project this overflowing positive energy outward and experience a “Heaven on Earth” life through the eyes of universal love.

This continuous release of the most powerful force there is–Love energy–back to the universe will have a ripple effect beyond our imagination.

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transforming yourself

A Prayer for Us

Thank You God for helping us all to transform ourselves, so that we can finally Be who we truly are…amazing souls/individuations of YOU.

Thank you for giving us the golden opportunity to co-create and experience our own versions of Heaven on Earth with you and one another.

Thank you for a new world of acceptance, peace, joy, abundance, freedom, transparency, wisdom, celebrations of each soul’s uniqueness, and last but not least…unconditional love.

Thank you for helping us to remember that We Are All One.

Most of all, thank you for your eternal, unconditional love.

 I love you forever…Bobbie  😉

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I would like to share with you a post that is music to my ears (from Archangel Gabriel through channel Shelley) ==>  Click on title below to open website in another window

Empowered Spirituality ~ Channeled July 25, 2013 


Check out the following, short videos that may help you with your transformation (click on title/link):

Positive affirmations ==>

For more videos and readings that may help you with your own mental, emotional, physical and spiritual tranformation, check out the following links to videos and readings that I’ve collected so far(click on title/link):

photo (4)The following older posts may be helpful for starting or maintaining a healthier lifestyle, and having a positive outlook on life:

Note: Pictures of nature on the right and below are my personal ones. My husband added more color (with his phone) to the deer pic below. In the post above, “Connecting with Nature,” I describe the amazing experience of being in nature; it’s been proven to raise our vibration since plants vibrate at the 528 Love Frequency (they trust the process of Life/go with the flow of universal love energy without any resistance…like we humans sometimes resist). If there’s a local park near your place of residence, you should definitely check it out, if you haven’t already. Even on days that I feel kind of blue (especially during my AWESOME PMS days), after we return from the park (because my husband motivates me to go), I always end up feeling great!!! Now, I just self-motivate myself on low-energy days. Had I known one of these secrets of the universe twenty + years ago, I would’ve chosen hanging out with nature (and living a positive lifestyle) over unhealthy habits (i.e., drinking, smoking, thinking negative thoughts, feeling negative feelings, being around negative people and situations, eating/drinking junk food/drinks, having low self-esteem, etc.). I have no regrets though, since all of my experiences made me who I am today. I just wanted to share this with whoever could benefit from it.

I also included two pics of my dog, Kami (pronounced Kommy, like Tommy with a K): one when he was a puppy (10 weeks old), and a current one where he is 3.5 years old. The last pic is Kami and I at our local park this past April (2013).



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