Reblog of “Compelling Shocking Documentary about Orcas”

orca_wallpaper5Since there was no “Reblog” button to click on, I just created a new post in order to help spread this truth and to spread Love.

First of all, thank you so much Savannah (one of the wonderful bloggers who I follow) for sharing this post (link below) with all of us.

I find orcas to be fascinating, magnificent, highly intelligent (to include having the ability to perform outstanding teamwork as a family), loving, and mysterious creatures.

The trailer that’s included in this post (link below) is heartbreaking. I don’t blame a wild animal for acting out in its wild ways while in captivity; as others have stated before…that’s why they’re called “wild” animals, and that’s why orcas are also known as “killer” whales. However, according to the trailer, apparently orcas haven’t done any harm to humans out in their natural environment.

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Orca-Mother-and-NewbornI believe Tilicum (the orka at Sea World responsible for the death of three people) has been severely traumatized, since he was aggressively captured, torn apart from his family as a baby, confined in a small and dark place for long periods, forced to do what’s unnatural for him, and was unable to just Be itself (a very social and free-traveling mammal).

Wild animals are meant to be free in their natural environment. Like the newcaster in the trailer basically said…How would we feel if we were kept in a bathtub (without lights on) for a long time? Even humans, who were placed in dark dungeons by themselves, back in the day, lost their minds and all hope.

I send these amazing orcas TSUNAMI WAVES of LOVE. Please spread the word and/or trailers.

Click here for Blackfish trailer and additional info ==> Healing with Savannah

Also checkout another related trailer (8 minutes and 30 seconds): Click here =>

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~ by Bobbie on September 22, 2013.

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